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The sun is out and you have a day off from work, what better way to pass the time than to get your pride and joy black car clean and back to its showroom glory? Does a full detail of your car usually mean hours and hours spent each week and blood, sweat, and tears lost in trying to get that ‘sexy’ shine that only a black car seems to have?

First, the interior, vacuum, and polish until it gleams and no specks of dust remain. Then start work on the outside; soap, sponges, hosepipes, buckets of water, and brushes at the ready. You can spend hours wiping and re-wiping, polishing, and buffing until your arms ache, yet you just cannot get rid of those swirls.

Scuffs and blemishes that will not fade into the black paintwork are still visible. That crystal-clear, mirrored finish you so desire is still hidden beneath lots of small scratches. It is achievable, you just need to buy the right product and apply a little elbow grease and your beloved car will return to show-room condition.

10 Best Swirl Remover for Black Paint

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To make it even easier for you, we have reviewed the 10 Best Swirl Remover for Black Paint to help you choose the right one to get the perfect finish for your car.

1. Turtle Wax T-374KTR – Best Scratch and Swirl Remover

This car polish claims to be magic, and some users would agree. Not only does it give that deep shine, but it also promises long-term protection. The liquid contains a mixture of pigments, polishes, and dyes to enable it to balance out swirls marks and to even out micro scratches in your car paint. Turtle Wax uses a color-match system so that even the finishes of dull, older vehicles are enhanced, some might say they have been rejuvenated!

The product is simple to use and one of the best car scratch removers. Clean your vehicle and apply the clay kit if you desire. Apply the Turtle Wax polish to 1 section at a time using a damp sponge or cloth. Once it has dried to a haze you can wipe away excess and begin to buff with a soft cloth until you get the mirror-glass finish you desire.


  • Color-match system masks minor scratches, fills micro ones
  • Advanced blend ensures swirl mark removal
  • Works on glossy paint and clear coats
  • Leaves mirror-like reflections


  • Can stain clothes and hands, wear gloves for application
  • Some users think the neck is too wide, a pouring spout would be better

2. TriNova Scratch Remover – Best Polisher for Black Car

Before you consider polishing out those swirl marks on your vehicle you should attend to any light scratches in the paintwork. Trinova has come up with an abrasive rubbing compound that has a high-end chemical formulation. As such, those minor scratches that can’t be felt with your fingertip and that haven’t broken through the clear coat will fare very well.

An expert should always treat deeper scratches. Once the scratches are dealt with then you can rely on this product for removing those annoying swirl marks, they even provide a foam buffer pad to help you get the best possible finish. You can get an excellent finish buffing by hand or by using an orbital polisher.

It is for use on localized areas or as an all-over polish and leaves a nice gleam that doesn’t require you to wax afterward.


  • ​100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Color matches to any paint
  • Users have great success in removing water stains
  • Kit includes foam pad


  • Users prefer micro-fiber cloth to pad provided

3. HD Speed All in One Polish/Wax – Best Polish for Black Cars

This product is an all-in-one polish and sealant that removes light to moderate surface scratches and swirl marks but leaves behind a deep, high gloss finish and wax protection.HD Speed has designed its polish to contain no harmful chemicals; it is all-natural. Apply by hand or with an orbital polisher making sure you’re in a cool, dry place.

Cover the entire surface with a thin layer before rubbing it in well, use a mid-setting on the car detailing polisher, or lots of elbow grease if you aren’t using machinery. Then take a high-quality microfiber cloth and buff it by hand. This is where the deep, high-gloss finish is created. This product corrects swirl marks and blemishes and achieves amazing paint protection in one simple step.


  • Made with no harmful chemicals
  • Polishes and seals all-in-one
  • Restores color, depth and gloss
  • Favored by some professional detailers


  • Users suggest high finish is better achieved using an Orbital polisher, rather than hand

4. Chemical Guys COM_129_16 – Best Polishing Compound for Black Cars

The VSS product from The Chemical Guys actually removes light to moderate scratches and swirls. It is not a cover-up glaze or wax; it offers a more permanent solution. It behaves like a rubbing compound though it is silicone, oil, and wax-free.

This polish complies with all VOC compliances thus is used in many paint shops. Professionals state that its simple one-step technology enables them to achieve a mirror-like showroom finish in the half of the time a usual detailing job might take. You can get a fantastic glossy finish by hand if you use decent quality pads though you can also use dual-action or rotary polisher. Expect the finest level of finish as the diminishing abrasive technology removes scratches, oxidation, and swirl marks. Not only can your black car, but all colors of paintwork be also improved.


  • 1 step high-gloss finish
  • Removes swirls and scratches from any paint defects or clear coat.
  • No fillers, waxes or silicone
  • VOC compliant for workshop safety
  • Works on all paint colors


  • Not ideal for deep scratches
  • Only polish supplied, no buffing pad

5. Griot’s Garage 10862 – Best Polish to Remove Swirl Marks

Griot’s Garage has long been a tried and trusted brand in the car detailing market, supplying many top-quality products.

