How to Install Tonneau Cover with Bed Liner?

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You just bought a new truck, and you want to use it for commercial purposes. Once in a while, you will use it to carry some farm produce once you visit the upcountry. The more you continue using the bed of your truck, the more it depreciates. Since the manufacturer doesn’t provide you with tools to safeguard your bed, you have a responsibility of ensuring the truck remains good for long. The market offers you a variety of products among them tonneau cover and the bed liner.

When carrying the cargo, thieves can steal it; it can spill and pour on the road or even knock on the truck and get damaged. You can’t ignore the fact that hostile weather conditions can ruin your cargo. The tonneau cover will provide enough protection to the cargo and shield it from thieves and damage. Different types of tonneau cover exist in the market, and you have the option of choosing the one that fits your car.

The liner is also vital. It protects the surface of the bed of your truck from UV rays. In summer, the rays cause the paint to peel out or fade. Within a short duration of time, your car will look worn out. Once the paint peels off, it exposes the metal to air and moisture causing corrosion. When you put the bed liner, not only will it protect your car from corrosion and UV rays, but also makes it look stylish. Meaning when reselling the car, it will not have lost much value.

When using high-quality liners like the spray-on bed liner, saves your money in the long run due to low maintenance. It fits well in your truck without leaving room between it and the truck. In case of damage, you don’t have to discard it; repair it.

Now that you already know the benefits of these valuable bed protectors, can you combine them? Luckily you can but ensure that they fit into each other. Choose the right tonneau cover and use a spray-on liner, below-the-rail bed liners, or even paint-on bed liners. If you had not put any before, start by installing the truck bed liner first.

What if the available liner extends over the bed rails of your truck? Then that’s not the best one to choose. If you insist on installing it, it will lead to improper tonneau cover installation. So, ensure that the liner, bed rail cap, and tonneau cover are compatible. There is no harm in reading the instructions either. Below is the installation process.

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Bed Liner Installation

Open the tailgate to avoid any interference with tonneau cover installation.

Remove obstructions – You need to access the surface of your truck. Since handles and screws can hinder you from accessing it, start by removing them.

Check for holes – The truck should have holes to help you secure the liner with the screw. If there are none, drill small ones.

Clean the truck – You don’t want to place the liner on top of a dirt surface or even leave moisture that will encourage rust. So, do you use water and soap? On the contrary, spray and alcohol are great products to clean it? Use a sponge to clear any moisture.

Secure the bed liner – Roll over the liner on the bed fit the screws and handles in the holes and covers them with the cap. Do the same with the tailgate.

Side Rail Installation

You are already through with the bed liner installation. The next step is the side rail installation. Here are the steps to follow.

Inspect the tonneau cover – You are interested to know if it has two side rails, a clamp or even a canister.

Position the rail – If the cover has two rails, use a temporary spring clump to support the rails loosely. Someone can assist in supporting you on your behalf. The one with clamps fixes the cover from below. While the one with a canister, you position it first at the edge before attaching the rails.

Clamp the side rail – Take a toothed clamp, fit it near the cab, under the side rail. Tighten it with your hand then use a wretch for further tightening. Since you don’t want there to be any gap that is left between your trunk and the side rail, why not add chimp. It seals any gap.

Place additional clamp – Whether your cover had eight or six clamps. Add and space them well along your rails and use the same process on the other rail.

Adjust the rail – Loosen the clamps, adjust the rails and ensure that they are parallel, centered, and flat. Then tighten the clamps again.

Tonneau Cover Installation

After installing the bed liner and the side rails, you have one more step to go. So, how do you install the tonneau cover?

Wipe the cover and cab – Use the alcohol to rub the cover and the cab.

Install the rubber seal – You don’t want the cover to leak water. The rubber seals of your weatherproof cover will seal and ensure that no gap remains between the cap and your rails. If there is any additional component that requires installation, put it.

Fit your cover over the rails – get a helper to fit in your folded cover over the rail just next to the cab.

Unfold the cover – start by shutting the tailgate before unfolding the cover-up to your tailgate. If you need to make any adjustment to make your cover fit well, use a small hand tightened screw

Bolt the cover before tightening all clamps.

Counter-check to ensure that you have used all the provided components. If there is any that you don’t understand where to use it, re-read the manual.


The liner and the tonneau cover provide the bed of your trunk with powerful protection. The tonneau cover shields the cargo from theft, loss, and extreme weather while the liner ensures that the bed remains in perfect shape. When installing the cover, start with a liner, then side rail, and finish with the tonneau cover.

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