[TOP 10] Best Jeep Grab Handles Reviews

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Best Jeep Grab Handles Reviews

Getting in and out of a lifted Jeep can be difficult for anyone but more so if you’re not particularly tall.

Grab handles are the perfect resolution.

Not only are they functional and easy to install, but they are also a great sporty addition to any Jeep’s roll bar.

Take a look through our reviews of the Best Jeep Grab Handles that we found currently available.

We do all of the hard work to help you make the most informed buying decision.

Best Jeep Grab Handles

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1. GPCA GP-Grip PRO Grab Handle for Jeep Wrangler (#ad)

This GPCA set of grab handles includes 6-pieces in total. That is 1-grip each for the front and back doors and 1-each for the rear of the front seats, beneath the headrest.

They are perfect when you hit a particularly big bump and reach out for anything to hang onto!


Brand- GPCA

Model- GP-Grip

Weight- 10-ounces       

They are made of strong canvas on a durable powder-coated aluminum frame and the red and black design looks particularly impressive and will make any roll bar look sportier.

They are suited to both soft and hard tops; in fact, they fit virtually all after-market soft top kits. They attach securely around the 3-inch roll bar and withstand heavyweights.

You needn’t worry about them obscuring your view when you’re not off-roading either; each grab handle can be folded up and out of sight.

Best Feature

The 4-door handles also feature storage pockets, 1 larger one suitable for flashlights and sunglasses. The second pocket is tucked away to that valuables can be kept securely in it. No need to worry about cash and keys being bounced out of the Jeep on the track!

Installation is easy, the left hand and right-hand sets follow slightly different instructions but the manufacturer has a step-by-step guide on the website.

Fitting one of these cushioned grab handles to the rear sports bar can make jumping on and off the back of the truck a cinch, even with a high lift kit installed.


  • Compatible with all Jeep Wrangler JK, JL, and TJ modelsSoft, comfort grip
  • Foldable aluminum frames
  • 6-handles included
  • Solid sturdy grip, on and off-road
  • Fit all 3-inch roll bars
  • Outer pouch for large storage
  • Secret pocket for valuables
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Not compatible with a Sky 0ne-Touch Power Top
  • Hard to distinguish between left and right sets

2. Made in the USA GraBars Steel Handles (#ad)

If you insist on the highest-quality products for your Jeep then consider these grab handles.

They are made of premium, solid steel that is 3/4” thick and as such is virtually indestructible! You only need to look and feel the bars to realize what quality they are. This is achieved as they are both designed and manufactured in the USA.


Brand- GraBarsUSA

Model- WD-1001

Weigh- 5.5-pounds                 

These bars fit just above the door frame and are a great assistant to pull the largest person in and out of the Jeep whether it has a lift kit fitted or not.

Installation should take around half an hour, there is nothing to drill, remove the plastic pillar trim and there are the pre-drilled holes. Take a tip from many users who have previously installed these grab bars, use an M-8, 1.25 tap on each screw to make the job much easier.

Best Feature

There are so many to choose from! The sun visors operation is not affected at all by the positioning of the bars use it as you would normally. None of the cheap copies available can make that claim.

If your Jeep is exposed to high heats for long periods you needn’t worry about the handles becoming hot to the touch, they don’t. Each bar has a sturdy silicone cover for a comfortable grip. They come in a choice of 6-colors so you can choose to compliment your color scheme.

With superior strength and durability, made in the USA, and a Lifetime warranty, these handles give any Jeep a ‘just rolled off the production line’ fantastic finish.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Solid steel, unbreakable
  • Simple fit, no drilling required
  • Welding exceeds military-strength specs
  • Compatible with all JK 2-dr ’07-’17 models
  • Good value for moneyStronger than fabric


  • Only 2-supplied (front set)
  • Install may be challenging without M8-1.25 tap

3. Rough Country 6501 Black Steel Grab Handles (#ad)

When you buy any Rough Country product for your Jeep you know you’re going to get something tough and durable. That applies to these solid steel grab bars.

They are easy to fit; installation should take no longer than 20-minutes and use a couple of basic tools.

There is no drilling required; they fit directly into the existing mounting holes, just use the extended bolt and thread supplied to swap the old ones out.


Brand- Rough Country

Model- Black Steel Grab Handles

Weight – 6-pounds                  

Once they are fitted they will feel like they have been there forever and that they are welded to the frame, swinging yourself in and out of the cab will no longer be a problem.

Best Feature

Although not a physical feature, we feel that this is a huge reason to entice you to buy these bars. They come with a lifetime replacement guarantee; now there is a company that stands behind their product.

The tough rubber grips that fit each handle are great for keeping the handles cool in blazing sunshine; they also ensure that you get a firm, comfortable grip.