This hand polish promises a brilliant deep glossy shine that is easily achievable with a few good quality pads and a little time. The results are impressive, with just a little work; you will have a notable improvement. Buff a little harder and you will be rewarded with a deep glossy shine that will be the envy of your black car-owning friends!

Not only will your black car have a very lustrous finish, but it will also be clean of any embedded road grime, hazy and foggy areas, and those nightmarish swirl marks.

Griot’s formula is a mild abrasive meaning it will be less harmful to your paintwork.


  • Mild abrasive, kind to paintwork
  • Achieve a similar high-quality shine to other polishes on the market, in half of the time
  • Prepares surfaces for waxing and sealing
  • Results in a very enhancing, deep-gloss finish


  • Not aggressive enough for deeper embedded marks

6. Adam’s Polish – Best Buffing Compound for Black Paint

Here is something new, a 2-step system, although you still get the same overall 16oz of product. The Adam’s combo uses advanced abrasive technology to ensure you accomplish an excellent swirl-free finish within a minimum amount of time. The product works on all orbital machines, using either foam or a microfiber polishing pad. They are color-coded to the individual bottles so there is no confusion when you’re in deep detailing mode!

Beginning with the correcting foam and the orange pad, you will get the surface prepared for the second stage, the polish, for which you will need the white pad. As long as you maintain the pad’s quality, change them should they get tacky, then you will achieve a flawless and refined finish. The manufacturer recommends you seal and wax to maintain your superb finish for a greater period.


  • 110% satisfaction guaranteed
  • A little goes a very long way
  • Perfect for light imperfections and moderate to severe swirls
  • Color-coded for ease of recognition


  • Higher cost
  • More pronounced effect when used with a machine, though usable as a hand polish

7. Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax – Best Headlight Scratch Remover

How many times have you cleaned, polished, and waxed your car, and yet the trim remains stained with hard-to-remove white marks. This Meguiars car wax, the car paintwork specialist, promises that will not happen. Instead, you are left with an extremely glossy wet-look and long-lasting protection for your paint with effortless application. If your vehicle is relatively new and your paint is unblemished then a clean and wax will suffice.

You can use this as a car paint scratch repair wax. Otherwise, you will need to use a decent clay kit to level all blemishes and marks before applying a very even, thin coat of this liquid wax. Within 3-5 minutes, you can use the supplied microfiber towel and after a gentle rub down, you will be able to see your reflection in the hood. Superb results are achievable using a dual-action polisher or by hand.


  • 1 step, easy application
  • No white residue on trim
  • Long-lasting protective barrier with a mirror-like gloss
  • Hydrophobic polymers enable water to just roll right off
  • Micro-fiber towel supplied


  • More expensive than some other liquid waxes

8. Autoglym SRP500US Super Resin Polish –  Best Car Interior Scratch Remover

Autoglym is a very long-standing and trusted UK company so it will come as no big surprise knowing that The Queen herself has given her seal of approval to their products! This polish has 3-in-1 properties so it acts as a cleaner, polish, and sealant, all while remaining very easy to use.

For those who don’t have time to do 3 or 4 separate processes then this one-stop-shop might be ideal. The liquid is suitable for all paint surfaces and colors and leaves an extremely tough and glossy protective barrier. Users share that the water-beading surface that it offers is still as effective many months later.


  • 3 processes in one application
  • Easy to apply and remove, streak free
  • Removes surface imperfections
  • Tough, very glossy, long-lasting finish


  • No applicator pads supplied
  • While this is a fantastic polish, other makes offer more choice for ‘swirl-removal’

9. Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Swirl Remover 2 – Best Car Wax Polish

When you just can’t seem to get rid of those infernal swirl marks from your black car, that sadly, you possibly caused yourself by poor washing techniques, try Meguiar’s, Mirror Glaze. Black paintwork is always the hardest to correct but this product does a good job of it. Whether you decide to use a dual action polisher, a rotary buffer, or good old elbow grease a superb deep gloss finish can be expected.

The product is body shop safe and is fine to use on all glossy paint finishes and clear coats. It is formulated to reduce splatter as you work to erase the scratches and scuffs from your paintwork. That dark, dramatic shine and smooth new car finish you so desire is achievable with this product. 


  • Cleaner and polish combo
  • Body shop safe
  • For use by hand or with machine
  • Reduced splatter applicator
  • Safe for all paint finishes


  • Few users claim the liquid is a little runny
  • No applicator pad provided

10. Torq BUF613 TORQ10FX – Best Wax for Black Cars with Swirls

Finally, we will review something a little different, The Chemical Guys have the amazing one-step kit that supplies everything a professional detailer or the home car enthusiast might need to achieve a wet mirror, deep gloss finish to their car. Within the kit is a Torq 10FX Random Orbital Polisher, VSS Scratch and Swirl remover (reviewed above), buffing pad conditioner, 5.5” backing plate and cutting pad, and 3 ultra-thick microfiber towels.

