Best Wheel Bearing Grease for Travel Trailers

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Best Wheel Bearing Grease for Travel Trailers

Changing the wheel bearing grease on your trailer is a relatively simple task that you can carry out at home provided you have the correct tools and know-how for the job. Maintaining your wheel bearings is essential for travel trailers as they are commonly used seasonally, maybe only a couple of times per year. If it is sitting idle, then condensation can creep into the bearing and allow it to rust. That rust can form scratches which lead to friction, friction equals heat, resulting in bearing failure.

Moisture and heat are the 2 major factors that wheel bearing grease protects against. Keeping the wheel bearings lubricated year-round will enable your travel trailer to be protected and prepared for use at short notice.

10 Best Wheel Bearing Grease for Travel Trailers

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By reading our guide you will be able to make an informed choice of the most suitable, high temperature, water-resistant, wheel bearing grease for your needs. 

1. Royal Purple Multi-Purpose Grease with Grease Gun

Just like other Royal Purple products, this wheel-bearing grease is also purple. This makes it easier to work with us you can clearly see where it has been applied. It is supplied with a purpose-designed grease gun, to aid with the mess-free, 1-hand application. It is stable at very high temperatures and copes superbly well with extremely high pressures.

You should expect your vehicle’s components to receive excellent protection against rust and corrosion. Super oxidation resistance will not only lengthen the service life of your bearings but will assist your travel trailer to run cooler, quieter, and smoother. This happens as the wheel-bearing grease has properties that can reduce the heat and therefore lower the overall operating temperature. It has great water-resisting characteristics enabling it to perform well in marine environments. It works well with household appliances too.


  • Multi-functional, motor, marine and home
  • Outstanding pressure capabilities and oxidation resistance extend bearing life
  • Supplied with a plunger for simple application
  • No break-down between applications
  • Water washout resistant


  • Has to be applied using plunger

2. LubriMatic 11404 Wheel Bearing and Corrosion Control Grease

This grease from LubriMatic is multi-functional. It will do a brilliant job on your wheel bearings and it can also be used as a general grease for many other applications, brake bearing, winches, and hinges to name a few. It is water-insoluble and thus, provides excellent corrosion control against the harshest of elements.

Water, soil nor air can penetrate it to cause harm to bearings, which makes it perfect for marine and non-marine use. It certainly doesn’t fear salty, moist air conditions. This is a calcium sulfonate-based grease which means it is ideal for use at higher temperatures than lithium complexes. Its dropping point is 550 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a high-performing grease and a must-have for every trailer owner.


  • 550° F drop point
  • Suitable for marine and non-marine use
  • Multi-functional as a general purpose high-performance grease
  • Water-insoluble
  • Excellent protection against corrosion


  • Not a heavy-duty product

3. Star Brite Wheel Bearing Grease Cartridge

StarBrite’s cartridge allows the simple, mess-free application of their hydrocarbon-based wheel-bearing grease. Slot it into a grease gun and target the nozzle to the exact area you want to lubricate.

This formula is designed for marine use and has superb, high-performing properties to protect against water and air with high salt content. It has a high heat tolerance and withstands temperatures up to 325 °F. Atmospheric chemicals will not get through the protective barrier, rust and corrosion will be a thing of the past with regular application of this product.


  • Superior rust and corrosion protection
  • Suitable as an all-purpose lubricant, even stop trampolines squeaking!
  • Ideal for the marine environment
  • Water-insoluble formula, highly resistant to washout
  • Cartridge for easy application


  • Only withstands temperatures up to 325°F
  • Has to be applied by grease gun

4. Sta-Lube SL3121 Marine Boat Trailer and 4 X 4 Wheel Bearing Grease

This wheel bearing grease has been formulated using an adhesive style polymer enabling it to remain in place and form a strong barrier that will repel water and dirt in the harshest of conditions.

It’s an aluminum complex grease made with a base oil that has been highly refined. This allows heat caused by metal friction to be dissipated, without breaking down. It is suitable for use as a marine grease and for 4×4, SUVs, motorcycles, and even snowmobiles. The grease is a good working consistency, tacky and pliable. It is exceptionally waterproof which makes it well suited to marine environments.


  • Formulated with polymers for adhesive qualities
  • Suitable for marine and all-terrain-vehicle use
  • Acts as a barrier to repel water under severe conditions
  • Prolongs wheel bearing service life
  • Water wash-out resistant


  • Withstands temperatures only up to 325°F
  • More messy to apply than with a grease gun

5. Lucas Oil 14.5 Ounce 10301 Heavy Duty Grease

Lucas is a highly respected name within the automotive industry and, as such, their products are almost always top quality and reliable. This wheel-bearing grease is no exception. It is designed to reduce the time spent on maintenance and extend the life of your trailer’s components. The lubricant will last at least 4 times longer than any regular grease and will remain stable in all temperatures.

It can cope with high pressures at high speeds. The grease won’t liquefy in the tube or drip from your wheel bearing, even when cooped up in the hottest garage on the hottest day of the year. It is virtually waterproof and surpasses the quality of OEM lubricants. In conclusion, it is a heavy-duty, high-performing, top-quality product that is worth investing in to protect your wheel bearings.


