How Good Are Power Stop Brakes?

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Generally, you have a wrong belief about better driving. Usually, you consider a better driver following the way he or she can drive a vehicle. Yes, it is important to know how to drive a vehicle no matter what type of it is in a better way. But along with that, if you’re a better driver, then you should know when and how to stop a vehicle. Most of the time, you get carried away to prove yourself the best by trying to make the affair faster. But while driving a car, van, truck, or SUV, you have to keep in mind the traffic control system of the road which does not allow you always to drive at your own wish.

Therefore, a top-notch brake system in your car will be one of your main concerns to control your car. Power Stop Brakes is the thing that provides pads, rotors, and calipers that help the car to stop quickly as a flash for safe driving. Now the question is how good are power stop brakes? Here we will discuss that. 

What are Power Stop Brakes?

Power Stop Brakes are made with carbon fiber with a ceramic compound that provides higher performance than standard brake pads. These power stop brake pads are equipped with high-quality rubberized shims that help to reduce noise while braking. These power brakes have cross-drilled power stop rotors that can control heat and keep the brakes cool, calm, and collected during braking. Not only that, the power stop line up contains CNC- machined holes and slots that allow excess heat to escape only to increase the performance of the braking system.

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The Mechanism of Power Stop Brakes

If you open the hood of your car you can find the round black canister-shaped brake booster at the back of the engine compartment on the driver’s side. Currently, as most cars have disc brakes on the front wheels, power brakes are essential to handle the situation. Inside the brake booster, there is a vacuum booster that contains a valve and a diaphragm. There is a rod that goes through the vacuum booster and connects to the piston of the master cylinder and the pedal linkage from each side. There is a check valve that does not allow air to enter the vacuum booster, especially when the engine is turned off, or any leak is formed in the vacuum hose.

How Good Are Power Stop Brakes?

Now, when you start your car the brake pedal pushes a rod that goes to the master cylinder through the booster and works on the piston. This allows the engine to create a moderate vacuum inside the booster. Now, if you hit the brake pedal the rod allows air to enter the booster on one side of the diaphragm, and also it seals off the vacuum. This can increase the pressure and with the help of this, the rod pushes the piston in the master cylinder. When you release the brake pedal the valve block the air from outside and also reopens the vacuum valve. This restores the vacuum and allows everything to go back to its original position.

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After considering all these so far now you have to go through clearly to know if having power stop brakes are good for you or not. Here are a few things that support installing power stop brakes.

  1. Having Power Stop Brakes in your car enables you to stop your car in a sudden situation without a miss. This certainly helps you avoid accidents.
  2. These power brakes can make the pedal easier to depress so that you can press the pedal at any emergency situation in no time.
  3. If the master cylinder of the engine is attached with the power booster then it helps the piston to apply force at the time when you press the brake pedal.
  4. If your car is equipped with the power stop brakes, then you can apply less foot pressure on the pedal to get firm braking action. It means you have to use very minimum foot pressure on the brake pedal to stop your car on a dime.
  5. Safety first- this is the most vital thing to be concerned about while driving a car. Having the power stop brakes give you the opportunity to support the campaign- “safe drive and save a life”.
  6. The lifetime of the power stop brake rotors depends upon the way you use your car. Generally, power brakes have a lifespan of 30.000-70,000 miles. I am sure it will make you pleased to install for your car.
  7. As almost all modern vehicles operate with disc brakes, so obviously you need to install power stop brakes to manage the disc brakes.
  8. It is good to have a ceramic pad in power brakes as it is soft enough to avoid brake screeching, creates lesser brake dust, though still, it can provide enough strength for stopping power.
  9. Having drilled holes help to cool the rotors quickly. This helps you to drive your car more comfortably on busy roads where you have to use brakes more frequently.
  10. The rotors of these power brakes have silver zinc coating that helps the rotors prevent rusting and corrosion. So the lifespan of the brakes extends and also it helps rotors remain shiny for a longer period.

The Maintenance of Power Stop Brakes

No machine or tools remain in better condition for a longer period, unless you maintain them properly. The same you can say for the power stop brakes. If you want to keep it healthy and active you have to check the brake fluid quite frequently. If you find it milky, then you have to, drain it and refill it with fresh fluid. Apart from that, you need to check the pads and rotors, if signs of wear are seen then replace them as soon as possible to keep your car running.

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Therefore, the final verdict of this discussion is not too long. To keep your car running smoothly with full control of the brake, you need to consider seriously installing power stop brakes for your car. It is the ultimate choice for you no doubt.

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