How to Remove Excess Oil from Car?

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How to Remove Excess Oil from Car

Your car is not less than your dream, your passion, one of the most loving ones in your life. Especially, if you had to go through a lot before owning a car. So it is obvious that you’re taking care of your car and always trying to keep it well in order. And to keep it well your car needs proper maintenance and necessary changes if it is required after every certain period. One such thing is the engine oil of your car that needs to be changed after a certain mileage of driving to keep the entire engine system of your car in a better condition for a longer run.

What is Engine Oil?

Engine oil is a kind of lubricant that works to keep all the parts of the engine smooth running so that they can keep safe from friction with each other and in this way all the components moves frequently without any hassle even after driving thousands of miles. Apart from that, they are kept in better condition for longer use.

What Does it Mean of Changing The Oil?

Changing engine oil is a part of the maintenance of your car. The engine oil that you have added to your car has a certain period of durability. After that, it gradually starts losing its strength.  It means you have to remove the old oil and then add the new oil immediately after to keep your car running. A thin layer of oil coating on the motor components of the engine allows them to rotate non-stop at higher speeds for thousands of miles without any hassle.

Why Does it Need to Change The Oil?

Removing old engine oil from your car engine is a necessary thing as it becomes less effective after sometimes that may cause hassle in driving your car and heating the engine is another problem that you’ll be going to face with the old oil. Apart from that, changing engine oil enables you to get a clearer vision of the engine so that you can find out the leaks, broken gaskets, cracked belts, etc. This may help extend life as well as the performance of the car.  

What Problem Does Occur for Overfilling?

The one problem that may happen while changing the engine oil and is overfilling. No matter, if you’re a new owner of a car or how long you have been using a car for the past sometimes, mistakes could happen with anybody. Overfilling is a problem that not only wastes the oil but also may cause damage to the internal parts of the engine. Needless to say, it may not seems like a serious issue at the beginning, but sometimes later it can cause major malfunctions. Here some of them-

Pressure on The Crankshaft

The crankshaft is found in a car engine that works to move the pistons up and down while the car is on run. Besides, it prevents the oil from leaking out of the engine. If it is overfilled then the crankshaft may be damaged and as a result, oil spills out of the engine and even spill over the clutch.

Overload of The Engine

Overfill creates one more issue for your car and that is an overflow of oil through the exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe helps to remove the oil vapor out of the engine. But overflow of oil forces the oil vapor back into the combustion chamber that blocks the suction hole.

Destroy The Catalytic Converter

If the excess oil re-circulate to the combustion chamber there would be a certain chance of producing thick and greasy black smoke after some time. This can destroy the catalytic converter and diesel particle filter that may cause serious damage to your engine and you have to spend a good sum of money to get your car back into action. Unless, overheating, loss of air pressure, breakdown all these kinds of unwanted situation you may have to face frequently.

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How to Check The Level of The Oil?

There are some ways to find out if your car engine is really overfilled or not. If you have recently changed the engine oil and if you see while driving white, thick smoke is coming out from the exhaust of your car, it means you have overfilled your car with engine oil. There is another way where you have to drive your car for 5-10 minutes to warm the engine and then park your car on an even surface and take the engine oil dipstick. Now open the hood and insert the dipstick into the oil and wait for a few seconds. Then pull out the dipstick and see if the oil level crosses the fill line. If it is, then you have surely overfilled the engine oil in your car. There is one more sign that indicates the overfilling when you notice unreasonable behavior from your car’s oil pressure gauge which tells you that the required amount of oil is not delivered to the engine.

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How to Remove Excess Oil from Car?

So, whatever is discussed so far is enough to tell you that it is essential to remove the excess engine oil to save your car from damage. But the question is how you can do this? There are different methods but here two simplest and most convenient ways are going to be shown which would be easy for you to perform. But in every case, you should be careful to cool down the car engine before you start the process unless

Oil Plug Method

If you have poured too much oil on your engine and need to drain out, this is one of the easiest processes where you can drain out excessive oil from under the car. You need a drain pan and a socket wrench for this purpose. Here the procedure is-

  • Crawl beneath the car to locate the oil plug and place the drain pan or a clean container exactly under the oil plug. It can help you to collect the drained oil. If you have any problem to spot the oil plug then you can take the help of your car’s maintain manual which can help you to find it out.
  • Take the socket wrench and try to loosen up the oil plug. But do the job as slow as you can unless the drained oil may rush out at once which means you’ll end up wasting all the engine oil of your car.
  • After a few moments, the oil starts spilling out in a small amount. Now check the oil level with the dipstick and allow the oil to drain out until the oil level goes down to the normal. After draining out the required amount of oil, tighten the plug to restore the normalcy of your car.

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Using Dipstick Tube

This is the easiest way that can be followed to drain out the excess oil using the siphon process from the engine of your car. In this method, you don’t have to remove the oil drain bolt to get the excess oil out of the engine of your car. This process may take a longer time than the first one, but good for those who don’t have enough space down the car to get the beneath of it. Let’s start the job.

  • Remove the dipstick and set it aside. Find vinyl tubing with ¼” diameter and fed it down inside the dipstick tube.
  • Try to feed the tubing at least two feet down into the depths of the engine.
  • Put the one end of the tubing in your mouth and suck all the air out of the tube. This allows to come up with the oil of the engine.
  • Quickly drop that end into a bucket or container so that the drained oil could fill into it.
  • Remove the tubing from the engine to stop the draining process once the dipstick shows the level of the engine oil reaches to the normal point.
  • This process may take more time than the previous process as the high viscosity of the oil doesn’t let the draining pretty fast. But this is quite easier than crawling back beneath the car.

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The Bottom Line

You have a never-ending romance with your car. Therefore, you never like to see your loving one in poor condition. So obviously you always look after her every need. Replacing the old engine oil with the new oil is one such kind of need that your car requires and you’re really concern about that. But you’re not skilled enough to maintain the correct level of oil always. Then you have to drain out the excess oil from the engine. Though the draining process seems not a very difficult job you have to be careful about a few things that I have already told above. Now it is up to you how careful you would be to make your car fit for longer service.

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