Open A Car Door That Won’t Open From Outside or Inside!

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How to open a car door that won't open from the outside or inside

Imagine rushing a sick relative to the hospital only to arrive in time, and the car doors won’t open. The patient requires immediate attention, the nurses are waiting outside, but the doors have jammed. It will be a sad scenario if the patient dies while you continue trying to open the door 15 minutes later after arriving.

Your car is a valuable asset and requires regular maintenance. Some problems like jammed doors usually get many off guards. If the door refuses to open near a garage, you are lucky. If it is at home and no one to help, you are in trouble. That means you must know why it’s refusing to open. You should also know how to fix a car door that won’t open.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why Your Door Won’t Open

1.Connection Issues

Once your car door latch gets a damaged connection, opening your door will be tricky. It’s a common problem that affects many cars. There are many other reasons why the door may refuse to open. So how do you know that connection issues are the cause? You can start by checking all connections, i.e., both internal and external. Check the interior locking switch as well as the door lock cylinder.

2. Core Structure Damage

If your car is involved in an accident, this problem may arise. It’s regardless of whether the accident was severe or a simple one. The impact damages the door latch, and this makes the door to get jammed. The accident may also disconnect the door latch from the car’s door lock assembly.

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3. Deadlocks

There are some car models with a feature called deadlock. If you press a press the remote of that device, it usually activates the lock. That makes the door not open, whether from the inside or even from the outside.

4. Dirt and Rust Accumulation

If the interior has some broken parts, rust and dust are likely to accumulate. After accumulating in your car’s door lock assembly, the door locks latch jams. The dirt and rust can still gather even if your car’s interior is okay.

5.Broken Lock

If your single lock is broken, don’t expect your car to open from either side. If your door lock is working, then the issue is not a big deal since you can still get to your car. A broken lock requires special attention from a local auto repair shop. It indicates weakness in the car parts.

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6. Damaged Doors

If the issue is not in all the reasons above, then the doors could be damaged. For you to confirm that the broken door is the real issue, checks if the entire lock system if working. If it is okay and the doors still won’t open, then the damaged door is the issue.

How to Open A Jammed Car Door Without Visiting Your Mechanic

1. Lubricating

Check if the keyway has a blockage. After opening the door, adjust your car lock assembly. You will quickly know if there is something that is stuck. Lubricate the assembly and move the lock assembly again. Continue lubricating until there are no more blockages.

2. Repair the Broken Connection

After opening the door, you need to troubleshoot the lock assembly. If need be, use the replacement parts to mend all the faulty connections.

3. Remove the Lock Panel

With the right tools, detach your door panel. You will quickly identify what the issue could be after removing the screws from the door panel. All electrical connection to the panel requires immediate disconnection. Remove the panel and its plastic cover inside and check what is causing the door to jam.

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Know if the problem is mechanical or it’s inside the shafts. Take a nut and attach it at the shafts’ end. It will tighten the grip and enable the door to open from outside easily. If the door is still not opening from inside, check if the power locking system has any issues. Depending on the damage, you can either replace it or repair it. Check if your local assembly has any broken parts. Don’t forget to take a look at your door lock motor. Before you go through the entire process, first remove the door panel.

4. Get A Locksmith

Your car may refuse to open due to failed lock assembly. That’s why you need a locksmith service to open the door for you. That means the vehicle will not get any damage when opening the door. Recognizing the problem after opening the door is much comfortable.


  1. If your car gets stuck, switch off the alarms. While trying to repair the door, the alarm might turn on and startle the people around you, yourself included. You can also notify your neighbours in advance before attempting to repair the door.
  2. Imagine your car getting issues in the middle of the high way. There is a big chance that the traffic cops will want to see your documents. Unfortunately, if you don’t have them, trouble might follow. That’s why you always require carrying identification documents whenever you are traveling.
  3. Be careful when removing the door panel since you might damage the plastic latches
  4. Since you will have to repair from the inside, take care not to mess up with some wires. They could be alarm, airbags, or even automatic windows.
  5. As much you would like to be a hero and save the cost, it is okay to seek the locksmith’s services. Unlike you, who might damage the car while trying to open, the locksmith will ensure there is a minimum or no damage at all.

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Many reasons may make your car to get jammed. It could be due to rust or dust, connections issues, broken doors, damaged doors, among other reasons. If you can manage to repair, take precautions not to damage the car. If you can’t handle it, there is no harm in seeking locksmith help. You can also make it to your mechanic to take a look.

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