Why Did My 12-Volt Power Outlet Stop Working?

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Why Did My 12-Volt Power Outlet Stop Working

Before we start getting into this matter, the first thing you need to know is what a power outlet means. Simply it is a device for making an electrical connection between an appliance and the power supply. A power outlet is a combination of two things- a plug and a socket. A plug is an insulated casing with two or three metal pins that fit into the holes for connecting the appliance with the power supply which is called a socket.

A power outlet is an important part of the electric circuit of your house, working place, or even of your car that provides the necessary power to the device which you want to be empowered. All the power outlet doesn’t provide equal power as it varies from 6-V, 12-V, etc. As the electric system of your home is quite complicated for having multiple appliances connected with the power outlet. Therefore, the malfunction or no power supply frequently happens as the electric power outlet stops working. Before you go to fix everything normal at first you need to know the issues behind this problem. Let’s go and find it out.

Malfunctioned Electrical Circuit

If you find no electric supply to your 12-v power outlet, then there would be one very common reason- blown fuse. Besides, malfunctioned circuit breaker is also a genuine reason for this.  If the overload of power passes through the wire can create an overheating problem to the circuit. To save the electrical system the fuse and the circuit breaker are used. If there is an overload, the fuse gets melt and break and the breaker shuts. This is the cause for no power to your outlet.

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Opening in Circuit

If the circuit of the electrical system of your house occurs an opening, then your 12-v power outlet may not be in a working state. If there is a loose wire or there is a snapped wiring then it can consider as an open circuit. In both cases, you cannot find power in your outlet.

Short Circuit Problem

This is one more reason that forces a circuit breaker to trip and stop the supply of electricity to the power outlets. The short circuit problem only happens when the whole wiring becomes hot for an overload of power supply runs through the wires. To prevent the appliances from the damage the circuit breaker itself will trip and all the electricity runs off the circuit leaving your outlets without power.

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Defective Power Outlet

Though you never want to compromise with the safety of your house sometimes the 12-v power outlet you have installed is poor in quality or defective which gives up much early putting you in a state of despair. What I mean to say is that you’ll find that the power outlet is not working. Isn’t it much annoying for you especially if you’re missing your valuable works due to this? Certainly yes.

After considering the problem of the house electrical system, now it is time for your car. Very often you have experienced the 12-v socket outlet of your car is not working. Here also you’ll find some of the reasons behind that. Let’s see what they are-

Power Circuit Has Blown

If you plugged something into the fuse socket that has been taking too much current, then it may cause for blown power circuit. For this reason, the socket outlet doesn’t get power.

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If The Car is Too Old

If the car you own is too old then in most such cases some kind of metal alloy made ‘aged’ fuse wire also gets crumbled and stops working.

The Car Battery is Delinked

There is one more reason for no electric supply to the 12-v power socket and that is the wire that comes out from the battery is broken. You need to use one voltmeter to find why the supply runs between the battery and the power socket is not happening.

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Faulty Power Socket

If the power socket that you use to power your car is applied for different uses like mobile charging can be damaged early. Moreover, if the power socket occurs some defects, then it is obvious that the power socket is not working properly. For example, if the plug which is to insert into the socket is a little larger and you have to apply force then it can damage your socket and stops the power supply.

How to Fix The Problem of 12-V Power Outlet?

After following the reasons behind the 12-v power outlet with no power supply, now you have to know if sometimes really you’re in such crisis how would you manage to fix it. Here are some suggestions that may come in handy for you.

  • If you find some kind of foreign objects like a coin, very small food particle, a tiny bit of plastic, or something else inside the 12-v power socket which is creating obstruction you should remove it carefully. But don’t try to put your finger or any kind of screwdriver inside it.
  • If it seems the power socket has no problem or any kind of fault, then you should check at first the fuse and next to the wiring. Hope you may find some issues there which should be repaired to get the full use of the devices.
  • If you have a cigarette lighter in your car, then plug it into the socket and push firmly. If it pops up and heated up in no time, then your socket is OK, if don’t then you need to check the power outlet and try to replace if requires.
  • If your car has any alternative power socket, then you can check your charger using the socket that if it works there. If doesn’t then it may be your charger that has some defect. All you can do to install a new charger and enjoy a hassle-free power supply to your vehicle.

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The power outlet of your home or your car can easily obtain any kind of fault after some use. The problem certainly puts you in a bay if you have some urgent job to perform. But if you try to find out the reasons behind this issue you’ll see they are not too complicated and easily can be fixed.  But as electricity is a risky thing, so you should not go beyond your knowledge. In that case, avoid experimenting and call an electrician for that job. I think that would be one of the sensible decisions that you have taken regularly for having your fine practical sense.

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