[Top 10] Best Paint Sealant for Black Cars

Anyone who has ever owned a black car will appreciate just how difficult it is to get the paintwork into pristine, showroom-fresh condition.

Scratches, swirls, and scuffs seem to show up so much more obviously in black paintwork than any other color.

This is actually true, the edges of a scratch reflect light brightly against the black paint, much more so than against a white finish.

Therefore, both colors scratch the same, the dark paintwork just shows the imperfections more. Black paint is less forgiving.

When you have spent hours or even days rectifying your car’s finish, compounding, polishing and waxing, you will want to maintain that brilliant condition for as long as possible.

Comparison Table of 10 Best Paint Sealant for Black Cars

This is the stage where you need a sealant, to literally seal in the ‘perfect’ and keep out the ‘imperfect’!

Have a look through our guide to the best paint sealant for black cars; this will help you to select the perfect product.

Specifically designed for black and dark colored cars, this small 3oz tin of wax acts like a giant.

It is a hybrid-formula of synthetic polymers and natural ingredients, Brazilian carnauba wax and purified mountain wax.

By applying the thinnest of layers with the supplied poly-foam pad, you can achieve the most satisfying deep glossy sheen and a hard protective shell that could last for up to 6 months.

The Signature Diamond Polymers provide an outstanding level of UV protection; your paintwork will not suffer, even in the hottest of climates. Water will repel from your car and simply roll off.

This wax sealant is color-charged, providing a wet-paint, warm gloss effect to your car.

It is very safe and simple to work with, you just need a good quality microfiber towel to wipe it off and buff it up.

  • Choice of professional detailers
  • Natural-color to increase reflectivity
  • Specifically, for black cars
  • Meets highest quality standards
  • Simple to apply, easy to work with
  • Supplied with 2 polyfoam pads
  • Paste takes longer to apply than a spray sealant
  • More expensive than other brands

As the name, Wolfgang might suggest, a German company makes this sealant.

Formulated with super-polymers, and anti-static properties, it actively repels water and dust enabling your car to keep its deep shine finish for longer. Around 6 months to be exact, even after weekly washes. The vivid finish is ideal for black and darker cars though it is suitable for all colors and paint types.

Your car’s paintwork will have a glossy liquid-like shimmer and due to its anti-static properties, water will run away in beads. Some users have used it on their windshields and said they barely needed to use their wipers!

Because this sealant is sensitive to moisture, you must apply it in very cool and dry conditions. To ensure that it is completely dry and bonded with the paint it is suggested that you leave it for 12 hours. It’s worthwhile beginning this job early morning so that it has thoroughly dried before the cooler, damper of the evening air sets in.

  • Very thin coating required, bottle can last up to 8 full applications
  • Protects paint from water, oil and dust
  • Water beads for a long time after application
  • Super-polymers keep car shinier and cleaner for longer
  • Hand or machine use
  • 12 hour cure time
  • More expensive than other brands

We first picked up this small, 8oz bottle and thought we really wouldn’t get very far with it.

We couldn’t have been more wrong, a few small drops spread into a very thin layer are all that is needed. This little bottle could seal more than 30 whole vehicles!

This is a true paint seal, no fillers or cleaners, just a crystal-clear finish to protect your polished paintwork, wheels and plastic trim.

The application could not be more simple, the thinnest spray, wipe any excess and your job is done. One application can last for several months, depending on weather and driving conditions.

The slick, clean finish makes it suitable for any color paint finish, but black paint truly looks at its best and most protected using this product. Your vehicle will be secured from UV rays, moisture, road dirt, and oil.

  • Very easy and quick to use
  • A little goes a very long way
  • Supplied with applicator
  • Protects against UV, moisture and dirt for months between applications
  • Silicone-free
  • Does not fill or clean. Solely for use as a sealant

CarPro are market leaders when it comes to car care, this cost-effective spray sealant can make you see how.

Applied on your clean, cool bodywork it will protect your vehicle from UV rays and the specially modified silica will mean it will repel water and dirt for several months.

It is so simple to use, literally spray a very fine mist on 1 panel of your vehicle, use a clean microfiber cloth to spread it around, and then use another microfiber cloth to buff it. That’s it, quick and simple with no cure time.

There is no need to worry about over-spray; the sealant is perfectly safe for all surfaces, including glass, plastic trim, and rubber. This makes it perfect to use over a CQuartz or other ceramic coating.

Many users favorite feature of this product is its ability to be used as part of the vehicle’s drying routine. Spraying sparsely after a wash helps remove water spots and leaves the paintwork sealed and protected.

