[3 Ways] How to Siphon Gas Out of a Newer Car?

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How to Siphon Gas Out of a Newer Car?

Finally, you’ve owned a new car. Now, what is the best way to enjoy your weekend? Possibly, going for a long drive in your newer car. A smooth and long drive along with your kin and pals riding on your newly bought car towards any pleasant countryside is not less than a soothing experience to your body and mind. But then, all of sudden, quite unexpectedly you realize that your car is running out of gasoline and you have still a long way to go to reach the nearest gas station. Now you’re in a despair situation as you need a little amount of gas to reach the nearest shop.

What is Siphon? 

At that moment, you have two options left, either you can fill gasoline from a gas canister stored inside your car, or you may take the help of any other car from which you can take some gas so that you can reach at least the nearest gas station. But now the question is how you could manage to transfer gasoline from his car? Simple, you can use a technique called a siphon. This is easy and probably the most convenient way that helps to transfer any liquid from one container to another and in this way, you can also solve your problem. But you can do this quite easily if you have an older car. In a new car with modern technology, it is quite harder to siphon it out.

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The Problems of Siphoning in Newer Car

There are few problems that you may face while siphoning gasoline from a newer car. These are-

  1. Because most of the modern cars have an electronic locking system and an anti-rollover on the openings gas tank that prevent gasoline from leaking after an accident.
  2. For having a butterfly valve on the gas tank, you only can put gasoline in but cannot draw out.
  3. You cannot use any metal tools to open the valve for siphoning. It may damage the car, and most importantly it can create sparks around gasoline which you must avoid.

How to Siphon Gas Out of a Newer Car?

So, how to siphon gas out of a newer car? In older cars siphoning gas out is rather easy, as you need to put a hose into the gas tank and siphon out gasoline as much as you need. Even you can siphon out the gasoline from an abandoned car if it contains some gas. But you cannot follow this procedure in newer cars. So now here are some processes that may help you siphoning quite conveniently.

No.1-  Siphoning Using a Gas Canister and Hose

  1. At first, you need to open the valve and for this purpose, you should use a wooden or plastic tool for safety for yourself and your car as well. The tool should be a little wider than the hose which you have to put inside the gas tank.
  2. Put the one end hose inside the gas tank and the other into the gasoline canister while keeping the tool in right place. Now apply some suction force.
  3.  You’ll be happy to see that the gasoline is siphoning out of the canister to the gas tank of your car.
  4. You have to keep the canister lower than the height of the gas tank of your car so that the siphoning process could be done smoothly.
  5. If the siphoning process is over, then remove the tool and the hose and close the valve tightly to keep everything right in place.

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No.2- Siphoning from One Car to Another

If you want to siphon out the gasoline from one car to another, the factor which comes to play the most important role is the elevation of the gas tanks of the car. The car from which you’re siphoning out the gas must be placed in a higher elevation than the gas tank of the other car which you want to fill. Generally, cars like SUVs already have a gas tank on the higher elevation, therefore, if you want to siphon gasoline from SUVs to your smaller car then you have no issue. But if you own an SUV then you have to place it lower than the other car for siphoning gasoline. 

No.3- Siphoning Using Siphon Pump

Siphoning using a siphon pump is a technique where you can siphon gasoline from your car quite easily.

  1. Every siphon pump comes with a transparent plastic tube that has two ends. One of them is the exit point and the other is the entry point. Before using the pump, you have to know which end is which.
  2. At first, you have to open the cap of the gas tank and insert one end of the tube. The other end is put inside the gas canister.
  3. Now press the pump using your hand and allow the gasoline to transfer to the canister from your car’s tank.
  4.  Once the required amount of gasoline is taken out remove the end of the tube from the canister and block the mouth of the tube with your thumb so that the remaining gasoline can drain into the tank.
  5. Finally, remove the entire tube close to the cap of the gas tank.
  6. Before starting the process, you should keep in mind that you should never use an open canister or bucket for siphoning as they can spill out some gas which is extremely dangerous. Besides, the gas fumes that this process releases might be hazardous for your health and the environment as well if you end up inhaling them.

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No.4- Siphoning Creating Pressure

This is one more process where you can siphon gasoline from your car. Please also ask how to siphon gas out of a car without a hose? To make it possible you have to go through some steps. 

  1. Take a closed gas canister or any other closed container to siphon the gasoline into.
  2. Arrange two different lengths of a transparent plastic tube. The longer one will go deep into the gas tank and the shorter one will reach just inside the gas tank of another car to which you need to siphon the gasoline.
  3. Place the gas canister close to the gas tank so that once siphoning begins through the tube it continues as long as you need. Only you have to keep the level of the tube lower than the level of the gasoline in the tank.
  4. Now take a wet rag to seal around the tubes. This helps to create a good amount of pressure as the air is prevented from escaping the tank so that the gasoline will run through the longer tube.
  5. When all the arrangements are done, blow some air with your lungs or any mechanical air pump through the shorter tube to increase the pressure inside the tank. As a result, gasoline flows through the long tube into the canister.
  6. Once the gasoline starts flowing, it will continue due to gravity without blowing more air into the tank. 
  7. If you’re done with siphoning and want to stop the process then you have to block the longer tube with your thumb, raise the tube towards the sky and allow the remaining gasoline in the tube to go back to the tank. Finally, remove the tube and cover the gas tank.


Once there was a time when siphoning could be done by inserting a hose down the gas tank. Now the job is tougher than before for having advanced technology in making cars. But if you follow any one of these methods I hope it’ll be easier for you to do your job successfully and continue your journey once again. Enjoy yourself!!

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