The Supermodel Cars That Start With S

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The Supermodel Cars That Start With S

Thanks to technological advancement, the production of different car models have increased. If you are a petrolhead, you already know several models that are in existence. Maybe you have driven various models. If someone challenges you to list at least four cars that start with S and their models, could you list without a challenge?

It could be when strolling, you never take note of different models on the road. Other than knowing them, this article will help you get more information concerning various car models. Check the list below.

1. Saab

For many years Saab Company has been in operation; it has been popular due to safety and innovation. It has produced several models, as indicated below. They have been in operation from 1949 to 2011 when they went bankrupt. A Chinese-owned company known as the national electric vehicle Sweden or NEVS purchased its asset. Since then, it has been operating in the same plant.

Saab models

Saab Company produced a small family car called Saab 92 from 1949-1956. In the 50’s it produced three different models of a small car. The first model is Saab 93, whose production lasted from 1956-1959. The next one is Saab 94 Sonnet, a sports car produced between 1956 and 1957. In 1959-1978, they produced the first station wagon by the name Saab 95.

In the 1960’s they produced three more models. The first one was a small family car by the name Saab 96 produced in the 1960-1980s.

The company made a second production of Sonnet II sports cars from 1966 to 1969. The company made a compact executive car from 1968 to 1984.

In the ’70s, the company produced two more models. In 1970-1974, they produced a sports car, sonnet III. From 1978 up to 1994, the company made a compact executive car by the name Saab 900.

In the 80’s they made two more models. The first is a small family car named Saab 600. They made it in the year 1980-1986. They also made a compact executive car Saab 9000 in the year 1984 up to 1998.

The company manufactured two more models in the ’90s. The first model is Saab 900, a compact executive car that the company produced in 1994-2002. The next model is Saab 9-5, which the company produced between 1997 up to 2012.

In 2000, the company produced three more models. The first one was a compact executive car, Saab 9-3. The year of production is between 2002 up to 2012. The next one is a small family car, namely Saab 9-2x, that Swedish automaker Saab automobile made in 2004-2005. Furthermore, the company produced an SUV Saab 9-7x in the year 2005 up to 2009.

In 2010, the company produced an executive car Saab 9-5 in 2010-2012. In the year 2011-2012, the company produced crosses over SUV Saab 9-4X.

So, if you want some of these Saab models, you would have to get a second-hand car. Most of them are no longer in production.

2. Skoda

Among the types of cars that start with s includes Skoda. Laurin and Klement ventured into the automotive industry back in the year 1895. They set a headquarters in Mlada Boleslav and started producing automobile electric vehicles. At some point, the company became state-owned, later privatized, and got acquired by A German Volkswagen Group. Some of its four main models include Skoda 1000MB/1100MB.

The model had two doors, while others had four doors, and it’s a 4-seater. The company produced this model in the year 1964 up to 1970. Skoda Estelle is the next model. The year of production is 1977 to 1989. It was a 4-seater saloon and had four doors. The next model that followed is Skoda Octavia Combi. Its engine capacity was 1221cc (S4 OHV). It was a 4-seater estate car and had two doors.

The fourth model is Skoda s100/S110. It was a 4-seater salon car and could carry four people. Its year of production is 1969-1980.

3. Simca

Simca is among the cars that start with the letter s. The Founder of Simca automotive is Henri Pigozzi. He started the company in 1934, and its headquarters remained in Nanterre France until 1961. Some of its famous models include; Simca 1000 Coupe. It’s a 2+2-seater coupe, and its production date is 1962-1967.

It had an engine capacity of 944cc (S4 OHV). Simca 1200S coupe followed Simca 1000 coupe. The year of its production is 1967 to 1971. Its engine capacity was 1204cc (S4 OHV). Its seating capacity is similar to its predecessor, and it has two doors. At some point, it was the best-selling car in entire France. You can also call it Simca 1100. The company also produced Simca 1301/1501 in 1966-1976. It had an engine capacity of 1290cc/1475cc (S4 OHV).

Another model is Simca 1307, built 1975-1986. Being amongst the first front-wheel drive hatchback to exists, it won an award of the car of the year in Europe.

4. Subaru

You must have heard of Subaru. After all, Subaru is a popular Japanese car that has been sold all over the world. The founders, Kenji and Chikuhei, started it in 1953. Its headquarters is in Ebisu Shibuya, Japan, and has an engine capacity is 1361cc/1595cc (HO4 OHV). It’s a four-wheel drive and contains a front engine. The company started producing Subaru cars from 1969-1979. They have produced and sold many Subaru cars, including pickups.


With so many car models, you may not be confident of naming several cars that start with the letter s. Mostly when strolling; you get so preoccupied with your thoughts and fail to notice many models driving past you. When buying a car, mostly, that’s when you get the interest of knowing different models that are in existence in the market. It could be you have heard different car models that start with letter s but don’t know all of them. Car, such as Saab, has many models, and maybe you have only heard of two or none. So knowing cars and their models will make your work easy when buying.

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