Can A Car Battery Freeze?

So winter is knocking your door. For those who are living in hot and humid condition, this is the season of respite. Bright sunny days with a cool breeze, the warmth of blanket and fireplace at night, simply a dream sequence for them. But what for those who have to shiver in the cold during winter months? What they would do if they have to face everything frozen around them? Simply, they would have to be prepared to face those freezing and chilling days much earlier. 

Can A Car Battery Freeze

Otherwise, they would be in a lot of troubles during winter months. As you all know that a lot of things get frozen during winter, there is one question arise, Can a car battery freeze? The answer is, Yes, it can. Extreme cold temperature can freeze the battery of your car making it difficult for you to start the engine. Now let’s find out in what condition your car battery freezes.

Extremely Cold Temperature

If the temperature of your surrounding is extremely cold which happens sometimes in your areas during winter months can affect your car battery too. The water portion of the electrolyte or electro-chemical which is found in your battery freezes could not produce enough voltage to start your car.

The Charging Capacity of The Battery

It has tested that if your battery is fully charged it will never freeze until the temperature drops minus 76°F but if your car has a fully discharged battery then it could start freezing at minus 32°F. But don’t think that there is a big difference between a fully charged and discharged the battery as for the battery is 12-volts only it is a matter of 8/10 of a volt difference.

The Quality of The Battery and The Connection

If the battery installed in your car has crossed it valid time, then you’ll find the battery cannot sustain a charge for too long. Besides, if the charging system is below par then also charge starts falling quickly which may freeze the battery in freezing temperature.

Damaged Cells of The Battery

A battery of your car has six cells. If one of them is damaged the voltage of the whole battery will reduce below 12-volts and the battery is fully discharged. In this way, your battery will be not capable enough to bear the sub-zero temperature and started freezing.

The Ways for Keeping Your Battery from Freezing

1. Precaution should be taken with your car battery before winter months. You need to clean the battery cables and terminals by detaching the battery from the terminals. You need the terminal cleaner and a brush for this job. After the cleaning job is done rub them with a dry rag.

2. You have to check if any corroded cables are there which create multiple problems for your battery. If so you need to clean them and make sure if there are any loose cables remain.

3. Not only the battery, but you also need to check the alternator and see if there is any problem with the diodes.

4. If you need to do some necessary services or some kind of maintenance job, you must bring your car to a trusted auto shop or a mechanic whom you know for years.

5. Try not to keep your car at the garage for too long. This can make the battery inactive and discharged. This is the reason for the battery freeze too early.

6. Don’t keep your car outside at night during the winter months. The extremely cold temperature outside may freeze the battery. If you have no option left, then just remove the battery from the car and store it in a warmer place.

What Should You Do if The Car Battery is Frozen?

Since you have taken some protective measures but still you cannot avoid the chances of freezing battery of your car. If that happens you can take some steps so that you can run your car again. They are-

Clean the Battery Posts and Terminals

Before the winter months begin to draw out the battery terminals from the battery and clean the terminals and the posts properly by brushing them until they look shiny and clean. When the cleaning is done tightens them properly with the battery posts. 

Check the Outer Case of The Battery

If you doubt that the battery of your might be frozen, then you should inspect the outer case occurs any crack due to frozen liquid inside. If so then you must take your car to the nearest battery shop and replace your battery with a new one.

Find the Actual Condition of The Battery

At first, check the battery. If you find the electrolyte chemical into the battery is still diluted state then be relaxed, for your battery is still working without freezing. If it is frozen then you need to melt before use. Unless it could explode as it has a crack on the case outside.

Connect the Car with a Block Heater

In most of the cars in extremely cold regions are equipped with a block heater. This helps the battery melting quickly. All you need to plug into the car for at least 2-3 hours. This would certainly make your frozen battery fit for working again.

Unload the Frozen Battery from the Car

If still, you find your battery is frozen then remove it from the car. Open the battery cover; detach the cables and keep the battery in a warm place allow the battery to melt. In this way, you’re might be ready to run again.

Keep Your Car to the Heated Area

Sometimes you’re not confident enough to remove the battery for melting the harden fluid inside. In that case, try to push your car inside the garage where it gets at least some warmth so that the battery will get a chance to melt easily.

Test the Battery and Charge it

After following all the directions that are told so far, finally, it is time for you to test the frozen battery if it is melted or not. Even you have also to see if any crack is there before connecting the charger.

Few Important Tips

  1. If your car is still in the garage, then to provide power and to avoid freezing plug it to the charger if your car has a block heater.
  2. The next important thing what you need to do is to keep the battery post frequently to prevent them from corrosions. 

Having a long discussion about managing your car battery from being frozen, now it is time say goodbye to all of you. But before that, one last thing I can say that keeping your car safe and active during winter depends on your effort, All you need to be careful and sincere so that you can drive your car smoothly even during the winter months too.

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