Tyger Tonneau Cover Reviews (Auto T1 Soft Roll Up)

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Tyger Tonneau Cover Reviews (Auto T1 Soft Roll Up)

You have been transporting some delicate products using your car. One day a heavy downpour soaks your products, and the customers refuse to accept them. That costs you a considerable loss since you have no idea where to take them. Do you quit the business? No, that would be a terrible idea; after all, how will you pay your bills?

The best option would be to get a Tyger tonneau cover for your truck. Numerous benefits come with it. Among them includes;

Benefits of Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


Displaying the goods on the road grabs the attention of everyone. Unfortunately, you put yourself as a target to criminals. Luckily, the Tyger tonneau cover comes with hard materials covering your goods safely on the truck bed. The material is hard to break into.

Offers Protection

Many elements can interfere with the quality of your cargo. If you are carrying light materials, some products can fall on the road once you hit a bump. That is a danger to other motorists and a loss to you. Rainfall and snow can also damage your products, not to mention the UV rays. The material of this cover ensures that your cargo is safe. It also holds the products in place, thus protecting them from falling over or knocking against each other.

Fuel Efficiency

Another benefit that you may overlook is a reduction in fuel consumption. Before installing the cover, the empty bed causes air drag. In dealing with the resistance from the air drag, your car will consume more fuel. But once you install the cover, there is no air drag; thus, you will save on fuel consumption.

Add Value 

A car with the Tyger tonneau looks more stylish. The bed also remains in good shape since you are not exposing it to extreme weather. When you decide to replace the car, it will still be in good condition. You can sell your old car at a reasonable price.

Information Concerning Tyger Tonneau

Now that you already know the benefits of having Tyger tonneau, it’s good to have facts about it. Every buyer wants to get a product that is durable, easy to use, and cost-effective. You wouldn’t like to buy a cover that will go flapping through the highway. Again, you don’t want to buy the wrong product and end up incurring return charges or loss if it has no warranty. That leaves you with one option, know the product better.

Tyger Auto T1 Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

It’s a US-based product and is vehicle-specific. That means it can’t fit every truck, so you have to get the right truck measurement before buying it. It’s durable since it’s dual-coated and has heavy-duty 24oz material. Once you purchase it, it will come with other items such as stainless steel clamps that help you to mount products on the truck. You also get aircraft-grade aluminum side rails.

It’s easy to install, and you don’t require drilling the car. You only put some small holes on the Bedliner to secure the clamps. That will help you install the cover properly.

Are there chances that the material will allow the water to leak? No way, the reason being, you can adjust the tension system, thus keeping the cover tight, enabling it to withstand any weather condition. What happens if it gets damaged?

Note that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It’s limited to the original purchaser, same with the first vehicle of installation. The shift in ownership automatically makes it expire. The company only compensates you if the product has workmanship or material defects. What if you order the wrong product? Can the company reimburse? The company will be ready to compensate, but you will have to incur the shipping return cost. You can avoid ordering the wrong product by taking the right measurement of your trunk bed. That will save you from the cost, time, and inconveniences that follow.

Best Tonneau Cover features

Below are some of the Tyger Tonneau Cover Reviews that you would be interested to know. They include

Quick Installation

You don’t require drilling your truck. Also, you don’t have to call the mechanic to install for you, thus attracting extra cost. You require a few minutes to go through the instructions and install the cover. YouTube videos on the same can provide you with the right information about it.

Weathertight Sealing

It’s made with weather-tight sealing, thus offering protection to your goods. No UV rays, rainfall, or even snow can damage your goods.

Offers Security

Thanks to its adjustable tension system, you can easily lock in your goods safely. That will not only protect goods from extreme weather but protects the goods from spilling or even getting lost.


It’s durable thanks to its material that is made from heavy-duty 24oz. That gives your cover the ability to withstand all kinds of extreme weather conditions and keeps thieves from accessing your goods.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The warranty is limited to the original purchaser and the car that you installed first. It’s also limited to workmanship and material defects. So before forwarding your claim, have that in mind.


  • You require a few clamps to install it.
  • It’s easy to operate
  • It’s durable


  • Minimal fuel efficiency
  • Complex instructions


How good is the quality of tiger products?

This tonneau cover is a USA-based product. The company makes products that measure up to the OE quality standards making it among the best.

How reasonable are their prices? 

They offer their product at an affordable price since you are buying directly from the company. That means you will not incur the costs of brokers and their commissions.

What happens if you receive damaged goods?

You should fill the warranty form first. The company will instruct you whether to ship the goods or not. Then wait for the refund.

Can you go to the warehouse to buy this product?

No, order and wait for them to ship it for free to you.


You can easily secure your goods from extreme weather conditions and thieves. Get a durable tonneau Cover and put it on the bed of your truck. It’s easy to install; thus, you don’t require hiring a mechanic to install it for you. Again, no drilling is required or extra modification when installing it. It helps in fuel consumption since it reduces air drag. It also makes your car stylish and adds value. By the time you decide to sell the vehicle, you will sell it at a fair price. If you have an issue understanding the complicated instructions, why don’t you check the YouTube videos on the same?

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