How to Clean Interior of Car with Household Products?

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How to Clean Interior of Car with Household Products?

No matter how long you drive per day, dust and dirt are likely to accumulate in the interior of your vehicle. Unfortunately, when taking a long ride, many drivers check if the exterior is clean the level of fuel. They forget to clean the interior. If you are among those drivers, you need to know the benefits of a clean interior. 

1. Protects Your Interior Surface from Excessive Wear And Tear

If you drive mostly on a rough road, the car upholstery is likely to get dust and dirt. If you ignore it, it will accelerate the tear and wear of the surface. If you clean it regularly, regularly it will prevent the surface from excessive wear and tear and leave it in good shape.

2. Increases Driving Safety

You need excellent visibility anytime you start driving. If you forget to wash the interior, dust, dirt, tree sap, and other substances that stick on the windscreen may hinder your visibility. That is dangerous and can make you cause an accident. That’s why when you clean the interior; you will increase your driving safety. 

3. Avoid Health Issues

Imagine getting locked up in a dusty enclosed environment. That’s what you subject yourself to whenever you drive a car whose interior is full of dust and dirt. Chances of getting dust-related allergies are high among other health risks. So before getting behind the wheel, improve the air quality of the car by cleaning the interior first. 

With all these advantages, you need to know the best way to clean a car dashboard using household products. Before that, do you know some of the household items that you can use? Here is a list. 

1. Baby Wipes

Have you ever been in a hurry only to get to your car and notice that the interior is so dirty? You might not get time to rush back and look for a damp cloth to wipe the interior. That’s where you understand the importance of keeping baby wipes in your car. You can easily use them to wipe dust faster off your dashboard. It might not be as effective as a damp cloth since it might leave some residue. But it serves its purpose well if you are in a hurry. You can also decide to buy some car wipes.

2. Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

Have you stayed for long without washing your car? The dust must have accumulated all over your interior. Before cleaning the car, fabric softener dryer sheets can be of help. You can use it to wipe your dashboard and trap any dust. You can later collect it when you get to your destination. It has some chemicals that improve the smell of your car. As you drive in the sun, you should not put leave your fabric on the dashboard. Once the chemical in it gets subjected to heat, the might stain your dashboard.

3. Vinegar

Vinegar helps to remove stains and odor. One way to remove a stain easily is to mix vinegar and water in a ratio of 3:1. Put it on the spray bottle and spray it on the stained area. If you don’t have a spray bottle, you can pour the mixture directly and apply it to your dashboard. After removing the stain, use a rag that is soft and clean to wipe the mixture away.  

4. Dish Soap

If your dashboard has greasy stains, you require dish soap to help you remove them. It also helps to clean the carpet. You can also add it to vinegar to boost it. When cleaning your center core, add few drops of your dish soap in some warm water. Add vinegar and shake the mixture. Put the mixture in the spray bottle. Spray the center core and clean it.

5. Windex

If you want to wash the glass, you need Windex. It’s better than soap and vinegar when it comes to washing the glass. Unfortunately, it can remove tough stains. In case the car has tough stains use soap and vinegar. Using Windex is simple since you will only have to spray it on the glass/ dashboard then use a clean rag to wipe it off. 

6. Toothpaste

If you want the headlight, rearview, or wing mirror to be crystal clear, rub some toothpaste on it. You can also use it to remove the stain on the dashboard, leather, and vinyl. When dealing with any stain removal, you should first rub it on a small area, to test if it can cause harm to your car.  

7. Rubbing Alcohol

You can also remove tough stains using rubbing alcohol. Test it first on a small area to ensure that it won’t react negatively on the dashboard. Once you verify, take a clean dye-free rag, soak it in the rubbing alcohol then press it on the stained area. Avoid rubbing the stain, instead wash the area with soap and water after you dab the area with rubbing alcohol. 

In a spray bottle, mix warm water with rubbing alcohol in a ratio of 1:1. Spray the mixture on your dashboard then use a dryer sheet to wipe it off. You can also use a clean cloth rag if you don’t have a dryer sheet.

8. Essential Oils

Does your dashboard smell bad? Relax. Essential oils can solve the problem. After cleaning your dashboard, use either a foam paintbrush to clean your air vents. Put a dot of the essential oil on your air vent. Once you turn on your AC, the sweet aroma will impress you. You can also decide to put a few drops of essential oil on your dashboard. Once your motor heats up, it disperses it throughout your cabin.

9. Baking Powder

Does your car have an odor as a result of gasoline spills or milk stains? You require a baking powder to deal with the odor. Sprinkle it on what is causing the bad smell and leave it for some time. It usually soaks up the smell. 

