Can You Use Household Soap for Car?

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Car Wash Soap Alternatives or Can You Use Household Soap for Car?

Driving a clean car is not only good for your self-esteem but also beneficial to the vehicle. Having the right soap to wash the car is essential to avoid damaging the paint. Unfortunately, the right soap designed explicitly for the car might be expensive. You might also be in a place where you can’t quickly get it. So what are other car wash soap alternatives? 

Do you know how to wash your car without car soap? You need to understand different alternatives you can use; their pros and cons. remember not all soaps are suitable for your vehicle. Some are good and will make your car look clean after washing but later causes damage to your paint. 

Can you use household soap? That remains a million-dollar question in many people’s minds. This article will focus on different soaps, their effects, and the tips to clean your car using home ingredients.

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Don’t Use These 6 Products as Car Wash Soap 

1. Hand Soap

Cleaning your car using any other soap than the right car soap is a tough job. It becomes tougher if you attempt to use hand soap. Don’t try to use it if you care about your car. 

2. Laundry Detergent

If you don’t have any other better option, you can use laundry detergent. Unfortunately, it might harm your paint. It could also affect your finish. You can reduce the impact by first diluting the detergent with water. Unlike the right car soap, rinsing the detergent off the car will be difficult. Be careful not to leave detergent traces on the surface of the vehicle. It is not the best option and can’t give you the same results as the car soap.

3. Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo can be useful when cleaning off bird droppings. Unfortunately, it is not good if you intend to clean your entire car. It can be very harsh on your paint, making your car to look very dull. If you decide to use it to clean the part with the bird droppings, dilute it before use and rinse it off well immediately after use. 

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4. Dish Liquid 

Dish soap is suitable for your utensils but not good for cleaning your car. Those who use it will tell you that it is good since it removes tough stains. On that they are right. What they might not tell you is that it damages your paint and your finish. Rinsing the notorious dish soap is quite a task, and you are likely to leave residues behind if you rinse in a hurry. These residues may cause problems later. If you are not concerned about the paint and the finish, you can use it, but your expectations should not go overboard.

5. Wheel Cleaner

A wheel cleaner isn’t a good idea when it comes to cleaning the car. There are some wheel cleaner products that you can buy and use and they don’t harm your paint. There are others that may harm. Since you don’t want to gamble, the best option will be to avoid them.

6. Household Cleaners

Rushing to the shop to buy car soap can be expensive and inconvenient. Many people prefer to use what is available at home. Avoid using household cleaners to wash your car. They can easily damage your paint since they have harmful chemicals. Even if they work wonders in your kitchen and bathroom, don’t expect them to work the same on your car. If you don’t have an option, below is a way you can use home ingredients to wash your car.​

So, if you ask ‘Can You Use Household Soap for Car?’ then our answer will be no.

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Washing Your Car Using Home Ingredients

1. Clean The Car Exterior

Use either a hose or a bucket to rinse your vehicle. It will loosen any buildup on the car surface. If it’s winter, add a cup of baking powder into the soapy water and use it to clean off salt and grime. In case the car has tree sap, use denatured alcohol to remove it. Use baby shampoo to wash the car. Pick a bucket of water and measure 7.6 L of water. Add two teaspoons to shampoo and mix.

Reaching the roof and the hood among other places can be tricky. You can reach them using a clean dust mop. To clean the grime off your windshield wipers, use rubbing alcohol. Wet a rag using the rubbing alcohol and wipe the wiper’s blade.

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2. Clean The Hard Surfaces and Also The Center Console

Use a damp rag to wipe all the surfaces. In case there are tough stains on your leather, use toothpaste on them. If the toothpaste is unable to remove the stains, use rubbing alcohol. To clean the interior of your car, mix water and rubbing alcohol and wipe it using fabric softener sheets.

In case the interior has tough dirt and grime, mix vinegar and linseed oil in equal ratios and use it. In case the car has an odor, sprinkle some baking powder on the ashtray of your car. Remove any garbage in the car.

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3. Cleaning The Fabric

Use a vacuum removal to pick off any dirt and trash. Use cornstarch to remove grease stains. Mix water and vinegar in equal amounts and apply them to the stains. Leave it for a while then use a wet cloth to remove the stain.

4. Cleaning Car Windows

Wipe the windows clean starting from the top to bottom. You can make your window cleaner by mixing a cup of water with a half cup of vinegar and a quarter cup of alcohol. Spray the cleaner on the car’s windows. It will remove the stubborn bug splatter. Take steel wool and gently rub it on the windshield to remove stubborn watermarks. Wash and allow it to dry.

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It’s good to use the right car soap. But if you don’t have it, you can use other home household soaps but with a lot of caution. You wouldn’t want to risk damaging your paint. Before you use any other soap, understand the benefits and the disadvantages of the same.

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