How To Fix Headliner in Car Without Removing?

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How To Fix Headliner in Car Without Removing?

A car provides you with a wonderful experience. But as it ages, you have to make several changes to it. It will serve you for a long time if you give it the proper care and regular car servicing. Unfortunately, many car owners concentrate on the exterior part and forget to service the interior part. They get a shock later when the headliner starts to sag.

The headline not only makes your car ugly and old when sagging but can also obstruct your road view. What’s a headliner; you can call it a roof lining. If you look at the roof of your car, you will see a fabric that is fitted to the roof. That is the headliner.

So, why is the headliner important? Apart from making the interior beautiful due to its smooth texture, it absorbs excess noise coming from outside. Note that excess noise can easily distract you when driving. It gives you a nice comfort by regulating the internal temperature. That means, whether it’s summer or winter, the extreme temperatures won’t affect you.

Unfortunately, the glue between the fabric material and the backing board loses its stickiness. As a result, the fabric starts sagging. If you fail to address it on time, the entire headliner may sag and fall. Before looking for a car headliner repair store, you need to know what causes the glue to lose its stickiness. Check the four reasons below.

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Reasons Why Headliner Sags

  • Extreme heat – You should always park the car under a shade. If the car gets exposed to the heat for a long, the glue will eventually lose its stickiness. The headliner will start sagging.
  • Extreme humidity – When moisture leaks to the rooftop of your car; it will weaken the glue supporting the fabric.
  • Poor maintenance – If you fail to inspect the interior regularly and offer the right servicing, the surprise of a sagging headliner awaits.
  • Old age – The older the car, the higher the chances of the glue weakening.

Solution of Sagging Headliner

If you notice that the headliner is sagging, the chances of getting stressed are high. After all, your pride is in that car, and you would like to use it for a long time. You have a choice of visiting a professional mechanic or trying to repair it on your own. The professional mechanic will give you two options; either he can replace it or repair it.

Replacing The Headliner

The options look good until you hear the cost of replacement. The cost may be equal to the value of your old car. Is it worth it? Of course, it’s not. Apart from the cost, it involves lots of work and will take longer. If you have no such money and time to waste, consider the next option.


Since replacing is not a good option for you, repairing would be better. Luckily, you can make the repair cost even cheaper by not involving a professional mechanic. Knowing how to fix car roof lining without removing it will make your work easier. Consider the methods below.

Methods of Repairing Headlines

Several repair methods can help you fix the headliner. Before deciding on the method to use, begin by inspecting the headliner. Check if it has any damage that requires repair. Chose the method depending on how severe the sagging is. Check the car ceiling fabric repairs methods that you can use.

1. Use A Spray Adhesive

There are people who use super glue to fix the headliner that is sagging partially. While it’s a good option, the super glue may lose its stickiness faster if the sagging is bigger. So, use a spray adhesive. It’s readily available, and it’s cost-effective.

Since you want the adhesive to fix the headliner tightly, you may have to pull the headliner. Pulling will worsen the situation but expose areas that may require an adhesive. Clean the backboard surface first to remove anything that may cause the adhesive not to stick properly. Once you apply your adhesive evenly on all the exposed parts, let it dry. After five minutes, fix it on the rooftop. The method is good since it doesn’t leave holes in your fabric and is cheaper.

2. Use Thumb Pin

If your headliner is sagging partially, especially around the edges, the next best option would be the thumb pin. They are cheap, and you can easily pin them without any professional help. Since you don’t want anyone to notice the repair, as you pin the sagging headliner against the backboard, use the pin to form a nice pattern. Since at some point you will have to remove these pins (when it sags again), the pin may damage the fabric. When using this method, use a few pins since they leave small holes in your fabric.

3. Clear-Headed Twist Pin

Another inexpensive solution is the clear-head twist. Inspect your headliner to access how many pins you require. Unlike the thumb pin, they have a pointy end, and when you pin your headline against the backboard, you have to twist the head. Unlike the other pins, your backboard is safe from damage. You wouldn’t like to end up with an ugly interior. So, be creative when using these clear-headed twist pins. You can use them to make an incredible pattern.

4. Use A Steam Cleaner

So, what caused the headliner to sag in the first place? It’s because the glue has weakened. So, that means if you make the glue sticker, then you can push the sagging headline on the backboard, and it sticks. So, how do you make the glue sticker? Grab the steam cleaner and melt the glue. Be careful not to damage the fabric using the

Steam cleaner. Rollers can help you reattach the liner and ensure that you don’t leave some ugly wrinkles.

5. Use Double-Sided Tape

Another inexpensive method of repairing the headliner is the use of double-sided tape. Maybe you have been using it to do some home repairs. It’s equally important when it comes to fixing the sagging headliner edges. Clean the backboard surface back. Pick the double-sided tape; use it to stick the sagging headliner edges to the roof.

6. Staples And Hairspray

Does that combination seem weird?

Another method on how to fix a sagging headliner is to use staples and hairspray. It’s a temporary way of fixing the headliner. Get a staple gun and arrange the headliner well. Use the staple gun to stick the headliner to the roof. If you’re not careful, you may damage the delicate fabric.

The next step is to melt the adhesive previously used with a hair spray. Stick the headliner to the roof and remove the staples. If you don’t mind the look on the roof, leave the staples.

Now you know how to fix the interior roof of a car without replacing the entire part or even removing it. Instead of doing all this work, why can’t you protect your car from the sunlight that causes the headliner to sag? Below are the tactics

How To Shield The Car from The Heat

The sunlight heat is the main culprit that weakens the adhesive. The tips below will protect the car from ‘heat. They include;

a. Park under a shade

Parking the car under a shade will protect not only the interior and the exterior. The heat not only makes the glue on your headliner weaken but also affects the paint on your car. Whether you are washing the car or going about your duties, ensure the car is parked under a shade.

b. Windshield sun protector

It’s not possible to drive under a shade always. You can protect your interior but putting on a windshield sun protector. Your interior remains cool and doesn’t get damaged by the sun.

c. Frequent Waxing

How often do you wax your car? You wouldn’t want the UV rays to mess your car. That’s why frequent waxing is vital.

d. Regular cleaning

When cleaning the exterior, don’t forget to give the interior a nice clean too. The paint will remain beautiful for a long, the same case with the interior. If any contaminants could melt when exposed to the head, a good washing would remove them.

Regular car inspection of your headliner is good. Once you notice any slight sagging, repair it immediately. If left, it will worsen.


The headliner not only enhances your comfort by regulating the external temperatures but also reduces external noise. It also gives your interior design a perfect look. Unfortunately, extreme heat and water, age, and poor maintenance weaken the glue and the headline sags. But fortunately, you can repair it without removing the headlight or even replacing it.

Remember that replacing is very expensive. You can use pins, double-sided tape; staples are hair spray and an adhesive spray to repair the sagging headline. Proper maintenance and addressing the problem when it starts will save you from stress. Don’t leave your car exposed to direct sunlight. Protect the car from UV rays by waxing frequently. Use a windshield protector and wash your car regularly.

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