Tonnopro Loroll Tonneau Cover Reviews

After hitting the road with your truck, you desire to get to your destination safely with your cargo. Maybe you are carrying expensive products, and you may not manage to hire security guards. That puts you at the risk of carjackers who would be interested in your products. Again, if your cargo is delicate, a sudden downpour may ruin it. Wind may blow it away, not to mention the effects of the UV rays on it. So, how will you protect yourself from all these hindrances? That's where tonneau covers come in.

When you put a tonneau cover on your trunk, no one will know what you're carrying, thus eliminating the risk of thieves. The cover material protects your cargo from rain, the wind, not to mention the UV rays. It also gives your car a stylish look, thus upgrading its quality.

Different types of tonneau cover exist in the market, making it hard for many car owners to know the right cover. Note that trunks have different sizes same case with the tonneau cover. When buying a cover, consider the one that fits the make and model of your car.

You have never bought one before and have no idea how to choose the right one. You wouldn't risk taking one that is not compatible with your car or one made with low quality meaning it's not durable. Look for a tonneau cover that is durable, scratch-resistance, and user-friendly. Price is another consideration and its ease of installation. Think also of the style that is going to give your car. So, if you are looking for such a cover, then a Tonnopro Loroll Tonneau Cover would be the best option to select. After buying this product, you will get some bonus items. The bonus items include vinyl cleaner, gloves, not to mention torchlight, and a tailgate sealer.

So what good about it? To be certain about your decision, consider the Tonnopro Loroll tonneau cover reviews. Below are some interesting features about it. They include - 

Tonnopro Loroll Tonneau Cover Features 

1. Powerful Protection

You wouldn't like to get to your destination only to find your cargo soaked in water or damaged from UV rays. Lo-Roll has a water-resistant seal to ensure that rain will not leak to your cargo. It has strong and sturdy material to ensure no UV rays penetrates through. Again you wouldn't like your cargo to move all over the truck when you are driving. It is designed to help the cargo stay in one place, thus ensuring that your cargo safely reaches your destination. Above all, no eye can see through the cover. So, your cargo is safe from those who find it hard to mind their business. 

2. Low-Profile

You are already concerned with the effects of the cover on your car. Will you have to drill it when installing your Lo-Roll cover? If that's what's hindering you from buying it, here comes the good news. There is no drill installation and will not interfere with the existing design lines of your trunk. Thanks' to its low-profile, its smooth looks make it's stylish. 

3. Warranty

Other than its ease in installation and its low-profile, the US-based brand comes with a limited lifetime policy. It's limited to the original purchaser, so once you transfer it, the warranty expires. It's also limited to the first car that you installed the product first. So when should you forward your claim? Other than material defect or workmanship, you can never get compensated for any other reason. 

4. Quick Installation

You don't require hiring mechanics to install TonnoPro Loroll cover for you. Get a ratchet, a 17mm sockets, and 25 minutes out of your busy schedule. You don't need to drill your car; neither do you require help with carrying the material. It's lightweight, makes it easy for you to put it over your truck. Once you are done, you can put your cargo and drive to your destination. You can follow instructions or even watch YouTube videos just if you are not sure how to install it. 

5. Durable Construction

Every buyer desires to buy a durable product. In most cases, the material of the product determines its durability. The tear-resistant vinyl material of TonnoPro Loroll makes it durable. To top it up, it has a black-powder coated flame that is made of aluminum 6063. The vinyl has marine-grade stitches that make it more durable. 

6. Easy Operation

One feature that you consider when purchasing a tonneau cover is the ease of operation. You wouldn't like to stop other motorists/pedestrians to help you roll the cover over to check or remove the cargo. If you hit the road and get the urge to check something at the truck's bed, you can unroll the cover with ease and access the bed. If you have to mount other accessories, you can do so with ease. 

7. Perfect For Short Bed

Based on the trunk bed size, you are already concerned if it's possible to get a cover that fits it. You don't want a cover that will get lose and go flapping around courtesy of wind. If that's your concern, then the Tonnopro Loroll LR 3045 is the perfect cover. It won't want to flap on the road, and it will be easy to put your cargo. 

  • Ease in installation
  • Low profile design
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • The package comes with bonus items
  • The flap doesn't fit firmly, leaving room for a rainfall leak.
  • Complicated instructions


If you want to enhance your cargo's security, getting a Tonnopro Loroll cover would be the best option. Apart from protecting your cargo from extreme weather, it will protect it from thieves. After buying the package, you will get several bonus items, including a vinyl cleaner. It's easy to install and offers powerful protection. The cover is durable thanks to its quality materials. You can easily access the bed of your trunk and mount on other accessories. Many YouTube videos can guide you on installing it; thus, you don't require complex instruction.

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