Although positioned neat to the sun visor, they don’t restrict its use in any way.

These are a great set of bars available at an incredibly low price for such high-strength and quality.


  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Superb customer support
  • Low price
  • Tough, thick steel for lifelong durability
  • No drilling required
  • Rubber grips for protection and comfort
  • Fast installation


  • Only compatible with JK models
  • Instructions could be simplified
  • Only available in black and red

4. Xprite Black Front & Rear Grab Bar Steel Grab Handle Kit (#ad)

If you like to hit the trail with a car full of friends, then this may be the ideal set for you.

Front and rear grab bars enable easy entry and exit not only into the cab, but the rear of the Jeep too.


Brand- Xprite

Model- WLB-0026

Weight – 4.5-pounds

Once you’re inside, they will not restrict your view in any way and the rear ones are a great addition for nervous passengers to grab onto when the track gets rough!

Made of strong steel construction they may well be the best budget set of grab handles for Jeep, but don’t expect them to feel like budget equipment, they don’t.

They are made from solid steel with a black powder-coated exterior. Each of the front handles has a tough rubberized grip to make holding it more comfortable and no-slip.

Best Feature

All of the hardware for a fast and easy installation is supplied. It is so simple to do that there are no instructions included. Just line up the bolts with the stock ones in your Jeep’s frame, and tighten.

If you should encounter a problem, there are many YouTube videos to take you through the installation.

This is a nice heavy-duty set that is a nice upgrade for any Jeep. The Wild Boar embossed logo makes it look like an impressive bit of kit.


  • Compatible with all JK and JKU models ’07-‘18
  • Fits both 2 and 4-dr Jeeps
  • Full set for front and rear
  • Very fast install using existing OEM holes
  • Corrosion-resistant steel construction
  • Strong and durableAvailable in black and red


  • Sun visor may not extend fully
  • No instructions supplied

5. Front Grab Handles Grip Handle Grab bar for Jeep Wrangler (#ad)

This is a front set of solid steel Jeep grab handles. Some brands offer only hollow steel handles which are not as strong and durable, these will last a lifetime. Danti is so sure of this that they offer a Lifetime Warranty with them.


Brand- Danti

Model- TLS-001

Weight – 4.5-pounds               

As with every other set we have reviewed, there is no need to drill any holes, they simply bolt into pre-made holes on the frame of your Jeep.

All of the hardware required is supplied, including solid steel mounting bolts.

Best Feature

These handles are compatible with every model of JK Jeep from 2007-2016, including 2 and 4-door models. They are even suited to the JKU models.

All of the steel is powder-coated to resist rusting.

There are rubberized handle grips that not only look great but also keep you comfortable if you’re going to be hanging onto them for long periods.

These 3/4” handles are so solid that they won’t bend or sway and will maintain rigidity under long time use.

They’re ideal for the driver to hang onto if he needs to lean far out of the Jeep to plot the trail ahead.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 3-Month money back, full-satisfaction guarantee
  • Available in black and red
  • Rigid, solid-steel construction
  • Easy, fast install
  • Compatible with all JK and JKU models
  • Superb low price


  • Prevents full extension of the sun visor
  • Only front set supplied
  • Some users reported chipped paint

6. GPCA GP-Grip PRO Grab Handle for Jeep Wrangler JL JT JK (#ad)

This is identical to the first set of grab handles in our review other than the color.

The other set is black powder-coated and this is the firecracker red set.

They still both feature the same folding technology, large storage pouch, and smaller secret pocket.


Brand- GPCA

Model- GP-Grip

Weight – 10-ounces                

They are full 6-piece sets which ensure hopping in and out of the Jeep, even the rear, is a breeze.

With many positions for the passenger to hold onto, a rough off-road track will never seem so much fun and so secure.

Click on this link to see the full features and functions of the black GPCA PRO grip set.

7. Iparts New Aluminum Grab Handle for Jeep Wrangler JK (#ad)

This is a pair of rear handles to fit Jeep JK 2007-’17 models. They are made from premium aluminum and will, therefore, have long life service.


Brand- Iparts

Model- IPARTSJK001-04

Weight – 2.85-pounds

They are simple to fit with the pre-drilled OEM holes on your roll bar.  Match the 4-long bolts up with these holes and tighten them, that’s pretty much all the job entails.

The powder-coated finish on the bars prevents them from ever becoming corroded; this is true whether you choose the red or black finish.

Best Feature

We love the design of this product, the long arm. This allows the passenger many positions to hold onto it comfortably. Whether you prefer to reach behind your head or out in front, you will find a position that suits you.

These bars feel particularly solid and will easily take the weight of a well-built person to give them leverage to swing in and out of the rear seats.

