[Top 10] Best Low Profile Floor Jack

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[Top 10] Best Low Profile Floor Jack

One of the essential equipment every car owner must have is the floor jack. It will make it easier to change either your flat tires or even the brake pads. Unfortunately, if your car is a low-clearance vehicle, it will be tricky working with the floor jack.  It requires fitting underneath and lifting the vehicle high enough to remove the weight off the wheel. That means that the car must have a certain height. What should you do if you have a sports car? That’s where the Best low-profile floor jack comes in handy.

Unlike the traditional floor jack, the low-profile jack can easily slide under your vehicle regardless of the shallow distance. It is convenient, durable, sturdy, and easy to use. Check more information about the different types of low-profile floor jack to consider.

10 Best Low Profile Floor Jack

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1. Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack – Best Floor Jack Under 200

Do you have a low clearance vehicle? If you are looking for a high-heavy duty floor jack that is cost-friendly, here is the good news. If your budget is below 200 dollars, you can get an incredible power-built floor jack with a low minimum lift weight of 23/4 inches. It can lift a load beyond 2 tons. Check the exciting features below.

Best Features

  1. Super low profile design
  2. Have locking safety bar
  3. It has a versatile lift range
  4.  It meets ASME standards
  5. Ball-bearing swivel casters


  • Low minimum lift height    
  • Safety bar  
  • It’s affordable    
  • Can lift a 2-ton load


  • Leaks oil

2. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack – Best Floor Jack for Lowered Cars

Do you own a workshop and have no idea on the right floor jack to buy? Relax. Remember, you require a floor jack that can lift heavyweight, portable, and easy to use. Aljt3t is the best option. It can lift 3 tons; it is portable due to the dual pump. It also has strong lift arms. Did you know that you can either shorten or even strengthen these arms? That makes it even more suitable for your workshop. You can’t overload it thanks to its bypass and overload valve. That makes it more secure if you have to work underneath your vehicle. Check its interesting features below.

Best Features

  1. Made of aircraft-grade aluminium
  2. Reinforced lift arms
  3. It has dual-piston
  4. It offers vehicle protection
  5. It has a two-piece handle
  6. Has a dual pump piston
  7. Side-mount handle
  8. Bypass and overload valve that prevents overloading and overextension


  • Lightweight
  • Vehicle protection due to the features
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • It meets ASME safety standards
  • Easy to use
  • Easy manoeuvrability


  • Made of aluminium

3. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

Maybe you have a garage or you just want a floor jack that you can use at home. If you are operating on a constrained budget but require something that is long-lasting, relax. The pro-lift f-767 floor jack is all you need. It works in a rough environment and can comfortably lift a weight of 2 tons. It’s durable since it has a steel material. It is even better if the underneath of your car’s height is 3.5 inches. You can’t either overload it or even over pump it since it has a safety valve. Here are the reasons to consider buying it.

Best Features

  1. It has an extra low profile that is good for cars low profile cars
  2. You can’t overload it since it has safety valves
  3. It is durable since its material is steel
  4. It has protection against over-pumping
  5. It has an inbuilt safety valve that protects it from overloading and rust


  • Extremely Low Profile
  • Durable
  • Best for Home Used
  • Cost Friendly


  • It can only lift 2 tons

4. Arcan 2 Ton Low Profile Quick Rise Steel Floor Jack XL20

Do you own a workshop that is too busy and wants to buy a floor jack? Better yet, are you thinking of starting a workshop? Check this. Arcan xl20 is the jack you require. Remember, your garage will deal with cars of different models. If someone brings a sports car for repair, you will not struggle to lift it. The Arcan xl20 has an extra low-profile model. For average vehicles, you can use this jack since it also comes with a low-profile model.

Since you don’t want to keep on going to the shop for a replacement, you need a durable jack. Arcan xl20 is durable and long-lasting, thanks to its steel material. You will not fear if you have to repair it underneath since its rubber pads can’t allow it to slide. The hydraulic system only requires you to use a little effort to lift the car. You can quickly move it around and even use it on large vehicles. Thanks to the safety valve, you cannot overload it beyond 2 tons.