  • Hydrophobic layer repels water and grime
  • Cost effective, enough product to clean multiple times
  • Doesn’t stain glass or trim
  • Fast and easy
  • Versatile, usable on wet or dry bodywork
  • No applicator provided
  • Car must be very well prepped, the cleaner and smoother the finish, the better the results

If speed and convenience is your thing, then this product needs some serious consideration.

Meguiar’s actually called the product Ultimate Fast Finish and it really is!

It comes in a revolutionary aerosol can and application is very fast and easy.

Simply spray the sealant onto the supplied microfiber towel and spread it over the panel. Next, flip the towel over and just wipe it off. An entire vehicle can be completed in a matter of minutes.

It is a clear solution so will leave no white marks or waxy residue.

The synthetic polymer coating enables water to bead and bugs and tree sap to be repelled for up to a year.

Although this product can be used on any color finish, users state that the slick, glossy finish on black and dark-colored cars is particularly brilliant.

  • Revolutionary aerosol technology
  • Very fast and easy to use
  • High-quality microfiber towel supplied
  • Meguiar’s is a very respected industry leader
  • Slick finish, water beading protection
  • Some users are more traditional and prefer a wax sealant
  • A few users said it had a feint petrol-like smell

M21 is a return to a liquid sealant that you can apply by either orbital or dual-action polisher or by hand. Hydrophobic technology formulation means the sealant provides fantastic water beading qualities along with an amazing glossy finish.

This particularly suits black paintwork, the finish will look deeper and more reflective, very fine scratches and swirls will not be able to be seen. It is designed for use on all colors of paintwork.

It is non-abrasive so clear coat safe; paintwork is protected from harmful UV rays.

There is plenty of sealants supplied for multiple uses though, weather conditions dependant, you should only need to seal your vehicle twice a year. Some users, who have less available time, use this product even less frequently and still notice good results.

Application is simple; the sealant will glide-on smoothly, and will just as easily wipe off.

  • Competitively priced
    For use with machine or by hand
  • Advanced paint care and protection
  • More reflective, high-gloss finish
  • Clear coat safe
  • Leaves white marks on plastic trim
  • Not for use on vinyl, rubber or cloth

Jet Seal is so-called because it has been developed with the aerospace industry. So, if it’s tough enough for airplanes, it will do an amazing job on your bikes, cars, trucks, and tractors!

It has unique anti-corrosion properties that can extend the life of your vehicle’s paintwork.

Using this liquid paint sealant will protect your vehicle in even the harshest environment; it protects against UV rays and stops paint finish from discoloring. The finish is tough and shield-like.

It works by bonding with the outer-layer and becoming very durable; it gives a superior glossy finish, so glossy it will resemble a wet mirror.

Jet Seal has hydrophobic technology, water, moisture, and stains will literally be repelled by its sheen, and simply slide off. 

  • Gives an extremely durable, high-gloss finish
  • Contains unique anti-corrosion properties
  • Developed with aerospace industries
  • Superb water and stain-repelling qualities
  • Can leave white marks if not buffed completely off
  • Takes longer to apply that a spray paint sealant

Specifically designed with black paintwork in mind, Turtle Wax formulated this kit with black-tint technology.

The box contains everything you should need to do a total detailing job including a bottle of cleaner and conditioner to rid your surface of contaminants.

Two bottles of spray detailer are in the kit and finally the Jet Black carnauba wax, along with applicators.

This black-infused wax will seal in the deep, true black gloss to your paintwork whilst sealing out UV rays and moisture and dust.

Great results can be achieved when using a machine or by hand. Although it is a liquid paint sealant, we found that it sets leaving a thick waxy shine.

  • All-in-one solution, everything included
  • Hand or machine use
  • Black-tinted technology specifically for black paint
  • High UV protection
  • Leaves an incredible deep wet-look shine
  • Wax is tinted and will stain hands and decals, wear gloves
  • User might only need to purchase individual sealant

Introducing the world’s 1st hybrid detailing and paint sealant spray.

The Chemical Guys make big claims about the powers of this product, ultimate protection, transparent shine, superb clarity are a few. The fact that the product does this AND removes fingerprints, dust and grime is very impressive.

It is safe to use on all exterior surfaces of your vehicle, be that a car, a boat, RV or a truck; carbon fiber, glass and plastic trim will all benefit. Windshields, headlights, and wheels will all sparkle too.

The paint sealant is so simple to use, it comes in a handy spray bottle with enough liquid to treat your vehicle several times over. It has zero cure time and can act as a drying agent when applied to a wet vehicle.

Metallic paint colors will be enhanced; many users state that the transparent polymers make their black paintwork gleam, adding a vivid depth to the finish.

If it isn’t already obvious, We love this product!