If your Jeep has a lift kit fitted or not, this is still a really useful piece of equipment that not only gives added assistance, but it also adds style to any Jeep’s interior.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Available in red and black
  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Long design for added comfort
  • Easy installation
  • Matching front handles are available
  • Compatible if a soundbar is already installed


  • Minimal interference with sun visor
  • No rubber grips, the metal may get hot
  • Only rear handles included

8. Xprite Front & Rear Red Hand Mount Solid Steel Grab Handle Bar (#ad)

This set of red handles contains 4-bars, a pair for the front and a pair for the back. The bright red powder-coated finish will look impressive when installed on any Jeep.


Brand- Xprite

Model- WLB-0026R

Weight – 4.7-pounds

Solid steel construction gives users great faith that their purchase will have great strength and durability for many years to come.

Best Feature

All 4 of the handles have a tough rubber non-slip handle. Even backseat passengers can hold on comfortably without fear of their hands hurting even when the trail is bouncing them around like crazy!

No drilling is necessary as your Jeep will have existing holes for all of the bolts, in both the back and the front.

Once you have aligned each part, the only other thing to do is tighten all of the bolts. This is a quick operation that should have you out on the road, or off it, within less than an hour.

No matter which door you need to enter the Jeep by, grab on to one of the handles and easily swing yourself in. You will also get peace of mind knowing that if you should ever have to make a fast escape, they are great for helping you out quickly too.


  • For use with JK 2-dr and JKU 4-dr models
  • Strong steel construction
  • Striking red finish
  • Full set for front and rear
  • All handles feature rubber grips, for comfort and security
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Value for money


  • Slightly more expensive than the plain black set
  • No instructions provided, follow YouTube video
  • May affect full use of sun visor

9. Voodonala Front & Rear Roll Bar Grab Handles Kit (#ad)

This full set of the best Jeep grab handles looks slightly different and unique to the ones we have reviewed this far.

They are not a hooked-style handle or bar, but instead a proper ergonomically-shaped grip with indents for fingers. This allows a more comfortable and natural grip, particularly when being bounced around a lot.


Brand- Voondonala

Model- 13-TLHs

Weight – 4.3-pounds               

They can easily withstand 180lb weight and so larger people can pull themselves in and out of the cab with little problem.

The rear bars look like they were always there as if they are molded to the vehicle. They don’t cause any obstruction and give the passenger lots of places to get a comfortable grip.

Best Feature

Believe it or not, we love the packaging. Each component had a separate Styrofoam compartment. This ensures that the whole set arrives in pristine condition with no chips or scratches to the paintwork. This is much more than can be said for many other brands.

Everything is contained for a quick and easy installation including all bolts and spacers.

This set is seriously high-quality and heavy-duty. The matte black, kinda rough finish helps it to blend in perfectly with the pillar.


  • 3-month money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Strong aluminum alloy construction
  • Unique, ergonomic design
  • Compatible with all JK and JKU models 2007-‘19
  • Everything included for easy install
  • Full set for front and rear
  • Great quality build


  • Minimal disruption to sun visor use
  • No silicone grips for added comfort
  • Only available in black

10. 4 x Roll Bar Grab Handles Grip Handle for Jeep Wrangler (#ad)

Our final review is of the Paracord handgrips made by Danti.

They are the significantly cheaper option and take moments to install. You don’t require any tools as they clip around the roll cage.


Brand- Danti

Model- DD-NNN01

Weight – 1.12-pounds

Each pack contains 4-handles made from ABS, canvas, and nylon webbing. This ensures that they have incredible durability and are weather-resistant; they will repel water and won’t fade in the bright sun.

Best Feature

These Paracord handles will fit all makes of Jeep Wrangler with roll bars. They aren’t just suited to 1 particular model; instead, they cover a wide range to include the YJ, TJ, JK, JKU, JL, and JLU models, from 1995 – 2018.

We love that they are available in a wide range of colors to match with the paintwork on your Jeep; there is even a camo-style set.

Each handle features a comfortable, non-slip grip that will make it easier for everyone to get in and out of the vehicle. They are ideal to hang onto when the road conditions change and you’re getting thrown about more.

At this amazingly low price, it isn’t a bad idea to buy a second set and put a couple on the rear roll bar, jumping in and out of the trunk will never have seemed so easy.

These are the best Paracord Jeep grab handles around.


  • Exceptional low price
  • Wide color-range available
  • Compatible with all Jeep Wrangler models
  • Weather-proof
  • Comfortable grip
  • 4-supplied
  • Fast fit, no tools required


  • Not as durable as metal handles
  • May slip slightly on roll bars with no cloth cover

What are Jeep Grab Handles?

If you have ever tried to get in or out of a Jeep with a decent size lift installed you will know that it can be tricky.