Best Features

  1. XL20 has a compact design
  2. It also has a dual pump that facilitates quick lifting
  3. For precise control, it has a universal joint release
  4. The safety valve prevents overloading
  5. It is durable since it’s constructed from high-quality steel

5. Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Low Profile Steel Floor Jack

If you own a home or a car garage and you must lift weight dairy, go for this model. This sturdily built jack can go through the rough environment smoothly. It is an excellent jack if your car garage is busy, and you have to use it regularly. You can quickly move it around since it has a high-quality caster. It also has a perfect handle of 45 inches. Here are more reasons to buy Pittsburgh automotive.

Best Features

  1. It has a super sturdy precision construction
  2. Pittsburgh Automotive has industrial quality as well as rapid pump technology
  3. It has a universal joint release
  4. The extra-wide steel casters provide stability


  • Affordable price
  • Portable due to Wide castors
  • Easy to assemble


  • Oil leaks- if you don’t use it often and leave it unattended for long, the oil usually leaks

6. Liftmaster 3 Ton Low Profile Steel Floor Jack with Quick Lift

Are you looking for a pump that can handle a weight of 3 tons? Look no further. The lift master is easy to use and makes the lifting process easy. It can easily lift low profile car without sliding thanks to the rubber saddles. It has a sturdy and rugged, high-quality steel body. It is a suitable floor jack, especially if you only need it for home use.

Best Features

  1. It has a dual pump system as well as a two-piece knuckle steel handle
  2. It also has a strengthened rubber pad that enhances protection and grip
  3. Has a low profile of 3 inches


  • Lift 3 tons    
  • Simple looks   
  • It is durable    
  • Affordable


  • The manual lacks clear instructions

7. Sunex 6602LP 2 Ton Low Rider Steel Service Jack

Don’t struggle when repairing your low-profile car anymore. Just look for Sunex 6602LP. It is famous for its incredible lift range of 2.75 inches and a maximum of 24 inches. Its flexibility enables it to lift both tall USV and small sports cars with much ease. It is durable and long-lasting, all thanks to its steel material. If your workshop is busy, you require this type of low-profile jack that is heavy-duty.

It has a double pump piston that makes it easier to lift vehicles. With only 6.5 pumps, it can raise the car to 24 inches. It’s a great choice when lifting a car with a weight of 2 tons. It is very convenient since it has a throw of 18 inches. With that, you can find the jack of any type of car.

Best Features

1. Rapid rise technology2. Low clearance3. Has high reaching4. It has a quick-release handle


  • Low lift height 
  • Long-throw  
  • Dual pump piston system 
  • Bang for the buck 
  • Can lift both SUV and the jeeps


  • It is costly
  • Heavy

8. Arcan 2 Ton Extra Long Low Profile Steel Floor Jack XL2T

In case you require lifting a weight that is either 2 tons or below, you should buy this model. It is durable and easy to use. Due to aluminum, you can quickly move it since it’s not heavy. It is safe and has the approval of ASME standards. For easy mobility, you can use its two handles. Its security is excellent due to the anti-slip rubber as well as its large saddle. 

If you have a large vehicle such as an SUV or a truck, this is the best choice. It has a lift range of 3.5 inches and a maximum of 19.25 inches. Check its great features here.

Best Features

  1. Universal Joint Release Mechanism
  2. Lift Range –Has a low lift range of 2.75, and the highest is 24
  3. Low Profile Frame
  4. A Dual Pump Pistons
  5. Offers Vehicle Protection
  6. Steel Construction
  7. 32” Extra Long Chassis


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Secure
  • Easy mobility


  • Weight capacity of only 2 tons

9. Arcan 3 Ton Alumium and Steel Low Profile Floor Jack HJ3000A

Are you looking for a portable, cost-friendly durable floor jack? Why not buy Arcan Hybrid? It has an aluminum material and its handles have steel. It has a dual pump piston that makes it easy to lift the weight faster. It offers protection to your vehicle since it has rubber saddles. It’s lightweight since the material is aluminum making it portable. It has the approval of ASME that it has complied with the safety measures.

Best Features

  1. ​Hybrid construction (a combination of aluminium and steel)
  2. Side handle
  3. It has a lightweight
  4. Dual pump pistons.
  5. Offers vehicle protection
  6. It complies with ASME standards


  • Vehicle protection  
  • Safety standards
  • Portable  
  • Easy to use


  • Not suitable for very low profile cars

10. JEGS 80077 Professional Aluminum Floor Jack – Best Lightweight Floor Jack

If you intend to lift a 6000-pound weight, buy Jeg 80077. It is durable and has a lift range of 3 tons. It has a lightweight aluminum material and meets ASME safety standards. Jeg 80077 saddles are convenient since they rotate 360 degrees. That means you will not keep on turning the jack when using it. It’s secure since it has a rubber lift pad and safety valves that prevent overloading. It has good quality and is durable and long-lasting. Check its fantastic features below.

