How Can I Make My Truck Ride Smoother?

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How Can I Make My Truck Ride Smoother?

Your supply business has picked, and you have customers in town outskirts. Your concern is how to ride in rough and bumpy terrain to get to your customers. The last time you traveled on that route, you didn’t enjoy the rough ride and vowed never to go back. Does that mean you will lose those customers? The best option would be to modify your car to help you get a smoother ride. Are you concerned about how to get a smoother ride out of your truck? Check these killer tips. Note that initiating any modification without a professional mechanic’s approval can be dangerous. You may compromise the car’s safety, reduce its performance, and affect its stability. So, leave the modification part to the gurus.

Here are the modification tips

1. Change Wheels and Tires

Your truck looks good on the low-profile tires. But did you know that such tires lowest your comfort when riding the truck? Their stiffer sidewall, not to mention the thinner proportion, makes them harder, thus offers a rough ride. So when going to deliver the product to your customers while passing through rough terrain, the low-profile tires won’t absorb the terrain turbulence. As a result, you will curse ever passing through that way.

Weight is another factor that will interfere with the smooth ride. If your truck has a big rim, then you won’t enjoy riding on the terrain. Also, not that as time passes; the wheels will experience wear and tear. So when replacing, consider narrow wheels that have lightweight.

2. Reduce Unsprung Mass

Optimizing your suspension system is a perfect way to get a comfortable ride. Unsprung mass is a combination of suspension weight plus the components that suspension supports. Some of those components include wheel bearing and tires, springs and short absorbers, driveshafts, and wheel axles, among others.

When riding through rough terrain, the bumpy road will result in tire compression. As a result, the tire will induce energy to the unsprung mass, causing it to make some movement. That will result in an uncomfortable ride.

If you reduce the burden on the unsprung mass, then you will have a smooth ride. Again, you need to soften the suspension. Read below to understand more about softening the suspension. As indicated above, you can get a tire with a lighter weight.

3. Softening The Suspension

You have packed some delicate goods, and you don’t want them to spill over after hitting a bumpy road. But are your shock absorbers strong enough to absorb the impacts of the bumpy roads? Luckily, you can soften the truck suspension to enhance comfort. Many drivers know this technic of softening suspension to get better results. So, what do you do?

Start by changing your current shock absorbers. When looking for replacements, take the shock absorbers with a lightweight. Adjustable shock absorbers are the best replacement options since you will get a smooth ride, and the car performance will be better. You also require replacing the spring that you have currently with the soft ones.

4. Modifying The Chassis

It’s the base frame of any vehicle. You can also call it the backbone of your car. The entire weight is exerted on the car chassis. You can make modifications to the chassis by getting some lighter suspension components than the original. The material of a component determines its weight.

If you get components made with a lighter material, then you will get a smooth ride. Note that your overall goal is to reduce the weight being exerted on the chassis. You can begin by replacing the brake parts with lighter ones. Look for an axle shaft that is made using carbon fiber and replace the one that came with your car. In return, your steering ability will improve, and you will drive more smoothly.

5. Eliminate Vibration

Does your car keep on vibrating when traveling on uneven terrain? Vibration makes your ride uncomfortable, forcing you to get a solution. But what could be causing the truck to vibrate? The springs could be the main culprit. Other than tweaking them, you should also add a rubber ring. Applying grease on the spring will also prevent them from producing noise.

Another technique to help you eliminate vibration is by installing the rubber strips along with the seats and also the floorboard. When riding on uneven terrain, your ride will be more comfortable.

6. New Leaf Springs

Another way on how to make your truck ride smoother is by getting some new life springs. As time passes, the leaf spring will start wearing out. There are people who prefer heavy-duty leaf springs. They increase the towing/carrying capacity. Their ability to absorb impact when driving is amazing. The heavy-duty leaf springs are also durable, meaning you will not incur the cost of regular replacement. Unfortunately, you will not get the ride comfort, and it will take longer to accelerate. Since, in this case, you want to improve the comfort of your ride, consider OEM replacement springs.

Note that if the truck has any other mechanical problems, they can affect the quality of your ride. Regular car maintenance will ensure that the truck remains in perfect condition. If it develops any mechanic problem, fix it immediately.


Have you been experiencing challenges driving your truck on bumpy roads? You wish if it’s possible to make the ride smoother now that you have no option other than to ride on those roads. Fortunately, you can make appropriate modifications to your truck and enjoy a smooth ride. Before initiating any modification, consult a professional mechanic. You may be risking interfering with the car’s stability or even security. You may not know the right components to use in your car. Some ways of making your ride smooth include eliminating vibration, replacing the leaf spring, modifying the chassis, reducing suspension mass, and softening it, among other solutions. The modifications mentioned above will help you enjoy a smooth ride.

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