How to Get Locking Wheel Nuts Off Without The Key?

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How to Get Locking Wheel Nuts Off Without The Key

Having a car in a rough neighborhood is tricky. People have adopted various measures to secure their vehicles from thieves. Some use electronic tracking devices, baby monitors, alarms, kill switches, locking the doors and windows. Others use vehicle immobilizer systems, parking them near CCTV cameras, among other methods. 

Imagine waking up one day and find your car without wheels. There is a booming market for cheap wheels as a result of the harsh economy and an increase in the price of petroleum products. Buying new wheels without a pre-planned budget is very costly and inconvenient. That’s why you require locking wheel nuts. 

These locking wheel nuts prevents thieves from quickly accessing your allowed wheels. They come in sets, and each has a unique indent. They also come with a key that matches a particular pattern. Unless you have the key, you can’t open the wheel nuts easily.

Whenever you want to replace a tire, you require the keys. Losing the key would mean looking for a replacement which will cost you. It might inconvenience you since you might not change the tire on time and go wherever you intended to go. If you can’t replace it immediately, you will have to find the help of professionals, and that can be expensive. That’s why you should hide the keys in a place that you can remember. 

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In case you can’t find them, don’t give up before checking them in your car’s map pockets. You could also have placed them in the cup holder or even the glove box. Check them under the car seats or even in the boot. If you can’t find them totally, what should you do? or how to get locking wheel nuts off without the key? You need to know how to remove a lock nut without a key. So what should you equip yourself with? 

Tools Needed

  1. Get a heavy rubber mallet
  2. Either a punch or a screwdriver
  3. Car’s lug nut wrench
  4. Finally, a wheel lock removal kit

Before you start the process, spare some time and recheck the keys. Once you start using a tool called universal wheel lock removal, there are high chances that you will damage your wheel lock. That means; you can’t use it again. You will have to incur more cost replacing it.

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How to Get Locking Wheel Nuts Off Without The Key (Steps)

1. Put The Car In Park

You have to park your vehicle in a comfortable place where you can do the job without any distractions. Unfortunately, the tire might burst on the road, and you can’t find the keys. Just park it on the roadside and don’t forget to apply parking brakes. Once you start loosening the wheel lock, the brakes will prevent the wheels from having a rolling motion. 

2. Use The Right Tools

To remove the wheel lock, you require having the right tools. Ensure that the tool fits snugly. The removal socket’s teeth should be able to bite into your wheel lock. That’s why you require to test-fit the wheel lock tool overtopping that you intend to remove. 

3. Hit The Tool

Ensure that your wheel lock removal tool is well stuck on your wheel lock. Use a rubber mallet to hit its end. The teeth in your removal tool will start digging into your wheel lock. 

4. Loosen the Wheel Lock

Use a lug nut wrench to loosen the wheel lock. You will achieve this by turning your removal tool counterclockwise. It is not an easy task; you will require putting a considerable effort. 

5. Turn By Hand

Eventually, the wheel lock will loosen, making it possible to turn it using hands. The teeth of the removal tool were digging into the wheel lock when you hit with the rubber mallet. By the time you finish, they are already sticking to each other. 

6. Remove The Lock

To separate the removal tool from the lock, you require a screwdriver or a punch and punch mallet. Insert the screwdriver through the removal tool’s hole, against the wheel lock. Use a mallet to hit the screw drive/punch. Continue beating it until the wheel lock which is already damaged pops out. 

7. Repeat The Process

After successfully removing the first wheel lock, you need to remove the rest of them. So repeat the process with the rest. Once you replace your wheels, you need to buy a new wheel lock to protect your car wheels and rim from thieves. Since the process of removing without a key can be tiresome, place your keys where you can easily access them. 

Doing the job on your own for the first time can be tricky. You can consider calling a mechanic or taking the car to the garage. They will do the job for you, and you can relax without worrying about damaging the vehicle. 

Remember the work of the wheel lock is to make it hard for a thief to steal your wheels. That doesn’t mean that he can’t use the same tool removal to remove the wheel just as you can. That’s why you require being extra careful with where you park your car. You can also look for a more secure neighborhood. On top of the wheel lock nuts, you should also consider other security programs. Most importantly, put your lock keys securely, in a place that is easily accessible whenever you require them. 


Among the many strategies, car owners use to protect their cars from thieves, is the use of wheel lock. It’s like digging a ditch to whoever intends to steal the wheels. If you lose the keys, you will fall in the same ditch since changing the wheels can be hectic. Put your keys in a place you can remember. It should not be easy for thieves to find. If you misplace them, find a replacement from the manufacturer. With the right tools, you can remove the wheel lock nuts on your own. You can also take your car to the garage and let professionals handle the work. 

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