Best Features

  1. Lightweight aluminium construction
  2. The saddle can rotate up to 360 degrees
  3. Minimum height of 31/2 inches and a maximum of 191/4”
  4. Wide track wheels
  5. Meets ASME standards
  6. Has a lift capacity of 6000 lbs.
  7. Has a bypass valve
  8. Chassis length 261/2 inches and the width 12 inches
  9. Has a seal protection
  10. Rubber lifts pads- they protect marring
  11. 4 -9/16 inches Dia. lifting pad


  • Vehicle protection
  • Durable Lightweight
  • Convenient
  • Low lift height
  • Suitable for SUV and trailers
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to manoeuvre


  • Paddling disintegrates quickly
  • Requires more pumps to arrive at the maximum height

Tips For Buying A Floor, Jack?

Minimum Height

When buying a floor jack, consider the height of your car. Ensure that the floor jack you buy can easily slide underneath and lift the weight off your car’s wheel. If you have to work under the car, use a jack stand to enhance stability.

Lifting Effort

You require a jack that you can easily control, lift, or safely lower your car. It doesn’t have to be with a power pump and even a fast lifting. There is no harm in getting one with both, but also the less advanced one can make your work easier. If a floor jack is hard to operate, avoid it.

Rubber Saddle

The rubber saddle protects both the jack and the vehicle from getting dents or scratches. The saddles should be comfortable to rotate. If you get one that goes for 360 degrees, grab it.


You wouldn’t like to buy a floor jack annually. That’s why you need to ensure that the one you buy will last for long. You have to consider the material but also ensure that it’s not beyond your budget.

Jack Weight

A steel jack is heavy and requires you to use it in one location. If you want to use it in multiple locations, buy more than one. If you’re going to be carrying it around for emergency use, just buy a simple one.

Rate Capacity

Do you have more than one car? Which is the heaviest of all that you intend to use the jack floor on? That means you require a pump with a heavy duty. You can consider the type that has pump assistance.


It is a critical factor to consider. A high-quality jack can be very expensive. That’s why you need to think of what you value more on a jack. Is it the durability, minimum height, the rubber saddle? Once you know what you want, negotiate to get the right price.


You can’t afford to buy a floor jack that will endanger your life. Your safety comes first. Check if the floor jack you intend to buy meets the ASME standards. You also require taking some safety precautions on your side. Read the manual to know what you need to do.


Different floor jacks are fit for various tasks. For instance, some jacks are suitable for a professional garage. Others are good for small jobs. If you use some jacks regularly, they will end up failing.

Lifting Arm

A strong lifting arm increases the stability of the jack typically. That’s why you have to ensure that the jack is long and strong enough. To avoid vibration, ensure that the jack is robust. You should not overload the jack. If you can get one with a two-piece lifting arm, the better.

The Saddle Pads

It is the part that carries the whole weight since it comes into contact with your car. When purchasing a jack, check if the saddles have an anti-skidding coating that is durable. Regular contact with your vehicle can make the saddle pad wear out quickly, especially if it’s low quality. That means your car will come into contact with bare metal. That can be dangerous.

Rear and Side Handles

Low-profile jacks are generally heavy. Since you need to keep on moving them, you have to ensure that the handles are reinforced. That will make it easy to move it around. Whenever you are buying a jack, consider its security. You wouldn’t like to go back to the shop every year.

Rollers and Casters

To facilitate the movement of the heavy low profile jacks, ensure that the jack has strong rollers and castles. You might buy jacks with strong rollers and castles only for them to get jammed after a short time. Maintaining a jack should be a priority to avoid inconveniences. 


You should never buy a jack that doesn’t provide a maximum guarantee. Remember, it should be strong enough to withstand harsh and rough conditions. It should also be able to withstand much weight. In most cases, some low-profile jacks get oil leakages after some time. Imagine the new jack start leaking oil, and you have no warranty. Think of the agony of trying to follow up with customer care to have it repaired. You will also have to incur an extra cost.

Mistakes to Avoid Whenever You Are Using A Floor Jack

Since every car owner should own one, you should also know how to use it. It can lift heavyweight, but a slight mistake can cause severe damage either to your car or kill or even injure you. To enhance your safety and stay accident-free, avoid the errors below.

