How to Remove Tree Sap from Car with WD40?

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How to Remove Tree Sap from Car with WD40

After cleaning your vehicle, it can be very frustrating to find it covered in sap spots. It’s a common experience for many car owners who live in a compound full of trees. You might ignore the sap, thinking that people will not notice it. Wait until it turns black, and your car starts looking dirty. Unfortunately, they are so stubborn to remove. You will require more than just water and soap to wash your car. 

How to Remove Tree Sap from Car with WD40How to Remove Tree Sap from Car with WD40

There are different methods you can use to clean the sap. You can try them and keep on using the one you like most. For instance, you can use wd40. Take it and spray it on the tree sap. Leave it for five minutes. Wipe the area clean. Since cleaning with wd40 may remove the wax of your vehicle, reapply the wax after cleaning. Don’t fear using wd40 since it doesn’t hurt your car’s finish. 

After driving for long, you will notice some bug splats on your hoods and side-view mirrors. Some will even stick on the windshields. It’s hard to avoid them, especially during spring and fall. There so many insects fly on the air during the two seasons. 

If you let them accumulate, they will destroy your car’s paint. Driving with dead bugs all over your car is disgusting. You require some extra effort to remove them, not just water and soap. There are different methods to help you remove them. One of the popular techniques includes the use of wd40. Do you how to clean bugs off car with wd40? 

How to Remove Tree Sap from Car with WD40

The more the bugs remain on the body of your car, the more they stick to it. To loosen them, you have to rub the body of the vehicle with wd40. You can either spray it on the body or use a rag to apply. Leave it for ten minutes to sink. 

Note that wd40 is an oily substance. If you use it on the car’s windshield or windows, removing it will be more difficult.  

Apart from the bug and the sap, tar can also stick to your car. Fortunately, unlike the sap and the bug, you can easily remove the tar. Do you know how to remove dried tar from car? You can smoothen it using some locally available household substances. Some include wd40. Never use it on your car’s windshields and windows. Goo gone, a commercial tar remover as well as peanut butter, are other options to consider.  

Use any of the above products to loosen the tar. Take a soft cloth and wipe off the tar. If it is still sticky, spray wd-40 or any other product and leave it for few minutes. Keep on wiping until the tar clears off.  

After removing the tar, there is a possibility that the tar-removal products will leave some residues. You need to wash your car to remove them. 

There are various home remedies people use to prevent bugs and tar from drying in their car. When traveling, you can put a temporary defense such as applying petroleum jerry on your car’s front. You don’t have to worry because it is slick and also invisible. When you reach your destination, you can take a cloth and wipe them off quickly. Those who are not willing to use petroleum jerry on the windscreen may also use rain-x. 

What Are Various Bug and Tar Remover Home Remedy?  

1. Bug Removal Sponge

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The primary advantage of using the bug removal sponge is that its soft. It will not damage your car when wiping up the sticky bugs or tar. Because of their thickness and density, it will hold much water or any other product you are using. Apart from the bug removal sponge, you can also use microfiber rag. Some even use some rips of some old cotton trees. Avoid the temptation of using a terry cloth towel since it’s too abrasive. 

2. Warm Water and Soap

To cut your budget, use some hot water and soap. Put them on a bucket or a spray can. Use old cotton to scrub away the bug residue gently. Avoid using much pressure since you can easily destroy the car paint.  

3. Windex

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If you are looking for a product to help you remove the greasy residue, why not use the Windex. You can also use it to clean the window, the dashboard, and even the upholstery. Use it to wipe the sap and the bugs clean. You can boost it by adding dish soap and mixing the two. If the bugs or sap have dried on your car, apply it, and leave it for few minutes.  

4. Degreaser

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Apart from using the degreaser liquid in your kitchen, did you know it can help you clean your car? Some people may fear using it since they are not sure if it will damage the paint. In case you are not sure of any product, use it on any other metal surface and see the effect. You can also apply it on a small part of the car that is not so visible. Rub it for few minutes and see the impact. 

5. MR. Clean Magic Eraser

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If you don’t have Wd 40 to remove bugs from car, you can use MR. Cleaner magic eraser. You have to be careful when using it since the melamine foam sponges can be a bit rough. 

6. Baby Oil

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It helps to moisturize your dry skin and even control your curly hair. Some apply it to machines to make them run smoothly. In case you have dead bugs on your windscreen, apply the baby oil using your hand. It will penetrate easily, making it easy to wipe the bugs quickly.  


Leaving dead bugs, tar, and sap for so long on your car will damage your paints. That’s why you need to know about various products to help you remove them. Some home remedy products are just in your house. If you are not sure of a product, you need to test it first. Test it on a metal or even a small portion of your car. If it has undesirable effects, don’t use it.

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