Facts About Fine Metal Shavings in Oil

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Facts about Fine Metal Shavings in Oil

A well-maintained car will save you a lot of unnecessary costs and inconveniences. You will travel safely, knowing that your vehicle is working effectively. You don’t have to stand on the roadside with an over-heating engine. Regular servicing helps you to save fuel costs since many issues affect the fuel economy.

Again it prolongs the life of your car. When servicing the vehicle, engine oil should be a priority. The mechanic should keep on checking its condition. Once it becomes too thick courtesy of debris and dust, it will not perform its functions, affecting your engine. To understand better, here are some benefits of oil in your engine.

Benefits of Engine Oil

1. Lubrication

When driving, many parts of the engine move and rub each other. Wear and tear occur courtesy of friction. But thanks to oil, it lubricates the moving parts and increases the lifespan of your engine. That will save the cost of repair and replacement of the engine parts.

2. Cleaning

Impurities such as dust sneak and start to accumulate in the engine. Once they build up, they can easily affect the engine performance. The engine oil washes the impurities to the filter. Cleaning debris and contaminants ensure that your engine is running smoothly.

3. Cooling

Coolant is responsible for cooling various parts of the engine. When friction increases, oil also helps to cool some parts. Note that excess friction will affect engine efficiency, thus increasing fuel consumption.

4. Protection Against Corrosion

The oil contains useful additives that protect your engine from acid produced during combustion. Unfortunately, if you fail to do regular servicing, the oil will lose its addictive’s with time. As a result, your engine will remain exposed to corrosion.

Regular servicing will protect you from the metal shavings in the oil. Note that the metal shaving is small metallic debris in the oil. Maybe you are consoling yourself that the filter will sieve them. Unfortunately, some particles will pass through the filter to your engine. They will affect your car’s performance and also cause severe engine damage, among other problems.

Problems of Metal Shaving Debris

Failure to inspect and change the oil and the oil filter on time may cost you dearly. Remember, the metal shavings in engine oil may damage the engine and its components. Replacing and repairing the damaged parts may be very expensive. You can expect these problems once your oil gets metal debris.

1. Engine Knock

Following manufacturer’s recommendations concerning oil and filter change is vital. If you ignore it, debris will pass through your faulty filter and build up in your engine. As a result, its performance will decrease, resulting in an engine knock.

2. Rough Idling And Strange Noise

What’s the behavior of your car when idling? Is it calm and still, or does it shakes and vibrate? Remember, oil lubricates the moving engine parts. Once you use low-quality oil or its level lowers, friction will occur. As a result, the car will shake and vibrate when it’s idle. Other than that, you will also hear some ticking noise.

3. Reduced Power

Among the causes of reduced power in your engine is the contamination of the engine oil. Remember, oil lubricates and cools your engine, helping it to work under optimum conditions. Once the oil gets contaminated, it will thicken and will not lubricate or cool your engine well. As a result, you will notice that the car has reduced power when you try to accelerate. When tackling the problem, remember to change no only the engine oil but also the filter.

4. White Smoke From The Exhaust

When lubrication fails to take place, pistons and seal rings will start to wear out. As a result, oil and fuel will mix and burn, producing white smoke. Upon getting such a sign, know there are fine metal shavings in oil and call your mechanic.

The Solutions

1. Use The Right Quality

If you want your engine to operate with optimum efficiency, you have to choose the right oil. Remember, poor quality oil can cause vibration to your car when idling. Different types of oils are in existence in markets. Some include mineral engine oil and synthetic engine oil, not to mention semi-synthetic engine oil. You can’t choose an engine without considering where you live and the season. The viscosity matters and is indicated on the oil container. Consult the user’s manual to know the right oil for your car.

2. Regular Servicing

Check from the manual how often you require to change the oil and also the oil filters. To be safe, keep on checking the condition and your oil level at least once a month. If the level is low or maybe it’s contaminated, it will not lubricate the parts well; thus, wear and tear will occur. Remember, replacing an engine or even its parts will cost you heavily. To avoid that, drain the current oil before replacing it with a new one. Again, thanks to many particles, the filter will wear out quickly. In return, it will allow metal shaving and other impurities to enter the engine. It will not only reduce its performance but can cause engine knock. To avoid that, replace the oil filter regularly.

3. Get Professional Help

If you get any warning signs above, it’s time to engage your mechanic. Let him inspect the entire system and repair or replace any worn-out part. Allow him to keep on servicing the car regularly.


The right engine oil performs various functions in your engine. Other than lubricating and cooling, it protects the engine and its parts from corrosions and cools them. Thanks to the friction, various metal shaving mixes with oil. Once they sneak through the filter and accumulate in your engine, they affect its performance.

That is why regular servicing is vital. Contamination, low-level oil, and low-quality oil are among the causes of your engine problems. When idling, the engine will produce strange noise as its shakes. You will experience reduced engine power when you try to accelerate. The oil will mix with gasoline and produce white smoke. Once you see these signs, change the oil and the filter and let the mechanic inspect the engine.

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