The polisher has a 700-watt motor and an 8mm dual-action orbit that enable you to get in and around all areas of the car. The digital display and speed control buttons make the machine simple to use. Many users rejoice that when using VSS Swirl Remover with the Torq polisher that their vehicle’s paintwork was restored, even badly faded and oxidized paint rejuvenated the paint.


  • 1 polisher, 1 pad, 1 chemical, 1 flawless finish in 1 box
  • Simple to use, ergonomic
  • Removes moderate scratches and swirl marks
  • Pro-level detailing for the home-user


  • Large, one-off expense
  • Some users think that it is quite loud when running

What are swirl marks?

Swirl marks are simply ultra-fine scratches in your car’s paintwork. Poor washing and drying techniques invariably cause them when particles of dust and gravel trapped beneath the sponge or towel are rubbed in accidentally. Wiping your car down with dirty pads or mitts and automated car washes with powerful brushes are also culprits. Throwing a cover over your car might seem a great way to protect it, but if they’re not both clean then you could be doing more harm. Again, the tiny dust, grit, or sand particles could be causing micro-abrasions to the top layer of your vehicle’s bodywork. We often clean and polish in a circular motion, creating concentric circles, or ‘swirls’.

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Why are swirl marks worse on black cars?

Black is the total opposite to white, thus the white light that reflects off the sides of the tiny scratches shows more obviously against the black paintwork. The swirling is no more or less than on any other color car, sadly for the black car owner, it simply shows up more. Swirl marks are more obvious on large flat areas of most cars, the hood, trunk, and roof fare worst. On black and darker colored paintwork, the marking appears more prominent on the fenders and doors.

How do I remove swirl marks from my black car?

Polishing your car is the only way you are going to deal with these marks. Although there are many polishes for this very job, using them alone will only temporarily hide or mask the swirls. If your swirls are harsher and you want them totally removed, you should consider using specially designed cutting polishes. You will achieve the smooth finish that is perfect to add that final coat that is going to give your car the mirror-like, deep glossy finish. Look through the guide; often these products come combined in one handy bottle to reduce cost and time.

Always read the directions on the bottle, use the correct tools and the recommended foams and pads for application. Having a clean, microfiber towel on hand is always going to help in your bid for a gleam that looks fresh from the showroom. The result will speak for itself; you will have removed the swirls from your black paint.


I don’t own an orbital polisher, can I still achieve remove the swirl marks and achieve a good shine?

Absolutely! Obviously, you will have to work a little harder but you can still get great results if you use the correct products and ensure that your mitts and pads are always immaculately clean.

Some of the recommended polishes are only for use with an electric polisher, just avoid those and roll your sleeves up!

What is ‘claying’ and do I need to do it?

Clay is either a natural compound or synthetically engineered resin designed to remove any contaminants from your washed car; it provides the optimum surface for applying polish. Some of our reviewed products already contain a compound that acts in the same way as a clay bar, so you won’t need to use it.

For those products that don’t, I would recommend you use it to achieve the absolutely best finish possible. Wash your vehicle, always remembering to use clean sponges, simply rub the car over with the clay, it is harmless to glass and any plastic it encounters. Wash off any loosened contaminants or excess lubricants and begin the polishing to say goodbye to those annoying swirls. This doesn’t need to be done with every polish; most users use the clay bar around 3 times a year.

How often should I polish my car?

Specialists suggest that once every 3 months is the ideal time scale. More often than that and the abrasives may begin to harm the paint unless you choose to use a chemical-free or low-abrasive polish. If you waxed and sealed at the last polish then your car should still be looking like a mirror!

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So, I’ve removed the swirl marks from my black car, how do I prevent them from coming back?

Prevention is always better than cure, so now that the hard work is done, here are a few simple tips to keep your vehicle swirl-free.

Firstly, avoid the automated car wash; they are the devil to pristine paintwork! Never use a dry towel against the paintwork and always make sure the car is thoroughly wet before the handwashing even begins. All of your clothes and pads, even water should be fresh and clean, and you know that cheapo jumbo sponge you bought from the dollar store? Throw it away, invest in a lambs-wool or microfiber wash-mitt. Use a shampoo with a good lubricant and to avoid dirt cross-contamination, wash the wheels, arches, and struts first.

When you’re happy, pat, do not rub the car dry. Finally, if your chosen polish doesn’t already contain wax, then you would be well advised to wax and seal your car.

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Bottom Line

Your car is probably one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. Seeing your pride and joy’s black paintwork covered in scuffs and swirls is totally demoralizing, particularly if you clean and polish it regularly. By following the tips in this guide and choosing the right black car scratch remover, you can achieve a perfect glossy finish in which you can see your face.

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