Best Way to Clean Inside Windshield

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Best Way to Clean Inside Windshield

A clean car increases your self-esteem and the value of the car. It improves the appearance of the car, grabbing the attention of the pedestrians. When cleaning the car, people forget to clean the windscreen’s interior until they decide to take a ride. That’s when they realize that the windshield’s interior is dirty, obstructing visibility. To enhance visibility, you need to know the best way to clean inside windshield. Since cleaning isn’t rocket science, relax and read below.

​Causes of A Dirty Windshield


Maybe, you had traveled with the kids. Out of their excitement, they kept on touching the windshield while trying to show you beautiful sceneries and left their fingerprints. If you were traveling with your pet, it could have touched the windshield with the nose, thus leaving some marks. You are not exempted from causing the car to be dirty. Maybe you tried to wipe off the interior of the windshield with your hands and left the marks.

Sea Salt

If you had traveled to the coast, then the windshield is at the risk of accumulating salt content. Like the other fingerprints and dust, it will obstruct your visibility if you don’t deal with it.

Dirt and Dust

If you had gone upcountry or even camping, maybe you passed through some rough, dusty roads. Then dust and dirt might have sneaked and attached to the interior of your windshield.


Most chain smokers like smoking in the car. Not only does the smoke harm your liver, but it also leaves a terrible odor in your car. Some particles also get to the windows and windshield and stick, hindering you from seeing the road. That puts you, the passengers, and other motorists in danger. Maybe you have never smoked. That doesn’t mean that the smoke from the engine will not get in the interior of the windshield?

Greasy Outgassing

Vinyl and plastics in your dashboard break down when subjected to high temperatures. As a result, they produce impurities that attach to your windshield, thus affecting visibility.

Note that every time you open the window where driving, you invite contaminants to stick on the window. You already know the causes of the dirty windshield; finding the solution is easy. Do you know how to clean a car windshield inside? It’s simple. Once you finish cleaning the exterior of your car, it should be the last job.

The Right Cleaner

You can make DIY cleaner or even buy some from the mobile auto store that’s near you. But how do you get the right interior windshield cleaner? The best option is the auto-specific glass cleaner. If you realize the cleaner you had picked from the shelf is ammonium-based, return it and walk to the next shelf. It will not only interfere with the vinyl but will remove the tilt. It will have an adverse effect on your windshield.

How to Clean Windshield Interior?


If you decide to make your DIY cleaner, you need water, alcohol, and white vinegar. The vinegar will help you dissolve the sea salt if the burred image is caused by sea salt. So how do you mix it? When using alcohol, mix equal positions of water and alcohol. Add a capful of vinegar.

If you don’t have vinegar, but you have a glass cleaner, alcohol, and water, here is how to mix it. Put 70% water in a container. Add equal portions of alcohol and glass cleaner to complete the remaining 30%. Once you’re through, get a spray bottle and put the solution. You also require at least three microfibers towels. The best towel to use is a lint-free microfiber towel. Note that old new paper is not a good alternative to wiping the windshield.

The Cleaning Processes

Wipe the Windshield

Position yourself on the driver seat with your equipment and get ready to clean. Pick the microfiber cloth and wipe your windows using a circular motion. If there are some hard stains, try wiping them using vertical movements. The remaining ones require you to take the next step.

Degrease The Glass

Wiping won’t clear the stubborn stains and grease; that’s where degreasing comes in. The magic cleaner is a great degreaser, but using DIY, use rubbing alcohol to degrease. Vinegar should help you to remove sea salt. Once you are through, pick another clean towel and wipe the window.

Use A Glass Cleaner

You should never directly spray the glass cleaner solution on the windshield. You will have a hard time cleaning the smeared patches and streaks that it’s likely to form. Instead, you should spray it on a lint-free cloth and wipe the windshield in a circular motion. You can finish wiping by using vertical motion. Dry out the glass cleaner since if you leave it on the glass, it’s likely to damage your windshield.

Note that, once the towel gets dirty, you should swap it immediately. What happens if you can’t reach some areas? Look for reach-and-clean tools. Since you don’t want the car to have steaks after washing, you need to park it under a shade before cleaning the window glass.

What if, after doing all this work, you see some streaks on your windshield? Then the chances are high that you have damaged windshield wipers. The only way to stop the mess is to invest in a new one and replace the damaged one.


Your car should always be in good condition. When cleaning the exterior, don’t forget to clean the interior of your windshield. The interior can get dirty thanks to smoke, dust, and dirt, among other contaminants. You can make DIY cleaners, or you can buy some from the automobile store. Avoid ammonium-based cleaners since they can harm your windshield. When wiping the windshield, always use a clean microfiber towel. Don’t leave cleaner on the window, since it can easily harm it. If you don’t have a magic eraser to degrease, rubbing alcohol would be the best alternative. Use vinegar to remove the sea salt particles on the glass.

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