With the hardtop on it is a slightly easier task as you can grab the door for leverage. But even this isn’t safe as the door might sway on its hinges.

If you have got a soft-top or gone full-safari finding something to grab hold of to make a quick entry or exit isn’t always easy.

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That’s where grab handles come in.

  • Strong and sturdy to support great weights
  • Made from durable canvas and metals
  • Simple to install
  • Less hassle than carrying a step around in the trunk
  • The rear installation makes hopping on and off the back a breeze
  • Relatively inexpensive after-market add-on to complete the racing look of any Jeep
  • Suited to both soft and hardtops

Which is Better Jeep Grab Bars vs. Jeep Fabric Grab Handles

Deciding which style to fit as an after-market piece of kit for your Jeep is usually based on personal preference. Color and style will affect choice.

Metal Grabs bars

  • Made of strong aluminum alloy or steel (solid or tubular)
  • Long service life, extremely durable
  • Easy fit in existing OEM holes
  • Withstands greater weight capacities
  • Immobile and rigid, stay in position
  • Blend in with the vehicle’s bodywork
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Often powder-coated and come in colors to complement the Jeep

Fabric Grab Handles

  • Easy installation, no specialist tools required
  • Often foldable to prevent obscuring views
  • Protects head on bumpy roads
  • Doesn’t overheat as some metal might in high temperatures
  • Often feature 6-pieces, extra 2 to fit on rear roll bar for easy trunk access
  • Pouches and pockets for additional storage

Paracord Grab Handles

  • Fast and easy installation
  • No tools required
  • By far the cheapest
  • Fit all Jeep Wrangler roll cages, regardless of year
  • Durable
  • Weather-resistant

Did you know that there are also plastic grab handles for Jeeps available on the market?

No matter how much the manufacturers state they are strong and durable, we feel that they will never compete with the strength and durability of the grab handles that we have reviewed.

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What are the benefits of Jeep grab handles?

Making light work of getting in and out of the cab

Not everyone is very tall and fit so getting in and out of any Jeep can be awkward, even more so if it has had a lift kit fitted. Being able to grab a handle and pull yourself up is a great help.


Bouncing around in a Jeep isn’t for the faint-hearted, whether you’re on the highway or the trail. Giving your passengers something sturdy to hold onto can make them feel safer.

They are cost-effective

We all know that the after-market kit for your beloved Jeep is rarely cheap. Surprisingly, these are whilst also being fully-functional. Knowing that everyone is safe is surely worth the small outlay that you will have to make.


They add impressive good looks to your Jeep. The best grab handles for Jeep Wranglers will look like they were always there as if they were added at the factory. Yet they can make your fellow ‘Jeepists’ green with envy.

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Are grab handles for jeeps just to help you climb in?

That is their main purpose, to give the user some leverage to pull them in or to jump out of the Jeep. However, they are also a great piece of safety equipment. Jeeps bounce around, that’s a fact, so if passengers have something to hang on to they will feel more secure. This will give the driver greater peace of mind and the freedom to hit the bumpier tracks!

Can I just buy a pair of grab handles for the front of my Jeep?


Most brands are available as just a front set or a back set, or you can save a few dollars if you buy the full set together.

If you very rarely have back-seat passengers then it is probably more cost-effective just to buy the front set.

Lots of Jeep drivers prefer to buy a full set as they love the overall look it gives their Jeep.

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Do you recommend canvas/fabric grab handles for Jeep?

In lots of circumstances, they are the most ideal solution to a problem. We particularly like them when the Jeep owner is particularly tall – they save many bumped heads!

Why won’t sun visors work with lots of the recommended grab handles?

Due to their design, pulling the visor down to its full capacity just can’t be done. This isn’t a major problem as they fall only an inch or 2 short.

However, many users describe slightly bending the corner of the visor or making a little adjustment to the bar it sits on, and then they can use the visor to full capacity.

If you choose to go with the GraBars set you won’t have to worry. They have a unique design that allows the sun visor to remain fully-functional.

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Note to Jeep designers!

Whilst doing extensive research for this post, we came to one conclusion; every single Jeep Wrangler would benefit from a set of grab handles – so why aren’t they installed as stock?

Making Jeep enthusiasts pay for another add-on seems crazy when all that is required is a simple design modification. Surely this would make more sense?

At least the buyer would then have the option to upgrade or change them if they desired.

Rant over!

And finally

The Jeep Grab handles are the ones that make getting in and out of your vehicle easier and make any passengers feel safer and more secure.

They also look great by adding a sporty, stylish touch to the interior that contrasts with and complements the overall finish.

For a relatively low cost and with a fairly simple installation operation, it must be worth getting a set, if only to stop the shorter people in your life struggling to get into your cab!

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