How to Install Jeep Soft Top Frame?

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How to Install Jeep Soft Top Frame

Human nature cannot always like to stick to one situation. As the situation changes their needs also vary along with that. Suppose you’re a jeep owner and you have to drive the vehicle in all seasons without considering the condition or the time of the day. Sometimes you need to lock yourself and your co-passengers inside the car while driving. For example, if it is a dark night or scorching heat in summer or heavy downpour in monsoon- in this entire situation you need a closed-door vehicle with a covered rooftop. On the other hand, if the environment is pleasant in bright sunny springtime with a cool breeze, or you’re driving down the road surrounded by lovely natural beauty. This is the condition you always want to keep in touch with nature even when you’re driving your vehicle. To make this possible, you may choose to drive with the doors and top off of your vehicle.

Therefore, you need to have a soft top over the hardtop in your jeep because you can fix or remove it all by yourself. Made with kind materials that are sturdy enough to last long. In this way, the soft tops are capable enough to bear with any climate and allow drivers to open them if required.

The Reasons for Installing Soft Top

There are ample reasons for jeep owners to install a soft top for their vehicles. Here they are-

  • Soft tops are easy to fix and remove.
  • You can remove the soft top from the front or the back portion of the jeep. Even the top may be removed from the whole jeep.
  • You may find soft tops in different models like rollback sunroof and in many colors so that you may select one of your liking.
  • You can easily keep the soft-top inside your jeep and you can use it whenever you required.
  • Though it is not easy to clean, but still has a lot more advantages than the harder ones.

What is Jeep Soft Top Frame?

The soft top frame is nothing but a metal frame where the soft top will connect to. It is locked in two separate portions on the jeep- the windshield at the front and the runner at the rear located inside the sides of your jeep. There are two types of frames and you have to choose the right one from them. They are-

Supertop Frame

Supertop frame can be fixed tightly and securely for having windshield header made of thin metal and plastic You need a wrench and some other simple tools to mount it. But it is not easy to fix or remove.

OEM Frame

Having a big windshield and quick clamps make this type of frame easy to fix. This kind of frame is compatible with soft tops as you can find more fabric in the front of this kind of frame. Moreover, this is easier to fix and also to remove.

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How to Install Jeep Soft Top Frame?

Now it is time to find out how to install the soft top frame to your jeep following some simple instructions given below step by step.

The Beginning

At first, you have to lay out all the parts of the jeep soft top frame along with the installation instruction that comes with the frameset.

Remove Existing Soft Top Fabric

If you want to replace the soft top, then you have to make sure that you’ve removed all the remaining fabric from your jeep. Besides, you need to check if all the parts are there with proper conditions. Replace if one or two are found damaged or missing. After that, you should raise the bows and the upper door frames and lock the door frame into place. Keep the rear shafts out of this.

Set the New Top on Your Jeep

Now set the soft top fabric over the hardware system. You should look that the two rear angles are heading down and the plastic header is facing forward.

Fix The Fabric to Bows

Hold the front and rear snap straps and snap each of them to the front and rear bows. In this way, the soft top gets secured to the hardware system of the jeep.

Install Soft Top into The Windshield Channel

Install the front windshield retainer into the front slot of the windshield channel. Make sure about two things- you don’t trap any fabric in the channel, and the top aligned in the channel side to side should be an equal distance from the midpoint of the windshield.

Secure the Front Bow

You have to either pull or push the front bow into the notch that is located on the side belt rail of your jeep.

Attach the Rear Corners

Attach the rear corners to the corner belt railing but make sure that the plastic reinforcement should not be connected to the rails. After that, connect the edges of the plastic strip to the retainer’s edge on both sides.

Secure Rear Bows

To secure the rear bows drive the base of it to the back of the jeep until it enters into place. Watch out for the rear corners of the fabric to see if they are still engaged.

Lock the Spreader Rails into Place

Next, you have to push up the spreader shafts to bolt them into place. While pushing up keep going straight unless the spreader bars may get damaged.

Install the Side Curtains

This step is an easier thing to do. You need to align and attach the side and top zippers on the side curtains around 2”-3”. You need to slide the fabric around the belt of the belt railing towards the front of the jeep to align with the zippers. If you can attach and zip up the side zipper 2”-3”, then it will be easy to slide the cornerback along the vehicle’s rear, and also you can easily align the plastic band with the retainer’s edge.

Keep Inside the Side Curtain into The Vertical Door

Now slide the plastic strip on the front of the side curtain into the channel of the retainer that is located on the vertical reinforcement bow.

Fasten the Side Curtains

It is time to fasten the side curtain to the body belt rail. To do this you have to slide the bottom of the side curtain when you’re pulling down retaining the channel into the body belt railing. After that, re-engage the spreader rails and then zip up the top side curtain’s zipper.

Install the Rear Curtain

Attach the top zipper on the rear curtain to the top. Fix both sides of the zippers on the rear curtain about 3”-6” to the top.

Install and Secure Tailgate Retainer

You’re almost close to completion. You have to open the tailgate and slip the back curtain retainer to the loosely fixed rear curtain base. After that, roll the tailgate frame into the rear tailgate retainers to attach them. Then slide the rear plastic retainers into the base of the channel of the tailgate retainer. Now, close the two side zippers and the top of the rear curtain.

Clip the Top Over-Door Clips

Fasten the snaps on the top to the over-door slipping studs on the hardware. They’ll easily slide to match all snap areas on the top. Finally, following the entire process, you can fix the top frame of your jeep all by yourself.

Things to Keep in Mind

For easy installation and smooth fitting, the temperature should be higher than 72°F. Anything below that, the material of soft top that you’ve installed may shrink and you’ll find it tough to fix it. Therefore, it will be better to unpack the top and make it sit under the direct sunlight or leave it in a warm area for an hour or two before installing.

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Final Words

It is no doubt that the jeep is one of the most desirable vehicles throughout the world. It is one of the toughest vehicles that are not only used for traveling or carrying goods but it is extensively used by soldiers in the time of war. This all-season and all-purpose vehicle become more preferable if it has some interchangeable facilities that suit the situation and need.

Having a soft top is one thing that can increase the desirability of your jeep. If the framework can be done all by you then it must be the ice on the cake. So what to think much? Go and try to own a jeep that has a soft top and also you need to learn the process so that you can do this job quite easily.

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