Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs Mobil 1 Motor Oil

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Are you looking to change the motor oil or oil filters in your new car? Or, are you thinking of getting the latest and best oil for your older car while changing an oil filter? This article details the fundamental differences between two major brands; Pennzoil Platinum vs. Mobil 1. These two options are not the same brand.

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A good quality full synthetic motor oil, like Ultra Platinum, keeps your engine working properly. It keeps it cleans, lubricated, excellent, and efficient. It protects your engine from harmful deposits and erosions. It saves you time and money.

I know from experience that full synthetic motor oil is far better than regular ones. They are made from a more advanced formula; their molecules are more minor, giving you a smoother, cleaner ride and good fuel efficiency.

Sometimes, when you buy ultra platinum oil, it’s hard to differentiate between two products that both look the same. In this guide, we will take a step back and review two motor oils, and strike a comparison between both. This will help you pick your choice!

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Motor Oil

Some brands of platinum oil, like Ultra Platinum, are much more reliable than others. Pennzoil Platinum motor oil is one of them, and it is among the most chosen ones. Pennzoil Platinum has developed the necessary technology to take care of vehicle engines by optimizing the performance obtained over many kilometers or miles.

Many expert users agree that this synthetic motor oil has achieved superior performance due to the combination of additive package and synthetic base oil. This is primarily the case with Pennzoil Platinum. After testing for several months using this motor oil, we can assure that excellent results are obtained.

Pennzoil Platinum always maintains high quality in motor oil to not compromise the mechanics of a vehicle. This is one of the essential aspects, and we consider them excellent and balanced cost-benefit ratio. So Pennzoil Platinum is a motor oil that manages to fit the budget of many users.

Among the most important aspects of motor oil is always its cleanliness. Pennzoil Platinum can take care of an engine throughout its lifetime, especially engines of a certain age. So to get the maximum capacity of any engine, and high-performance and efficient engine clean is required.

Pennzoil Platinum can provide superior cleanliness that exceeds 40% of the full performance of other conventional oils on the market. While other less expensive synthetic motor oils may be available, the truth is that they do not provide the same results. This is undoubtedly an essential consideration because more excellent cleanliness translates into less likelihood of mechanical failure.

Pennzoil Platinum can provide excellent active cleaning agents and many other features that take care of a vehicle’s engine. Drivers who drive their vehicles through severe conditions require increased engine responsiveness. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum becomes an excellent way to get anywhere without any inconvenience.

Some people can drive more miles using Pennzoil Platinum compared to other options on the market. It is also essential to consider that you get a friction shield, which lowers the engine’s internal temperature.

In this way, the motor oil, like Ultra Platinum, prevents the engine from overheating, thus drastically damaging its life span. Even when a driver has to go through high-temperature areas, Pennzoil Platinum will do its job excellently. This motor oil makes it possible to extend the life of a vehicle.


  • Optimizes mileage under different circumstances
  • Increases piston cleanliness by 40%
  • Improves torque power and engine’s horsepower of the vehicle
  • Removes the most significant amount of impurities
  • Incorporates an additional shield against friction and wear
  • Reduces engine noise significantly


  • A unique process is required for the environmentally friendly disposal of this motor oil.

Is Pennzoil Ultra Platinum worth it?

Many users consider that all the Pennzoil Platinum features improve the functionality of any compatible vehicle. For average temperatures, it has a great oil viscosity index of 20, while in freezing temperatures, the same viscosity index is 0.

Among the remarkable features are mainly the active cleaning agents that manage to take care of the engine by removing sludge and impurities. This cleaning is even more efficient compared to conventional engine oils.

The additional protection in extreme temperatures or on uneven surfaces reduces the likelihood of damage to the vehicle’s mechanics. So a driver will have the ability to drive his vehicle in difficult conditions without suffering the consequences. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum also optimizes engine performance by improving power output. The fuel economy is also optimized.

All this tells us that it is worth incorporating this motor oil to obtain good results. Without a doubt, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is a truly reliable, safe, and efficient motor oil.

Mobil Motor Oil

Many people consider Mobil to be among the best options as excellent motor oil. In this case, it is another leading brand that offers excellent care for many old or new engines. Even when caring for a large vehicle such as a truck, this motor oil also proves to be highly recommended.

Among Mobil’s most popular options is Mobil 1 5W – 30. In this case, it is a highly efficient motor oil that, at the same time, provides an excellent level of versatility. Many experts believe that full synthetic oil can be a good choice with suitable characteristics.

Of course, it is not only a good choice when it comes to new vehicles but can also be highly efficient for older vehicles. Different manufacturers frequently use Mobil for their factory vehicles. Some well-known brands that prefer this motor oil are Nissan, Mercedes, Porsche, and Chevrolet.

Among the features incorporated in this synthetic motor oil is its cleanability. Mobil can decrease the amount of debris and dirt by preventing the harmful buildup of these components. Even performance is optimized when a person wants to use their vehicle in extreme temperatures.

This engine sadness has the versatility to form a protective layer between the different moving and most important parts of the engine. In this way, friction is reduced safely, and temperature increase is also reduced. All these effects ensure the useful life of the engine by reducing the probability of mechanical damage.

