How to Make a Tonneau Cover Look New?

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After installing a tonneau cover, your truck looks stylish, and everyone stands to admire it. As you continue transporting your goods, you expose it to grime, dust, and elements, and it starts to lose its glory. Do you dispose of the cover and buy another one? That wouldn’t be economical. After all, if you were to dispose of the covers that get dirty and look old, how many would you dispose of in 2 years? Luckily, there are tactics you can apply to make the tonneau cover look new. These tactics include

Steps of Maintaining Tonneau Cover to Help It Look New

Maybe you don’t have the user’s manual. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be able to maintain your tonneau cover properly. If the manual is not available, follow these instructions.

1. Cleaning Tonneau Cover Regularly

The more you drive the truck, the more dust, dirt, bugs splatter and even bird poop will attach on your cover. If you fail to clean regularly, your vehicle will not look good. When cleaning, consider the type of tonneau cover that you have. Cleaning a hardcover is less complicated compared to cleaning a softcover.

If you have a soft vinyl tonneau cover, you can’t use cleaning products that contain petroleum distillates on it. If you use it, it will break down the cover of your product. That means you have to use the right tonneau cover cleaner and protectant,

Another factor is the condition of your cover. If it’s full of dents, corrosion, and scratches, you need to be careful around it. Less, you risk worsening the condition. Now that you have that in mind here are the general instructions for cleaning your hard tonneau cover –

a. Requirements

  • Bucket of warm water
  • Garden hose
  • Microfiber scrubber or cloth and a towel
  • The right car washing solution

b. Inspection

Inspect if the latches of the side rail have rust. If they do, add some grease help you open quickly. Also, adjust and hardware, bolts, or even clamps that are not appropriately secured to protect them from getting damaged.

c. Park Under A Shade

Washing the car while exposing it to the sun is not recommended. Park it under a shade. If you have to park it under a tree, ensure that it has no falling leaves or branches. Check if there are birds too since they can mess your car.

d. Remove The Dust

You can sprinkle water on the bed to remove the dust and debris using the garden hose and dry the cover using a towel once you finish.

e. Cleaning

Mix the solution with warm water and apply some of it in the stained areas, before leaving it to soak for some time. Dip your scrubber in the water and gently scrub the cover. If you notice any scratches and dents, be careful when washing around them less you worsen them. Plan to deal with them once the cover dries before they worsen.

f. Rinse and Dry

Upon the satisfaction that the cover is clean, rinse it thoroughly before leaving it to dry. Note that leaving a soft vinyl tonneau cover for long on the shade will harm your cover. The reason being, chances of mildew and molds accumulating are high. So, should you leave it under the sun? That is not a better idea, either. The UV rays have adverse effects on the cover.

Cleaning Soft Vinyl Tonneau Cover

  1. Park the car under the shade.
  2. Remove the dirt using a garden hose.
  3. Spray the cover with a cleaner
  4. Clean the car-Scrub the entire cover gently using a soft-top brush.
  5. Rinse the cover and dry it with a towel,

Apply the vinyl tonneau cover protectant and scrub it with a microfiber cloth once it dries.

2. Apply Protectant

If you want the tonneau cover to look new, apply the right protectants after cleaning it. Depending on the type of cover that you have, you can select the best tonneau cover protectant to apply after cleaning.

If you have a vinyl tonneau cover, you don’t just apply any available protectant. There is a specific protectant that is available in the market. Consult the manual if you are not sure of the right one.

3. Don’t Overburden The Cover

The tonneau cover can remain in good shape for long so long as you don’t overburden it. After consulting the manual, always put less than what it recommends. By so doing, you will protect it from sagging, thus prolong its useful life.

4. Regular Check

After transporting the cargo, there is no harm in checking if your cover is still in the right condition. You can wipe off accumulating dust and debris. If you see any scratches or even corrosion, take action before the cover gets worse. If there is any repair that is needed, do so immediately otherwise you will have no option but to invest in a new one.

During the inspection, try to slide the cover and see if there is any challenge. If you struggle to open, you must lubricate the rails. Check if the bolts and the clamps are fastened tightly less they damage your cover.

Once you apply these entire maintenance tips, you have the assurance that the cover will always look new.


The tonneau cover offers protection to your bed, thus protecting it from getting exposed to elements. You have to find ways to preserve the tonneau cover and help it remain useful for long—some of the tips of making it look new include; regular maintenance and cleaning. When dust and dirt accumulate on the cover, clean it using a soft brush and be careful not to worsen the scratches if there are any.

Regular inspection is also vital. If you notice dents and scratches, repair them immediately. Keep on checking if the cover is sliding off smoothly and if you get any challenge, lubricate the rails. Be careful of where you park your car. You should never park it in the sun for long or even in the shade for long.

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