How Much Does It Cost to Tow A Car?

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How Much Does It Cost to Tow a Car?

Nothing is inconveniencing, like the car breaking down when traveling in the evening. Maybe you are not a member of a roadside assistance group and don’t have an emergency fund. You think of calling the tow truck company, but you imagine that they could be costly. If your insurance company caters to towing costs, then you are lucky. Reach to the tow truck company, and they will tow your car for free. So, what’s the tow truck company?

The Tow Truck Company

If your car can’t start or is involved in an accident, the tow servicing company comes to your aid and tows the vehicle to a safe place. If you lack gas, they are available to refill it. If you leave the light on and the battery dies, they can help you jump-start your vehicle. In case of an accident and the door is jammed, they help in unlocking it. If your car gets stuck in the mad, the car towing company can pull it out. Once the tire gets flat and unable to change, Tow Truck Company will help you with that. All these services come with a fee.

Car Towing Costs

So, how much does it cost to get a car towed? Towing companies have a minimum fixed price to cater for the fuel. Some start at 50 dollars and others at 30. Other than the set minimum price, towing companies consider.

1. The Distance

The distance is directly proportional to the money you will pay. If you want the car to be towed 5-10 miles, you will pay 30-100 dollars, depending on the towing company rates. If it’s 40 miles, expect to pay 100-250 dollars. For100 miles, you will pay 250-600 dollars. Some companies may be expensive, so before calling the tow servicing company, know their minimal charges and the rate per mile.

2. Time Of The Day

Some companies start the job at 8.00 am and close and 6.00 while others begin at 9.00 and close at 8.00 pm. If you call before their opening time or past their closing time, expect to pay more. Again, weekends and holiday charges are different from the standard charges.

3. The Car Size

How big is your car? You don’t expect the company to charge the same price for all types of vehicles. On top of distance and minimal charges, they may add between 10-35 dollars, depending on how big the car is. Again, towing company’s charges different prices, so it’s good to inquire first.

4. Car’s Condition

Is the car stuck in the mud? You pay more compared if the battery is dead. Again, if the vehicle gets involved in an accident, expect to pay more. Furthermore, the terrain matters a lot. It could be the car is on a steep slope and putting it on a truck is hard. That means you will have to pay more.

5. Towing Cost Per Day

Maybe your car had mechanical issues, and the towing company keeps it in the auto repair shop. Since the company is keeping your vehicle safe, you need to pay an extra charge for that. Each day the car remains there, you will pay 30-80 dollars a day.

6. The Service Offered

Other than towing the car, what else did they do? Maybe you had a stuck door, and they unlocked it. If the battery is dead, maybe they jumpstarted it. Any service they offered has its charges.

7. Flat/Hourly Rates

Before engaging any towing company, know their hourly and flat charges. It’s wise to compare the charges of different companies. Though they send you the flat charges, if the car broke down far off, maybe in the countryside, expect the rates to shoot.

8. AAA Towing Cost

How much towing cost will you save if you are a member of AAA? You may pay nothing or pay a little fee. There are several roadside assistance companies that you can join. When you get stuck, you will understand their benefits.

Can Insurance Help You? 

Your insurance can clear your towing fee, but first, you must include the service in the premium. If your insurance doesn’t cover roadside assisting service, contact your agent and know how much you need to add. If it offers the service and can’t contact them when you require towing service, pay and keep the receipt well. It will help you when claiming the cash.

In the case of an accident, the insurance should cater to the towing fee. You don’t need to be a member of any roadside assistance company. But again, ensure that the clause is included in your insurance contract, depending on your premium. If you are not sure, contact your agent.

How to Save On The Cost?

In case of an accident or a mechanical breakdown, you have limited choices. Luckily, if you have a mechanic nearby, you can call him to fix your car. That will save you the towing cost. Again, the rates of towing companies are different. Compare the prices in advance and have the contact of the companies with favorable rates. If an emergency occurs, you will contact them. When traveling, take some jumper cables with you just in case the battery dies. Instead of calling the car towing company, you will jumpstart the vehicle and save the cost. Teach yourself to change a flat tire and ensure that you have enough gas when traveling.


There are several reasons why you may get a towing service. An accident, car breakdown, dead battery, lack of gas is among the many reasons. With excellent insurance or a member of the roadside assistance company, you will not pay anything. If you are not a member and your insurance doesn’t cater to the towing costs, you need an emergency fund. Minimize the chances of towing service by carrying enough gas. You should also know how to change a flat tire. Understand how different companies charges and have their contact in case you will need them.

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