So, when comparing Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs. Mobil, it is possible to notice that both options present great qualities. Many times this manufacturer also can provide an express warranty. This is excellent to be able to be protected against any engine damage up to 10,000 miles from the oil change.

Some users have also considered the decrease in engine problems when they start using Mobil. This oil is also one of the most appropriate when dealing with a very low-temperature zone or any other engine problems. The great versatility of this oil prevents damage at all times.

Even at shallow temperatures, the consistency of this oil remains light and thin. This way, the driver of a vehicle will not need to wait too long to start his vehicle despite the cold. The low-speed pre-ignition disappears with a cleaning power in the ultra platinum varieties.


  • The oil that can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Longer lasting cleanliness
  • Excellent resistance against freezing
  • Provides excellent lubrication by decreasing friction
  • Efficient and exceptional wear protection
  • Significantly reduced engine wear level
  • Vehicle starts faster compared to other fully synthetic oils
  • Excellent level of resistance against evaporation
  • Significantly decreases the number of impurities inside the engine


  • Inadequate compatibility with any diesel engines
  • In most cases not efficient for aviation engines

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs Mobil 1: Comparative Table

FeaturesPennzoil Ultra PlatinumMobil 1
BrandPennzoilMobil 1
Main ModelUltra Platinum 5W-30Extended Performance 5W-30
Temperature Range-55°F up to 440°F-40°F up to 446°F
Type  SyntheticSynthetic
Viscosity Grade5W-305W-30
Engine TypeGasolineGasoline
Volume5 quart(s)5 quart(s)
OthersThe highest quality motor oil at the best valueEnhance its performance and reduce fuel consumption
Check PriceCheck Price

Is Mobil worth it?

Customer opinions must be considered between mixing Pennzoil Platinum vs. Mobil and answering whether this oil is worthwhile. The most commonly used options indicate that this engine oil provides a truly extended service life. Occasionally after 20,000 miles, some users have had to incorporate seal conditioners.

It is also well known that many professional racers of different categories choose this particular engine oil over regular oil. This is how they achieve more efficient results in all racing seasons. This is, of course, an essential fact because professional racers are always looking to implement the best in their vehicles.

We have also noticed that the effects generally benefit any engine regardless of its service life. Overall, it is a reliable and safe option to incorporate in the short or long term. 

Its cleanability is complemented by protection against extreme temperatures. This can provide greater efficiency and versatility to any vehicle that travels long distances. This engine oil will then decrease the likelihood of mechanical damage of any kind within the engine. 


Is a full synthetic oil or high mileage oil better?

There are many experts as well as vehicle manufacturers who tend to recommend synthetic oils. High mileage oils are derived from crude oil and are often recommended by local mechanics. When comparing these two synthetic motor oils, we can note that synthetic oil offers high mileage while providing other benefits.

A person will get excellent results with synthetic oil, which always proves to be superior to a conventional high mileage base oil. Synthetic oils optimize the engine’s resistance against too high or too low temperatures. This is especially critical when a vehicle is driven through areas with freezing temperatures. The fuel economy is also optimized.

When it comes to high temperatures, synthetic oil has the versatility to maintain its viscosity rating or thickness. This means that synthetic oils are less prone to oil changes or oil breakdown.

Cleaning ability is also incorporated into synthetic oils to decrease dirt and debris within the dirty engine. This is essential because a lot of accumulated debris and dirt usually create a lot of mechanical breakdowns.

Is this high performance oil a fully synthetic oil?

This good oil is fully synthetic. The manufacturer has incorporated a patented process that can converts gas into a liquid. This requires the transformation of natural gas, which improves the results once the engine oil is in the vehicle, depending on the natural gas quality.

There are also other options or engine oils that may contain different impurities. The amount of impurities in motor oils depends on the amount of crude oil used during manufacture. So synthetic oil provides different benefits with a meager amount of impurities.

Is synthetic oil better?

When analyzing the quality or cost-benefit ratio, we can notice that synthetic oil provides excellent features. First of all, it can be mentioned that synthetic oil has a longer service life compared to other oils. While the cost may be a little higher, the truth is that this engine oil can prevent the accumulation of debris and sludge in the engine.

High-performance vehicles, like luxury vehicles or other vehicles, are best suited to be able to notice the results. A mid-range vehicle may not notice a higher level of performance and efficiency. However, this does not mean that synthetic engine oil is not more helpful. It should also be considered that the protection against different situations that the engine must face is much more complete with fully synthetic oil. 

So when comparing Pennzoil Platinum vs. Mobil, it is possible to note that either option is adequate. Ultra Platinum can provide a service life of 10,000 miles and sometimes a little more. Between Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs. Mobil, Mobil has the versatility to provide a service life that could be up to 20,000 miles.

However, it is always recommended that an oil change be performed at 15,000 miles with Mobil and 10,000 miles with Ultra Platinum. In this way, the engine will always be protected against any circumstance.

Main Conclusion

Today, people all over the world recognize Pennzoil Ultra high-quality automotive lubricants. You know that every time you dip into your tank, you can count on superior protection for your engine, transmission, and the rest of your car. That’s a quality that only comes from experience.

The full synthetic oil is designed with high-quality Titanium technology to be more resistant to wear and tear. It also withstands prolonged usage times, allowing you to go up to 15000 miles before an engine oil change.

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