What Does a Cabin Air Filter Do?

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what does a cabin air filter do

What do you look in a car? How fast it runs, how beautiful it is design, how comfortable its interior, and how convenient it is to drive. But these are not everything. Still, there is something you’re missing. What is that? Look, while you’re in a car you always need clean and fresh air inside as you cannot open the window panes every time for having AC installed in your car. In this situation, cabin air is the thing that can be found almost in every car which allows the air to come inside the car through the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system. But the problem you face with cabin air is that it catches dust, pollen, and some other airborne substances which can make your car riding an unpleasant and unhealthy affair. especially, if you have any kind of allergic or respiratory issues. Is there any way to overcome the situation? Yes, you can get rid of that uneasy condition by installing a cabin air filter. Here we are going to discuss what does a cabin air filter do?

It is typically equipped behind the glove compartment or under the hood or the dashboard. It helps to clean the air of the interior of your car by preventing all the pollutants from entering the car and make the whole environment fresh and healthy.

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Let’s Begin the Issue

Since the cabin air filter works constantly the moment it was applied, therefore, it tends to get dirty and contaminated excessively after a certain period. Then you have generally no option left but replace the cabin air filter as soon as possible. But now the question is, how could you know that the time has come to replace the cabin air filter of your car? Usually, the dirty air cabin filter shows some indications that make you take a serious look at it. Here are some of the important symptoms that you need to consider seriously.

Poor Quality Air

This is one of the most common problems that you face if the cabin air filters of your car get dirty and cannot work properly. The air that flows from the vents of the interior of your car is poor in quality which makes you an uneasy rider along with others in the car. This happens due to the contaminated cabin air filter which is unable to clean the air that comes from the vents. Apart from that, it can restrict the airflow for the AC of your car and also the interior of your car doesn’t get enough cool what you expect from the AC. All these can put pressure on the motor of your AC system and may cause early damage to the AC.

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Bad Odor From the Vents

This is another indication that says about your failing cabin air filter. If the cabin air filter is about to give up you will get a dusty, dirty, and musty odor inside the car. The odor becomes unbearable when the air is turned on living you in an uneasy situation if some of your guests are traveling with you in the car.

Fan Creates Noise

This is one more thing that should be noted. If you crank up the fan too high and get much noise, it means your cabin air filter is on the way to going out of order. This indicates the time has arrived to replace the cabin air filter of your car as early as possible.

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Clogged with Foreign Particles

If you have been facing all the above problems for some while, then definitely you’re going to a repair shop to know the reason. Here you find that your filter is clogged with leaves, twigs, soot, grime, plastics, pollen, and insects that block the whole surface and prevent the way of the incoming air. This situation speaks for the replacement of your cabin air filter.

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Scheduled Time is Crossed

Like every other machine and tool cabin air filter also has its own durability period. Once you cross the timeline, then you have to be ready for much-needed replacement. It is followed that the cabin air filter should be replaced after every 1200-1500 miles and how often depends on how much you drive. If you crossed the scheduled time then it is obvious for you to consider seriously changing the cabin air filter of your car.

What if You Don’t Change it?

When it is time to come to think about the maintenance of your car, the replacement of the cabin air filter is possibly not at the top of your priority. Even you have no idea about the need for its replacement. The engine air filter or oil filter is always a concern to you but some of you even don’t know that a cabin air filter does exist. But it plays an important part to keep the entire system of your car fit as well as keeping the air of the interior of the car fresh. So if you don’t change it after the scheduled time you would have to pay a heavier price by paying a big sum of amount for entire maintenance. Don’t overlook this subject.

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How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of a cabin air filter is about $15-$25 and the fitting charges are $36-$46 but for high-end cars like BMW the cost of the filter is $36 and fitting charges are $100. Though the affair seems expensive, if you have a genuine love for your car and want a convenient ride, then you must have to bear the cost.

Human nature always prefers a clean and fresh environment, no matter if it is your house or your car. Whenever, wherever you stay you desire that the surrounding should be fresh and full of fragrance. It gives you a pleasure to spend time as long as you have to stay there. Imagine you’re out for a long drive and your car is equipped with a new cabin air filter, then I assure you that you’re going to enjoy the whole journey no matter if you’re at the driving seat or the back seat.

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