[Hidden Features] STP Synthetic Oil Review

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[Hidden Features] STP Synthetic Oil Review

You have the power to help your engine last for a long time by using the right oil quality. Note that the right oil will keep your engine clean, thus increasing its efficiency. You will also get better mileage. There will be no overheating and destruction of engine components hence no risk of dangerous emissions. If you’re still wondering about the right oil to use, here is a complete STP synthetic motor oil review.

Specifications and Approvals

STP synthetic oil meets all the requirements of the proper oil and even exceeds them. One of the main advantages is that it has a long changing interval of 7500-10,000 miles.  It’s affordable and comes in 6pack of 1-quart bottles. It’s a perfect match for both gasoline and diesel engine. The brand comes with three viscosities, namely 5w-20, 5w-30, and 10w-30, to fit in any type of environment.

The market is full of counterfeit goods, and you can’t afford to pick the wrong oil. Note that this is a certified brand since it meets all the requirements of ILSAC GF-5, API SN, not to mention that it also exceeds the previous API standards.


You will understand the benefits well once you know what would happen if you fail to use it. The high friction produced by the engine during the combustion process causes wear and tear of some vital engine components. Rust and other substances may stick on the engine parts, causing an engine knock/stalling. The engine also uses much power, thus consuming more fuel.

Eventually, your pocket will get a severe hit once you start replacing components or even incurring hefty repair costs. Remember, if the exhaust system gets damaged, dangerous emissions may escape to your cabin, thus threatening your life.

That’s where STP synthetic oil comes in handy. It lubricates the engine parts and removes any rust, thus preventing corrosion on the components. The engine will operate smoothly, meaning it will use less fuel.

Chances of wear and tear are highly reduced, thus saving on your running costs. Since the exhaust system is protected, no dangerous emissions will be produced, thus saving your life and environment.

What customers say?

Maybe you’re impressed by the STP synthetic oil review. Before buying the product, it’s good to consider what past buyers think. We have researched on your behalf from different sites, including Amazon, and have compiled the feedback below.

One customer says that he has been using this product for many years, and it has never let him down.

Another one says that she is impressed by the quality of this product and its long-changing intervals. Although she complains that it’s more expensive than conventional oil, she says that the extra coin is worth it.

Yet another customer claims that he was using low-quality oil until his friend introduced him to STP motor oil. At first, he never believed that any oil could have such a long changing interval. Since he started using STP synthetic oil, his trip to the garage has dramatically reduced.

A motor industry expert advises drivers to have regular car maintenance even before exceeding 7,500 miles. He notes that some drivers get a rude shock after ignoring the car for long, only to realize that a minor issue in the engine has highly escalated, and they could have prevented it early.

Should I Switch to STP Motor Oil?

Yes, you should. After all, it’s the perfect oil for all the 4- cycle engines of any capacity. Whether you are dealing with the truck, private car, busses, or even SUVs, STP motor oil remains the best. It meets the proper standards and offers many benefits to your engine.

How to use?

Never use any type of oil in your car without first consulting the owner’s manual. Note that the oil comes in different viscosities and may harm your engine if you use oil with the wrong viscosity.

Once you read the manual, use the STP motor oil with the right viscosity. Note that the manufacturer in the STP oil recommends that you change the oil every 7,500-10,000miles.

Note that its thermal properties offer excellent protection to the hot engine.


1. What does STP oil stand for?

The initials STP stand for the “Scientifically Treated Petroleum” oil.

2. Who makes STP synthetic motor oil?

The STP synthetic oil is manufactured by an American company called Energizer Holdings. This company produces automotive aftermarket products. It does not only specialize in the production of motor oil but also makes motor oil additives.  Note that STP oil has been in production since 1954 under other companies, but this American company obtained it in 2018.

3. Why do people use STP motor oil?

People love it for extended oil change intervals of 7500-10000miles. It’s perfect in all weather conditions in all types of cars. There are no engine wear and tear chances since it has excellent properties that clean the engine components. This oil also helps the engine to operate efficiently, thus offering you good fuel economy.

Note that some oil in the markets contains corrosive chemicals that harm the internal components of your engine, but STP motors are free from all those chemicals.

4. How long does STP oil treatment last?

When changing the oil, you need to include STP Oil plus STP oil treatment to get a better film. According to the experts, that bond created will protect your engine for over 25,000 miles.

5. Can you add STP oil treatment with synthetic oil?

If you want to give your engine better protection, then you need to consider adding synthetic treatment. The treatment prevents oil leaks that result from wear and tear due to excess friction. Treatment comes with a premium seal conditioner helping to repair the seals.

6. Is STP motor oil good for high mileage?

Note that high mileage requires oil with a thick viscosity. So, synthetic oil with a 10w30 viscosity would be better in such an area. However, note that people have complained about the STP oil having an easy flow though not very favorable for the high mileage.

Luckily, you can add STP high mileage oil treatment to offer more protection to your engine.

7. Why synthetic oil is expensive compared to conventional oil?

Note that conventional oils have a changing interval of 5000-7500 miles. That means STP synthetic oil changing interval is longer since it starts from 7,500-10,000 miles. STP synthetic also offers better engine protection and higher long-term benefits compared to conventional oil. Note that the cost is affordable to many.

Alternatives to STP Motor Oil

1. Valvoline High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

If you search for STP motor oil and miss it, go for the Valvoline daily protections oil. It comes with several viscosities that include 10W-30, 10W-40, and 20W-50. There is also an SAE 30, SAE 40, and SAE 50.

It offers excellent protection to your engine from breakdowns thanks to the presence of anti-wear additives. These form a thick anti-wear film that lasts long on your engine.

Valvoline prevents the formation of sludge deposits that clog oil passage thanks to the detergent in the oil.

Note that engine oil leaks can cause the car to burst into dangerous flames. Valvoline oil comes in handy to seal those leaks using the premium sealer conditioner. The chances of your car breaking down due to a weather changer are minimized by the improved anti-oxidants in this oil.

Note that this oil meets all the API SN Plus qualifications and comes in different packaging.

2. Castrol 03128C Edge Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Are you so attached to your old truck and don’t feel like selling it? The good news is that you can extend its lifespan courtesy of the Castrol O3128C edge.

There are no chances of catalytic converter failure when using the Castrol oil. This oil maximizes the performance, helping the car extend its efficiency by 20,000 miles. Note that the manufacturers have used extra fluid titanium technology that strengthens the film in the engine, thus preventing engine breakdown. Note that no parts will rub each other, causing wear and tear.

There are no chances of an oil leak or even power-rubbing deposits courtesy of premium sealer conditioner and detergent found in this oil.

The engine will operate efficiently and smoothly, leading to improved fuel economy. It offers a much better high-temperature performance more than most of the other oils. Note that under normal driving conditions, you will enjoy a long changing interval of 10,000-15,000miles. Note that it’s among the best high mileage synthetic oil to put in your truck, SUV, or other cars.


The manual comes with strict instructions concerning the suitable viscosity of oil that you should use. Note that factors such as weather may affect the type of viscosity to use. Luckily, the three oil brands above come with different viscosities that give you various options to choose from. You should consider the reviews by other customers to know if the oil is good. You should also read its features to understand how it will help your engine.

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