How to Jumpstart An Automatic Car Without Another Car?

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How to Jumpstart An Automatic Car Without Another Car?

Getting stranded on the road is a common problem that most drivers dread. It gets worse if the battery dies in the middle of the highway at night. Many people are rushing home, and there are also security concerns. Your attempt to wave other motorists to help you jumpstart your dead battery may go in vain. Knowing how to jumpstart an automatic car without another car will save you from such an awful experience.

So, what happens if the car won’t start in the middle of anywhere? Note that, as a driver, you need to get prepared in advance on how to handle such scenarios. Besides regular car and battery maintenance, you can prepare in advance to handle such scenarios. Note that when the battery dies, you need to know the condition of the battery. If you notice that it’s damaged, use any other options other than trying to jumpstart it. You can’t risk having the battery explode on you. So, here are the things you require and the steps you can take if you get stranded.

How to Jumpstart An Automatic Car Without Another Car?

1. Portable Jump Starter Cables

The fastest and the easiest way you can get when searching on how to jumpstart a car without another car is portable jump starter cables. Whether short or long-distance, when driving the car, never forget to carry your portable jump starter cables. It has a compact battery and can jumpstart your battery just like any other car battery.

Remember, jumpstarting the car with a battery that contains higher voltage is dangerous since it can destroy the battery. When using portable jump starter cables, high voltage is not your concern. Above all, you will not bother other motorists or even pedestrians to help you when the battery dies.

2. Jump Box/Battery Pack

You should invest in a jump box if you don’t have one already. It’s portable thanks to its small size of 3 by 5 inches. Though it has a small size, its ability to jumpstart a 12 voltage battery remains unrivaled. It can hold enough power, meaning that you don’t have to keep on charging it. It can last for three months before recharging.

Using a jump box to jump start your car is easy since it comes with its jump starter cables. That means’ when jumpstarting, you don’t require anyone’s assistance. You will not struggle to know how to use it since it comes with clear instructions. It’s affordable, and you can use it whether your car has a manual or even an automatic transmission.

3. Buy New Battery

Assuming the battery is damaged. Remember, it’s risky to jumpstart it while at that condition. The best alternative is to buy a new battery. Since you can’t leave your car and walk to the battery store, grab the phone and call the store selling batteries. Explain your condition and know if they will be willing to bring it to your current location.

Maybe you have never installed one before. They will be willing to remove the damaged one and install the new one for you. But if you know how to install the new battery, ensure that you have mechanic gloves and forget to put on sunglasses.

4. Take Off The Fan Belt, Then Start Spinning The Alternator

Another risky way on how to jump a car without another car is removing the fan belt and spinning the alternator. The main idea here is to charge the dying battery. You will have to spin the alternator for some time to charge your battery. Unfortunately, this method has two main limitations. The first one is that unless you are an expert in the field and have done it before, don’t even attempt. You may damage the car while trying to revive the battery. The net limitation is that the method can’t work with a dead battery. If you were to use the method, ensure that the battery has some charge on it.

5. Tow Truck

Nothing is annoying, like driving the car from home then come back with a car on a truck. Maybe you don’t have a portable cable or even a jump box. You are stuck in the bush, and it’s already late for any battery shop to be opened. Of course, you don’t want to risk spinning the alternator. Instead of sleeping in the car, why don’t you call the towing service? They may not jump-start it for you but will take the car to the location you want. They can take you and the car to your desired garage to allow professionals to take a look. Alternatively, they can take you home to get ready to deal with the issue. You can check with your insurance provider to know if the company caters to such services. If they don’t have one, you can call the towing company, know their rates, and pay using cash.

6. Road Side Assistance 

Have you ever thought of joining the road assistance and paying the monthly charges? Perhaps you have never imagined getting stuck on the highway. Though you may urge that their charges are high, their services are worth it. Luckily with the road assistance services, they come with a variety of services. Other than jumpstarting your car, the will also help you change any flat tire or even bring you gas if you don’t have any.


When you see people stranded on the road, do you imagine that someday you could also get stuck? Proper preparation will protect you from finding yourself in such a situation. Note that with portable jump cables, you can quickly help yourself and go your way. Again with a jump box, you will quickly jumpstart your vehicle without fearing the high voltage. If jump starting is not an option, you can call and request a new battery or even look for towing services. Roadside assistance can also be of assistance. Check with the insurance company if you can enjoy these services under the insurance cover.

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