1. Overloading the Jack

Before buying the jack, you have to consider the weight lift capacity and that of your car. You should never try lifting a vehicle that exceeds the jack weight capacity. Some jacks have a bypass valve that gets triggered whenever you try overloading the jack. It makes the jack not lift.

2. Improvising Its Extension

Another factor to consider when buying a jack is the minimum and the maximum lift height. If the jack can’t reach your tractor or SUV chassis, don’t try modifying it to reach. Some put a brick or even a piece of plywood under it to make it reach. That is dangerous; if the car is beyond the maximum height lift, go for the right jack.

3. Working on an Inclined Surface

You need to take precautions before using your jack. Put your car in park and put it on the parking brakes. Ensure that the vehicle is on flat ground. An inclined field can make it tip over when lifting it using the jack. Remember, sometimes the brakes can fail. You should take extra precautions by using a wedge to block the other wheel you are not working on. If you don’t have a wedge, you can use a wheel chock.

4. Ignoring Designated Jack Points

You need to check the designated jack points in your car chassis. These areas are well reinforced to handle the job. If you deviate and use another area, the weak metal structure will get damaged, and repairing it is costly. There is also a chance that the jack might slide, causing an accident. Always ensure that the lifting arms and the saddle, not to mention the wheelbase must always fit on the recommended support point.

5. Supporting the Car with a Car Jack Only

When repairing your car underneath, you would never like to imagine what would happen in the crashes down on you. If you usually support your vehicle using a jack only, then you are endangering your life.

Before going underneath, ensure that your car is stable enough. The work of the jack is to lift not to support. That is why you require a jack stand to support the vehicle and increase stability. If you use a floor jack alone, it will be risky in case of your hydraulic ram leaks or even the jack slips.

How to Use a Car Jack

In case you have to change your flat tire or even replace your brake pads, you have to lift your car. Since a full-sized hydraulic lift is not easily affordable, you can use a car jack. In case you have to work under your vehicle, you have to take extra precautions. So how can you safely use your jack?

1. Take Safety Precaution

Start by parking your car on a surface that is flat and hard. Remember that working on soft ground can be so dangerous. The ground can shift, making the jack change its position unexpectedly. If you are under the car, it could kill you. Use a wedge to chock the wheels. If you don’t have a wedge, you can use bricks or even cinder blocks. You can also use a piece of wood that has a wedge shape.

Recheck the car and ensure it’s on the parking brake. If your vehicle develops issues with the traffic, you should put on the hazard lights. Pylons, flares, or even cones can help you direct the traffic away from you. In case your car develops a mechanical hitch on an inclined surface, what should you do? Park the car next to the curb. Ensure that the wheel touches the curbs by turning them into it. In case the ground is soft, a thick piece of wood will help you make a solid platform for your jack.

2. Raising the Car

Find the jack point. Since there are different designated points, you can check the manual if you are not sure. Slide the jack under your jack point. Check the label to ensure that the right side is facing the upper side. Raise the jack. Lift your car carefully off the ground, listening to any sound, and check the movement. In case of a sound, check if the vehicle has slipped off from its rightful position. As you lift to ensure that none of your body parts is under the car. In case it slides, death or a severe injury may occur.

After raising the car to the desired height, put a jack stand in case you have to get underneath the car. If you are just changing the tire, there is no need to put a jack stand. Thou just ensure that none your body part is under the car, just in case the jack slides. Once you finish, you can then lower your car back.

Remember that your safety and that of your car should always be a priority. Before getting underneath, test the sturdiness of the jack stands. If you want to change the wheel, begin by slightly unscrewing the lug nuts before lifting the car. Unscrewing them when the car is lifted can be a difficult task since the wheel will start rotating.  In case you realize that it is hard or impossible to meet the safety standards above don’t be reckless. You should ask for help from your mechanic or the people around you.


Whenever you want to buy a floor jack, there are things you need to put into considerations. If you have a low-profile car, consider the minimum weight of your floor jack. If you have more than one car, check the vehicle that has the maximum weight. If you need to push it around all the time, consider the portability. You should not ignore the durability and the material. Safety is important. Never buy a jack that lacks safety approval from the ASME. You should check the manual to get clear instructions on how to use it. Budget is another factor you can’t ignore. After knowing the qualities of the floor jack that you require, it is easy to negotiate.

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