10. Olive Oil

Do you want the dashboard to shine? Use olive oil. You can use it on its own, or you can add lemon juice and mix it. Test it on a smaller area and see how it reacts. If you are impressed use it to clean your dashboard. To wash your center console, take a clean rag and dab it into olive oil. Spread it over your center console. It is slippery, so avoid putting it on the steering or any other thing that will help you drive the car. 

When cleaning the car, many people tend to ignore the dashboard. 

Since it is part of your car interior, it can cause health issues if you let dust accumulate.

Tips on How to Clean Car Dashboard at Home​

Have you ever washed your car interior only to see the dash dirty? It can be frustrating leaving you with questions. So what is the best thing to clean the car dashboard? Gather the items below and follow the steps:

1. Prepare

Start by gathering all the items you need to clean your dashboard. Those items include a vacuum that has a brush attachment, soapy water, a clean microfiber cloth, polish, and a soft paintbrush. 

2. Remove the Dust

After traveling for long, especially on a dusty road, the dashboard becomes dusty. You need to vacuum dust and debris in it using a vacuum that has a brush attachment. Remove the dirt and leave the surface clean. 

3. Wipe 

After removing the trash, you need to wipe your dash and disinfect it. The cleaning solution you decide to use will depend on the material of your dashboard. Before using any cleaning solution, always do a spot test first.  

4. Clean

Dip a microfiber cloth in soapy water and use it to wipe the dashboard and the handbrake. Don’t forget to wipe the steering wheel as well as the shift knob and any other hard surface in the car. Cleaning small crevices using a cloth can be tricky. Clean the air vent and other delicate parts using a soft toothbrush.  

If it has tough stains, make a natural dashboard cleaner—mix two cups of water with 3 tablespoons of vinegar. Add detergent and oil-based soap ½ teaspoon each. Spray the mixture on the stained part and let the mixture stay there for some time. Use a damp cloth to wipe it off.

Remember, when using chemical cleaners and soap, dashboards made of leather are more sensitive. Using a chemical cleaner on them makes them crack and appear dull. To clean it, you require a damp microfiber cloth to clean it.

5. Polish

Once the dashboard is clean, add some shine. On a clean cloth, put a little polish. Start with a spot test first. Rub it on the dash surface as well as the center core. Remove the excess polish using a dry cloth. It protects your dash from wear and tear and leaves it shiny. 

If you don’t have a polish, you can use coconut or olive oil. Perform a spot test first then wipe the oil on your dash. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe it all over the dash. It not only conditions your dash but also protects it and leaves it shiny. 

You can protect your interior further by using a car shield cover. It blocks heat as well as UV rays from the sun, thus protecting the dashboard from cracking and fading. If you don’t have time to clean the interior, get help.  

6. Final Touches

As a finishing touch, take your homemade car air freshener and add to make the car smell good. Wipe your dash later using dryer sheets. It will remain fresh and clean. 

Apart from home products, you can also buy excellent dashboard cleaners from the market. Great cleaners will leave the dashboard shining despite getting exposed to dust and UV rays. Consider these products.

303 UV Protectant Spray

If you are looking for a solution that will remove dirt and leave the dashboard looking great, worry less. 303 UV protectant spray, offers superior UV protection to your fiberglass, and rubber as well as other car materials. It protects your dashboard from discoloration, cracking, and fading. Once you buy it, you will get a rinse-free formula that leaves no greasy surface. Unfortunately, it is not favorable with exterior plastic. 

CarGuys Super Cleaner

If you are looking for a product that works for multiple surfaces, go for CarGuys super cleaner. It is easy to use and has an impressive clean finish. You don’t have to strain on products that don’t remove dirt faster anymore.  

Chemical Guy SPI-663-16 Innerclean 

This product has anti-static technology that makes it one of the best products in the market. That means, once you apply it, it keep on repelling dust and dirt from the applied surface. Due to this future, you will not keep on washing the dashboard. It also protects your interior from UV damage. Its performance is excellent, and you can use it in different areas since it’s a versatile formula. Unfortunately, some customers complain that it has a strong scent. 

Armor All Original Protectant and Cleaning Wipes Twin Pack

The product works on different car surfaces including plastic, vinyl, and rubber. It has wipes that are convenient and remove the ground-in dust as well as dirt and grime. These wipes do not leave behind greasy residues. The product is easy to use and has good performance. The only disadvantage is that to get the desired result; you need to use many wipes.

Meguiar’s G13616 Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner

If you are looking for a product that cleans the car interior easily, look no further. It has sun-blocking agents hence preserving your original dashboard appearance. Your dashboard will look more shiny and clean. You can work with it on different surfaces. You need this product since it cleans better and has excellent performance. The only disadvantage is that to get a better look; you need to use a lot of this product.


Keeping the interior clean is important to your health. It also increases your driving safety as well as preventing wear and tear. There are homemade and market products that you can use to clean your dashboard. Using the right products will give you great results.

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