  • Heavy-duty, ideal for travel trailers, agricultural and construction equipment
  • Lasts 4 times longer than other greases
  • Ultimate grease for high-speed bearings
  • Stable in all temperatures
  • Extends the service life of components


  • Not marine recommended

6. Allstar ALL78241 Wheel Bearing Grease

Timken wheel bearings are notoriously reliable and durable so the company has designed high-quality grease to keep them in prime condition. The lithium-based formula contains corrosion inhibitors and water-resisting additives that provide outstanding protection from the harshest conditions.

It is an ideal wheel bearing grease for travel trailers as it has superior load-bearing capabilities and the lithium complex prevents it from softening under very high temperatures. The grease is red so simple to see as you apply it, some users suggest it looks relatively thin, but maintain it feels gluey enough to do a great job. They can have accurate instructions on how to apply to different types of vehicles.


  • 90 limited factory warranty
  • Suits all-terrain-vehicles, marine and motorcycles
  • 1 can contains enough to do an entire twin-axle trailer
  • Timken has a trusted reputation
  • Contains anti-wear, water-resistant, corrosive inhibitors


  • Some users prefer a thicker consistency

7. Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Automotive Grease

This competitively priced grease is heavy-duty as it’s lithium-based and moly fortified (explained below). This increases its strength and heavy load capabilities. It can tolerate a wide range of temperatures from as low as -60°F to 425°F. It is suitable for industrial use as it is an extreme pressure grease, your travel trailer will benefit from its use.

It can repel water, it is long-lasting and effective. It is the product of choice for many long-term grease enthusiasts. The service life of your bearings will be prolonged as the thick consistency coats the balls and allows them to roll freely. Wear and tear of the bearings will be delayed as moisture, dust particles, and friction damage will all be resisted.


  • Moly-fortified for added strength
  • Heavy-duty for industrial use
  • Repels water
  • Tolerates wide range of temperatures
  • Long-lasting so extends the time between applications


  • Hand application, not in cartridge form
  • Automotive use, not recommended for marine

8. Mag 1 720 Disc Brake Wheel Bearing Grease

This wheel-bearing grease can tolerate high temperatures with a dropout of 500°F and works equally well in extremely cold operating temperatures. Molecules in the formulation bond to create a shield that gives anti-wear, anti-friction, and anti-corrosion protection.

It stands up well to ultra-high pressures, it is durable and efficient. Maintenance frequency and time are reduced due to its high quality, outstanding performance. The grease also has superb water and water washout resistant characteristics. It is strong and reliable enough to protect the wheel bearing for its lifetime.


  • Powerful anti-wear and anti-friction chemicals
  • Withstands most extreme climate, oxidation and pressure conditions
  • Tolerates temperature up to 500°F
  • Outstanding water resistance
  • Strong and durable
  • Multi-function grease ideal for many applications


  • For application by hand
  • May be more expensive than other brands

9. Lucas Oil 10320 Marine Grease

Lucas has designed a wheel-bearing grease that is ideally suited to both salt and freshwater conditions. Perfect if your travel trailer can usually be found with a boat next to the ocean or a lake. The additives enable it to work to optimum capabilities in the most unforgiving marine conditions and climates.

The formulation means the grease can be used as a universal use product, but it is ideally suited to travel trailer wheel bearings, trailer chassis’, automotive wheel bearings, and outboards. Unique polymers contain anti-wear agents that allow bearings to be rust and corrosion-resistant. Lithium complex gives this blue/green grease the thick tackiness to protect all of your metal components from friction and water damage. It will stay where you want it to without breaking down.


  • ​Extremely high-temperature tolerance of 570°F
  • Outstanding protection from salt and freshwater environment
  • Effective water resistance
  • Long lasting, cost-effective
  • Greatly reduces friction


  • Has to be applied with a grease gun
  • Thick consistency not ideal for simple greasing tasks

10. Dow Corning Molykote 33 Grease Lubricant

Dow Corning has come up with a product that works well in exceedingly low temperatures, -100°F and yet it remains as effective when temperatures are as high as 400°F. It’s a white lithium/moly mix which means it has excellent water washout resistance whilst providing high-pressure protection. It is safe for use on metal and rubber parts so can be used in many other tasks.

It is shear sensitive, this means it is soft as you dispense it but hardens off to perfection once it has been packed into the bearing. It acts best under light to moderate loads. Though it may seem relatively expensive for a small tube, a little goes a long way. It is very stable, stays in place well, and doesn’t lose viscosity. The tube allows for easy application.


  • Lithium complex/moly mix
  • Low evaporation rate
  • High oxidation and water resistance
  • Drop out temperature of 400°F
  • Works well at particularly low temperatures too
  • Multi-functional


  • Relatively expensive
  • Only a small amount supplied

What exactly is wheel bearing grease?

