How to Get Bad Smells Out Of Cars?

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How to Get Bad Smells Out Of Cars_

Have you entered your car, and a bad smell overwhelmed you? With such a smell, you wouldn’t like to give a lift to your friend. Many things can cause your car to smell. For instance, if your child spills milk on the seat, cigarette smoke, mechanical problem, among other things. Some odor smells like a combination of rotten eggs and gas. The moment you enter the car, you feel like throwing up.

Two Methods on How to Remove Odors from Car 

1. Removing It With Specific Cause

Cigarette Smoke

If you usually smoke in the car, then it’s hard to eradicate the smell. If you get nagged by the smell, the best thing would be to be smoking outside the vehicle. If you gave someone your car and he returned it smelling cigarette, what should you do? Just take a large bucket and put some water. Add white vinegar and mix the two. Take a clean rag and wet it with the mixture. Wipe all the smoke residue and tar off the interior of your car. To eradicate the smell, take a deodorizing spray and spray it into the vents and air intake of your vehicle. You can also use the best air freshener for cigarette smoke in a car.

Mildew or Mold

Mildew and mold could be another cause of a bad smell from your car. It comes as a result of excessive moisture in the car’s upholstery or carpet. You can vacuum it by using a wet-dry vac. Once you are through, open the windows and leave your vehicle for at least 8-10 hours to allow the interior part to dry completely.

You should also clean removable mats and let them dry in the sun. That way the mildew and the mold will die. You wouldn’t like to experience the mildew back in the car in the future. That is why you need to ensure that your vehicle does not leak. If it does, take it to the mechanic immediately. Also, make sure that the car if free of either spilled drinks or rotting food. In case your vehicle has any contaminant, either use shampoo or an all-purpose cleaner to wipe the place clean.

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Maybe your kid or friend vomited in your car. If you don’t clean it immediately and thoroughly, expect the vehicle to start smelling terrible. Take a large bucket and mix water and vinegar in equal portions. After putting a clean rag in that mixture, scrub the vomit stains thoroughly until there is nothing left. You can’t risk leaving water and vinegar mix in your carpet. Remove the mix using a wet-dry vac.

Urine Stain

If you have young children, the probability of them urinating on the seat when taking a long drive is high. The smell of urine is quite strong. If you don’t have a stain removal, you can buy one from an auto shop. Ensure that it’s suitable for your car’s upholstery or carpet. Instead of rubbing it on the carpet, blot the stain remover. Check the package and know how long the stain removal should remain on your carpet. You can air-dry the wet patch using a hairdryer. If the smell continues, use a spray that removes the pet urine odor.

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Seek Professional Help

If the problem continues, even after using the above methods to remove the odor, seek advice from professionals. Some professionals have a specialty in removing any kind of stubborn odor and stains. If the problem is mechanical, they will deal with it.

2. Clean The Car To Remove Smell

Trash and Garbage

Start by removing everything movable outside the car. Remove any trash available. Waste includes some rotten food or any garbage. Some trash could be hiding under the seats and back pockets. Remove all and clean the car. Clean the trunk as well. Inspect if there are sticky candies left by kids in the car.

Wipe The Interior Service

The metallic surface, plastic, wood, and also glasses in your vehicle may have smelly stains. Maybe someone spilled some drinks that could be causing the smell. You should use an all-purpose cleaning spray and a soft cloth to wipe the stained areas. If the stain is on your leather seats, use the right leather cleaner to remove the stain. You can either shampoo or vacuum upholstery that is not leather.

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Floor Mats and Rugs

If the smell on the floor mat or rugs, you should remove them from the car. Use hot soapy water and a clean rag to wash them. You should clean and dry them thoroughly. Avoid returning them while they are wet.

Cleaning The Carpet

Do you know how to get rid of bad odor in car carpets? Your carpet may be having food remains dirt and even crumbs that could be causing it to smell. Vacuum your carpet to remove the smell. It’s simple to work since you will direct the vacuum nozzle on the seats and carpet and let it run through. If the odor on the carpet is still stubborn, you can sprinkle carpet deodorizer on it. Check the instruction on how long it should stay on your carpet before vacuuming it out.

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Shampoo The Inner Side

If the nasty smell is still there even after vacuuming the car, you need to use shampoo. You can purchase one from the nearby local car store. Mix it with water and use it to scrub the carpet using a clean sponge. You can also scrub the stains on the seats. Once the stains are out, rinse the carpet and the seats and let them dry. Buy a shampoo that is suitable for the materials of the carpet and seats in your car.

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Use Baking Powder

Did you know that baking powder can absorb unpleasant odors from your vehicle? You only require sprinkling a pinch using your fingers on the car’s smelly stains. Leave it for 4-5 hours. Come with a vacuum cleaner and vacuum it up later. You should never sprinkle it on a wet surface lest it forms a stubborn stain. Only sprinkle it on a dry surface.


Don’t get stressed up if your car has a bad smell. You only require identifying where the odor is coming from then clean it. Some stains are easy to remove and only require soapy water and a soft cloth. Others are tough and need you to vacuum them out, use shampoo, or even baking powder. Some might also require an expert’s attention since they could be as a result of a mechanical problem.

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