[My Experience] What Does a Leveling Kit Do for Your Truck?

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What Does a Leveling Kit Do for Your Truck?

Suppose, you’re an owner of a kind of vehicle that is precisely used for carrying a heavy load of goods. Then, there are two things that always you need to keep in mind- to improve the look of your vehicle and make it capable to fit for larger wheels and tires. In this way, not only the other vehicle owners feel envious to see your one but also you can keep your vehicle fit for carrying a heavy load for a long time without facing any hassle. To make this possible there is one set of tools that may come into the scene, and that is a leveling kit. Keep reading this content to get in-depth information on ‘what does a leveling kit do for your truck?’. 

What Does a Leveling Kit Do for Your Truck?

What Size of Leveling Kit Do I Need

What is A Leveling Kit?

In most of the vehicles, you may see the front end is a little lower than the back. No, it is not a fault but done deliberately to those vehicles which have the higher load-carrying capacity. Yes, I mean to say this about a truck, jeep, and SUV. When the rare of your vehicle is loaded with maximum capacity, it gets slightly lower than the front. But when unloaded, the rare of the truck will be few inches higher than the front. Leveling both ends of your truck should be done primarily to look your truck better. Besides, it provides a small ground clearance to the front so that you can fit larger tires there. For this purpose, you need a leveling kit, a set of tools that level the truck by raising the front end by a few inches. In this way, for having larger wheels and tires your truck can take on extra load without facing any problem.

What Does a Leveling Kit Do for Your Truck?

Although not every driver feel the need for leveling kit as they thought it is used only to look the vehicle good. But this is far from the truth. There are some benefits to having a leveling kit. These are-

  1. Obviously, this tool makes the vehicles look better. For having this tool you can add larger tires that allow your vehicle to look fascinating.
  2. Adding a leveling kit provides proper ground clearance to your vehicles. So you can drive your vehicles through any tough ride without being worried about crashing the front side.
  3. A leveling kit can make the perfect balance of the frame and body from the rear to the front. So now driving through mudded areas should not be an issue.
  4. This tool is not expensive, and you may find them in the different price ranges. So, while purchasing you must keep in mind not only the cost but the needs of your vehicles.

What is Included in A Leveling Kit?

You can find strut spacer comes with most of the leveling kits. The size of the spacer varies between 1”-3”. So, the spacer fits between the chassis of the truck and the upper spring perch. This helps to move the chassis up to a distance without any significant change of its shape. In some leveling kits, you may find more than one spacer made of laser-cut steel pieces or machined from a billet aluminum block. Even sometimes the leveling kit comes with a torsion rod suspension and a set of torsion bar keys.

After following the primary introduction one thing is clear that the size of the leveling kit depends on the type of vehicle. Therefore, it is important to select the right sized leveling kit that you need for your vehicle. So let’s go and try to find it out.

What Size of Leveling Kit is Required?

To know the perfect size of the leveling kit that is required for your vehicle, you need to take the proper measurement of your vehicle so that you can find the right one for your vehicle. To do this you need a few things. They are-

  1. A flat surface where you have to park your vehicle.
  2. A measuring tape.
  3. A piece of paper.
  4. And obviously, your vehicle.

The Procedure

  1. Take the measuring tape and measure the front side of your vehicle. Then measure the gap between the center of the front axle and the top of the wheel well. Write both information on the paper.
  2. Now, go to the rear side and measure the gap between the rear axle and the top of the wheel well.
  3. After taking all the measurements, you have to look at the difference between the front and rear distance. This difference will tell you what size of front leveling kit actually you need for your vehicle.
  4. For instance, if you find the distance between the front axle and the wheel well is 20” and between the rear axle and the wheel well is 17”, then you have to buy ( 20 – 17) 3” front leveling kit to level the front and rear side of your vehicle.

Size of Leveling Kit for Increasing the Height

If you find that the overall height of your vehicle is not sufficient enough, then it is possible to increase the overall height of your vehicle. For this purpose, you need to know the size of the front leveling kit. After that, you have to decide how much height of your vehicle you want to increase. If you want to make your vehicle 1” higher, then you have to buy 1” rear leveling kit. Following the size of the rear leveling kit, you have to take 3”+1”=4” front leveling kit. In this way, you can easily increase the height of your vehicle to 1”. 

Installation Cost of Leveling Kit

Once you get the right size of the leveling kit for your vehicle, now it is time for the installation of this tool in your vehicle. If you’re capable enough to fix this tool in your vehicle then what better you could do for your vehicle. But make sure you have enough knowledge of this job and you can fix it perfectly, otherwise, it will be a mess. But if you have to call a professional or technician for this job, the installation charges will be applied. If you want to install 2” leveling kit then it will cost around $200-$300 and if it is 6” then you have to pay $2000-$3000 as installation charges.

The Needs of Checking the Leveling Kit

A leveling kit is a thing that should be checked regularly to keep your vehicles safe from accidents. After carrying heavy loads for years nuts and bolts of the leveling kit may get loose. It is a serious matter that can only invite the chances of accidents while driving. Therefore, it is better to check the tightness of them after driving more than 500 miles. This helps you with smooth driving without any fear of accidents.

Final Words

The kinds of vehicles need leveling kit are not meant for a joyride but to carry heavy loads while traveling a long distance. Apart from that, these vehicles are the sources of earning for some people. So, the owners, as well as the drivers, should take care of their vehicles to keep them not only look good but safe from accidents also. To make the thing possible, you need to install a leveling kit of the proper size that fits your vehicle. Keep this thing in your mind.

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