How to Install Exhaust Tip?

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How to Install Exhaust Tip?

By description, an exhaust tip considered as an automotive auxiliary adds flair to the car as it delivers engine gases out. Several exhaust tips made from stainless steel or chrome include oval, round, and square are available in the market.

The first step to install the exhaust tip is to measure the tip. Here, there are three critical dimensions to consider. The first is the inside diameter of the exhaust tip and the next one, outlet diameter. Make sure the inlet diameter matches the tailpipe. The third dimension to consider is the length of the exhaust tip. The exhaust tip needs to be visible but not too long for security purposes.

The second step is to select the best tip in terms of style and shape. The shape of the exhaust tip is usually determined by the bumper cut-out but, most importantly, your taste. Some tips are fitted for the model, make, and year if obtained from the respective car manufacturer.

The third step is to install the pipe. First, clean the tailpipe and exhaust tip using WD-40 oil when the car is cold. Next, slide the tip onto the exhaust pipe. There may be a need to use grease in case of resistance. Fasten the tip by using screws and clamps or through welding.

The final step is to maintain the tip. Maintenance is done according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some of the apparent maintenance would be to remove rust in stainless steel using steel wool and chrome polish.

Exhaust tips give cars a splendid look and are found in the market in various shapes and sizes. Installation of the exhaust tips will also differ from one type of tip to another. Most exhaust tips come with screws attached to one end to facilitate installation. The exhaust pipes’ size matters since the tips fit into the pipe coming out of the muffler. Moreover, the best practice is to weld the tip onto the pipe attached to the muffler.

Most exhaust systems that have never been upgraded are likely to be rusty after a few months of car use. Rusting of the pipes, especially the last portion of the exhaust, is inevitable. One of the reasons why car owners upgrade their exhaust systems is to introduce rustproof materials. Steel, usually stainless, finds its usage in the manufacturing of exhaust tips. Other tips are manufactured with steel alloyed with chrome.

Exhaust tips typically look shiny and are an upgrade to the original exhaust system. When fumes exit from the engine end towards the rear, smoke deposits occur along the inside of the pipes. After accumulating for a long, this smoke deposit will cause the pipes to rust and eventually get perforated. Exhaust tip reduces the risk of having this leakage associated with an unusual sound that is usually unpleasant when installed.

Muffler tip installation

There is a need first to understand what a muffler is in the exhaust system. During the time the car engine is running, a lot of noise gets produced. A muffler is installed to reduce the level of noise as a result of internal combustion. Muffler plays the role of absorbing noise or a chamber to reduce high-pitched frequencies from the engine. Both the muffler and the exhaust play an essential role in ensuring that you and the cabin passengers are safe.

How to install exhaust tip on truck

The cost of installing an exhaust tip compared to an overhaul of the exhaust system is minimal. Most upgrades of cars not only add beauty but also increase the value. Most car owners will hardly take time and check their cars underneath until there is good reason to do that. It is good practice to frequently take an underneath look to ensure a healthy exhaust system.

Whenever you buy the exhaust tip and desire it installed, there are a few but crucial things to note. Always ensure that you get the right fit for your car. Different exhaust tips may have different sizes, and when installing, they may create a weak link. The new exhaust tip should slide over the current exhaust. Alternatively, the new exhaust tip can butt directly into the current exhaust. It would not be necessary to buy what you do not use long enough to enjoy its value for money.

While fixing the exhaust tip, it is essential to raise your car’s rear position so that you can get a clear view of the entire exhaust system. Consider your exhaust tip’s length to determine the position where you will chop off the current exhaust. Some car owners prefer to have the tips under the cover of the rear bumper. Yet still, other owners do not mind having the portion of the tip exposed outside of the bumper. The latter will comfortably do this when the tip is flashy.

Using a welder, cut the exhaust at the position you want the tip to start. Usually, this is a short distance from the position of the muffler. Remove all the dust around the cut pipe. The use of a steel brush is recommended to ensure a clean surface. Once all the dirt is removed, position your tip. Always be sure of the correct position before welding. It is sometimes not easy to have the tip welded on the upper part next to the car body—the omission results in leakage and unnecessary sound.

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Exhaust tip installation

These are four steps you need to take into consideration when you want to install an exhaust tip. To avoid burnout, the car exhaust should be cold. The first step is to make sure your car tailpipe and exhaust tip diameters match.

The second step is to confirm there is proper clearance from your rear bumper cut-outs. It is essential to check both sides when you are installing a dual exhaust tip.

In the next step, lube up the exhaust tip using WD-40 to the tailpipe. The fourth and final step is to tighten the screws or weld on your tips.

Whenever you use screws, re-tighten them after a few days or weeks.


An upgrade of the exhaust system adds a lot of benefits to your car. There is a need to follow every step of the manufacturer’s direction in the exhaust tip installation. The health of your truck exhaust system is in your hands. Maintain your tip after installation.

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