  • Versatile, details and seals in 1-step
  • Rapid bond offers fast protection
  • Long-lasting UV protective barrier
  • Transparent ultra-glossy shine
  • Takes longer than a spray and wipe paint sealant

If you have researched and decided a ceramic coat is the best choice for your vehicle then this kit must not be discounted.

Your reward will be a hard glossy layer that will protect from UV and repel water, contaminants, dirt, and dust. Even bird droppings and tree sap will simply wipe away.

The kit is great quality and can be seen in many professional detailers’ workshops; car enthusiasts could achieve very similar results when using all of the products supplied.

It is recommended that you apply the sealant in a well-ventilated room, away from direct sunlight. However, the temperature of that room can be anywhere between 40F and 100F and everything will still bond and seal as it should.

Your vehicle will be left with a superior, durable gloss that will stay cleaner for longer.

The Reload paint sealant included in the kit (reviewed above) is what will give your ceramic coating its ultimate shine, protection, and water repellent qualities.

Expect your ceramic coating to last for 2 years, top it off with the Reload Periodically and your vehicle will have an enviable gleam for months and months to come.

  • Resists chemicals, salt, UV and environmental conditions
  • Apply in various climates
  • Outcome will rival a professional job
  • Cquartz, Reload and premium applicators supplied
  • Repels water, oils, and contaminants
  • Long curing time, Days rather than hours for best results
  • Paintwork should be perfect; the ceramic coat followed by the paint sealant will lock in whatever imperfections lie beneath.

What is a paint sealant?

Exactly what it says on the tin, it seals your paint job. It is a polymer (synthetic organic material) based wax that comes in a liquid, spray or paste form and keeps things from damaging your paintwork. Weather conditions, oils, chemicals, UV rays, dirt, and grime are some of the things that can prove harmful to your vehicle and prematurely age its paint.

Most sealants will have properties to give your car’s body a high-gloss shiny finish, but its main duty is to be a protective barrier.

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Call in the professionals?

Whether you consider yourself a car enthusiast or you are just a 1st-time car owner, all of the paint sealants for black cars should be simple enough to apply at home. After all, keeping your car’s bodywork in less than peak condition will lower its value at trade-in time.

Some are literally spray bottles that you squirt, wipe and walk away. Others will take more time and care to achieve the best results, more wiping and buffing.

When you have chosen your product, always ensure you have a cool, dry place to apply it. In a garage is ideal, where the wind can’t blow any contaminants on your freshly prepared paintwork.

Be prepared that some sealants have curing times; time to dry fully before you can consider taking your car out.

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Always adhere to the instructions about length of time until it’s safe to wash your car or re-apply products.

Prepare your paintwork to the best possible finish before you put your paint sealant on. Remember, apply your paint sealant will just seal them there for weeks to come.


​Do I seal first and then wax or wax and then seal?

This depends, some products such as BlackFire Hybrid, are combinations of both a wax and a seal so you would not need to wax over it.

Sealants offer high gloss finishes but waxing over the top and buffing well will achieve an even deeper sheen and offer a further layer of protection.

Why do I need to prevent my paint from UV rays?

Much as the sun does to our skin, it will prematurely age and degrade your paintwork. UV rays can cause fading and discoloration patches in the paint.

Are all products safe to use on my car?

Theoretically, yes. They have to pass stringent tests. However, if you’re wary, do patch tests on the paintwork. Maybe you could find a discreet spot on the underside of the fender to test.

Do I need to clay my car before I use paint sealant?

You will always want your car to be in the best condition it possibly can be before you seal the paintwork.

If you have washed it well and the surface still feels slightly rough to the touch, then you have bonded contaminants. These can be painted overspray, tree sap, remnants of bird droppings or any air-borne fallout. These will only be removed by good quality clay.

Next, you will need to compound your car to remove scratches, scuffs, and swirls, and then finally you can polish it.

Once you have completed these stages you can use the paint sealant for black cars.

To achieve an even greater shine and another layer of protection, you can finalize with a coat of wax.

Can I use sealant on my tinted windows?

You would need to refer to each manufacturer guidelines. Even if a product is deemed safe for use on glass, which many are, they may react differently to tinted glass.

Most windows are tinted from the inside; if this were the case with your vehicle, then sealing the exterior glass only would be advised.

We own 2 cars, 1 black, 1 red, can I use these products on both?

Unless the product states that it is for use on black paint only, Turtle Wax Kit and BlackFire, the paint sealants are versatile and will suit any color paintwork.

The Bottom Line

Sealing your car’s paintwork can be the last job you do in a long process of improving the overall look of the car. If you have already spent hours or maybe days achieving a perfect finish, spending a further 20 minutes reading and researching this article makes perfect sense in helping you choose the best paint sealant for black cars.

Choosing the right paint sealant will protect your beautiful high-gloss finish and give you so much joy for many, many months and years. 

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