Grease is basically a heavy oil (lubricant) that is combined with enough ‘soapy’ chemicals (thickener) to give it a thick, gluey consistency, strong enough to stay in place as the balls in the bearing spin. Each ball must remain consistently lubricated under a wide range of conditions, high temperature, great load-bearing, speed, water, and climate. The friction that works brakes creates an incredible amount of heat. Wheel bearing grease needs to be able to tolerate this and remain intact to protect your trailer’s components.

Types of wheel bearing grease (thickeners)

Aluminum complex

A high dropping point of approximately 500°F and excellent water resistance are its main qualities. Additives that improve performance such as oxidation and rust inhibitors, mix well.

Calcium grease

Has good water tolerance but will not withstand temperatures above 150°F.Usually, these are less expensive than other varieties.

Lithium stearate

Pumpability! Continues to protect the more it gets worked. Resists water well and doesn’t break down. Has a dropping point of 350°F and a soft, smooth texture.

Lithium complex

Very similar to above but it is a newer product and has grown with necessity. It has a higher dropping point of around 500°F and has the properties to prolong the bearing’s life. White lithium is ideal for metal-to-metal and metal-to-plastic applications. It keeps surfaces friction-free and withstands moisture and extreme heat.

Polyurea grease

This one doesn’t use the traditional soap to thicken it. It has a dropping point of 470°F, brilliant water resistance, and offers superb life extension to your bearings under very high temperatures. Again, pumpability is a great quality it posses.


When it becomes time to grease your travel trailer’s wheel bearings, it is always wise to completely clean them before adding a new layer of grease. Always assume that you don’t know which type the previous layer was, as different greases aren’t compatible with each other. The layers might separate causing your bearings not to have protection, they could fail and your trailer could break down.

No one wants to be sat on the edge of the highway when they were on their way for a fishing trip! To clean; soak them in a solvent, paint thinner, kerosene or turpentine, and use a Q-tip and rags to remove as much old grease as possible. Dry them as thoroughly as possible, being careful not to knock any balls out of place. When they’re dry, a quick spray of brake cleaner will remove any dust, and then they are ready to be packed with grease and placed back in the same position from where they came.


I have only basic mechanical knowledge; will I be able to carry out this job?

We don’t see any reason why not, arm yourself with the service manual for your vehicle and maybe a YouTube video and you’re good to go. It is a relatively simple job. If you’re unsure, it is always wise to call in the experts.

Will I need any specialist tools to apply the grease?

If you own a bearing packer then the job will definitely be easier, but it is not essential. Just high-temperature grease, rags, a wheel jack, a torque wrench, and a hammer are all you will need. Safety goggles are always a wise idea, using a hammer can often result in tiny chips of metal flying through the air.

How often should I change the wheel-bearing grease on my trailer?

It’s worth doing once every season, but at least every 10,000 miles. Smaller wheels spin faster and put greater pressure on bearings so they need lubricating even more often.

Should you mix 2 different types of wheel-bearing grease?

Absolutely not. Each type may be incompatible with the next and have adverse effects on your vehicle. The remaining grease should always be cleaned out before any more are added. See above for how to do it.

If a product is labeled as Marine grease, is it just for boats?

No, marine grease just means it is ideally suited for trailers and vehicles that spend a lot of time around the water. We know that water is one of the biggest enemies of metal car components, when it’s saltwater, well, the problem just gets worse. Marine greases are of high quality and often more expensive.

They are lithium-based which means they won’t degrade when they come into contact with water. They also have extreme pressure additives enabling them to withstand high friction when performing several operations in different temperatures. They are not only suited to marine use, but they are also often the best wheel-bearing grease for travel trailers. The grease is very versatile and can be used in lots of automotive and household situations, as well as around a marina.

What does NLGI #2 mean?

It’s a measurement of grease, it just tells you the ‘hardness’ or viscosity of it. The National Lubricating Grease Institute gives each grease a grade, all of the ones featured in our review are Number 2. The numbers range from 0 to 6, with 0 being almost liquid and 6 is the consistency of hard cheese.

What does ‘dropping point’ mean?

It is the temperature at which the lubricating grease turns from a semi-solid into a liquid form. You can use this test to tell what type of thickening soap was used in its manufacture. Wheel bearing grease needs to be able to tolerate very high temperatures.

What is moly-grease?

Molybdenum disulfide can be added to general greases to provide higher-pressure protection and low-friction properties. It is robust and will help protect and extend the service life of your disc pad wheel bearings.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, our guide will have given you a greater understanding of the different types of grease and helped you to decide which is the best wheel-bearing grease for travel trailers. Once you have decided whether you prefer to use an applicator gun or do the job by hand, get the necessary equipment, rags, eye protectors, etc. Don’t forget a pair of gloves too, this grease is, well, greasy! It gets everywhere! Remember, that these are very versatile products, whilst they will do a great job of protecting your car’s components, they can also be used for so many other things. Garden tools, firearms, motorcycles, and snowmobiles are just a few of the items that it’s worth keeping a tub of grease handy for. You might even be able to use it to stop the kid’s trampoline from squeaking!

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