How to Remove Spare Tire Lock Without Key?

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How to Remove Spare Tire Lock Without Key_

The imagination of your car wheel busting in the middle of nowhere can be traumatizing. That’s why you require having a spare wheel. It doesn’t have the same design as the original wheel. That’s why you need to understand instructions about it. For instance, you can’t drive at high speed using a spare wheel. 

Since you don’t use spare tires regularly, you have to safeguard them against theft. You need to put a lock and put the keys safely. You can either use a locking wheel nut or locking lug nuts. What if the tire busts and you can’t find the keys. You must know how to get locking wheel nuts off without the key. There is the option of getting a keys replacement. You can also go to the garage and get help. But what if the two options are not available? What should you do? and finally, How to Remove a Spare Tire Lock Without Key?

Here Are The Tools You Require

  1. Heavy rubber mallet
  2. Wheel lock removal kit
  3.  Punch/ screwdriver
  4. Car’s lug nut wrench

How to Remove Spare Tire Lock Without Key ?

1. Park The Car

Park the car well and apply parking brakes. You can’t afford to have a rolling motion when trying to remove the lock.

2. Have The Right Tools

The tool you will use must fit snugly. Ensure that the removal socket’s teeth bite into the car’s wheel lock. 

3. Hit The Tool

Stuck your removal tool well in the wheel lock and hits its end with a mallet. As you continue to smash it, you will see the removal tool teeth digging into the wheel lock.

4. Loosen The Wheel Lock

To loosen the wheel lock, you should use a lug nut wrench. You will require some effort to turn the removal tool counterclockwise. 

5. Turn By Hand

Once the wheel lock loosens, use your hands to open it. You can’t manage to remove the removal tool from the wheel lock using your bare hands since they are already stuck. 

6. Remove The Lock

You require a screwdriver/ punch to separate the removal tool stuck on the wheel lock. After inserting the punch through the hole of the removal tool, hit its end using a rubber mallet. Continue hitting until the wheel lock comes out.

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What if the spare wheel has a locking lug nut? If you have a key, you will quickly unlock the lug nut and use your spare tire. What if you misplaced the keys? 

Knowing how to remove locking lug nuts without a key is vital. Follow these steps:

Tools Needed

  1. Breaker bar
  2. Hammer
  3. Torque wrench
  4. 12-point socket -different cars use different sizes. Ensure you have the right size

1. Recheck The Keys 

It can be disgusting to find the keys after the difficult task of removing the lug nut. That’s why you require checking the keys thoroughly. If you can’t find them, prepare for the next step 

2. Check If The Socket Size Is 12-Point

You need a size 12 point. If you compare it with the small-sized socket, you will realize that a more significant size works better. It has some extra teeth that get traction on your lug nuts. 

3. Smash The Socket

Fit the socket securely on your nut. Take a hammer and smash the socket into the lug nut. 

4. Apply Leverage

Have you ever used a breaker bar? You will be amazed by how easy it is to use it to remove your locking lug nuts. It’s a metal rod with a size of 6-8 inches. Thanks to the length, you will only have to apply some reasonable force on it, and you will quickly unlock the lug nuts. 

5. Check Potential Damage

Once you break the nuts free, it’s time to check for any possible damage. Start by checking the tread that is on your wheel stud. Prepare to replace them if damaged. If they are okay, you require a new non-locking lug nut immediately. Check the car’s instruction manual to understand the way to torque it down.  

6. Remove The Rug Nut

The lug nut is already stuck into the socket. You have to remove it using a screwdriver or a chisel. Place it on the locking lug nut and hummer it until the socket comes out. You can also reattach your socket/ lug nut into the car’s wheel. Hammer on its side to separate them. Attaching to the wheel is a risky method since the chances of destroying the thread are high. 

Using a hammer and a breaker bar to remove the locking lug nut might be tricky for you. In case you miss your target, you might end up damaging your car. You can engage the professionals to do the job on your behalf. You will incur a cost though it might be minimal to what you might incur if you damage the car. 

If you have a car with factory-installed locking lug nuts, worry less. You only require contacting your dealer’s service number or even the company’s customer care. You should request a key. 

The whole process becomes more complicated if the tire busts on the highway and the nuts are rusty. Unless you have some penetrating oil you can spray on the tight nuts, removing a rusty nut can be tricky. Since you can’t predict what to expect on the way, always ensure you carry the right tools when traveling.


You can’t predict when your tire will burst or require a replacement. That’s why you need a spare wheel. To protect it from thieves, use a locking lug nut or a locking wheel nut. Put the keys safely. Keep on checking the spare wheel to ensure that the locking nuts are not rusty. If they are, spray them with penetrating oil. Whenever you are traveling, confirm if you have the right tools to help you change the tire. Also, check the keys. In case the keys get lost and the tire bursts, follow the steps above. If you can, contact your dealer for a key. You can also engage the professionals to do the job.

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