Best High Lift Jack Reviews (Off-Road Jacks)

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Best High Lift Jack

Whenever you think of a car jack, do you automatically think that they have only one use – to lift the section of a vehicle that needs a tire changing?

You may well be surprised to know that some jacks can do many other things, in fact, anything that requires lifting something heavy might be the job for a jack.

Take a look through our Best High Lift Jack reviews to get an idea of some of their capabilities and to help you decide which the right one for your needs is.

10 Best High Lift Jack

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1. Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48″ Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack

Hi-Lift has been constructing heavy-duty jacks for over 100-years so they know just what their customers need.


Weight CapacityRated 4660-lbs tested 7000-lbs
Lift Height48-inches
Dimensions49 x 5 x 10

For a low budget price, they have designed an extremely lightweight yet strong and durable jack with a maximum load capacity of 7000-pounds (3175kg)

It is made from cast and a combination of 4 high-grade stamp steel for superior strength. Powder-coated components ensure the jack is rust-resistant.

Best feature

For us, it has to be the safety pin. It’s a bolt that shears if the maximum load weight is exceeded. The jack is particularly versatile. Safe for use on heavy farm vehicles and construction trucks, it can be used for lifting, winching, pulling, and clamping.

Use it on firm ground, sand, or in muddy conditions. Each time you can feel assured that your safety won’t be at risk. Many traditional mechanical jacks feature a 1-piece handle that might bend under great pressure. We love the 2-piece long handle and socket on the HL484 model as it will stay firm and add service life to the jack. It also aids the ratchet mechanism to run smoothly.


  • Trusted brand
  • Exceptionally strong and durable construction
  • Lightweight, 28-lbs
  • Versatile for many duties
  • Usable in many ground conditions
  • Operational instruction and weights displayed on the tool
  • Superb low price


  • No mounts supplied for users who like to display
  • Keep the powder coating dry and oiled to prevent chipping

2. Powerbuilt Alltrade 640912 Black 3 Ton

If you’ve ever had to lift a vehicle before, you will know that, unless you have an expensive trolley jack, you will need at least 2-pieces of equipment. The jack itself and a stand or 2 to take the weight of the vehicle as you load it down.

This unique design from Powerbuilt is both built into 1 tool. A jack and stand set combination that is compact and lightweight enough to be versatile and portable. It is the ideal product for any off-roader to keep in the trunk of their vehicle, ‘just in case!


TypeHydraulic bottle jack
Weight Capacity6000-lbs
Lift Height11”-21”
Dimensions9.7 x 9.75 x 12.25 -inches

Stability comes from the wide steel base. The same can be said for the strong safety lock, it is a bar that locks and holds everything in place once the required height has been reached.

Best feature

This jack works great on modified Jeeps. If you’ve got a lift and bigger tires then don’t fear. The jack is set at a default of 17.25-inches lift height, but by removing the adjustable pin, 4-inches can be gained. This is a perfect high lift jack to use for a myriad of jobs, not just with vehicles. Anything large and heavy can be lifted or held in place for any length of time with it.

Use the hydraulic capabilities up to 17.25-inches lift, higher than that there are 3 more mechanical adjustment options. The fact that it is available at such a competitively low price is a bonus.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Economical. Saves money and storage space on separate tools
  • Strong, sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Versatile for many off-road and large agricultural vehicles
  • Strong steel bar that locks for added safety
  • Capabilities to lift many large items, not just vehicles
  • Excellent value for money


  • It is relatively tall, check the ground clearance if you need it for a smaller car to ensure it fits
  • A minority of users noted the hydraulic fluid might leak

3. Hi-Lift Jack HL485 48″ Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack

If you’re searching for a versatile, effective jack that can do pretty much anything asked of it, even in diverse situations, take a look at this next product from Hi-Lift.


Weight Capacity4660-pounds rated  7000-pounds tested
Lift Height4.5 – 38.5 inches
Dimensions48 x 9 x 4 inches

This jack is heavy-duty, sturdy, and reliable. Suitable for many heavy-duty situations whether they are off-roading, farming, or construction. Using this versatile jack could make heavy lifting, clamping, and winching jobs, a breeze.

Best feature

Let’s dive right in and tell you about this, it is constructed from 100% cast steel. This means it is built like a tank, virtually indestructible, and has maximum durability. It is the only high lift jack worldwide to be constructed in this way. We love the winch-connector clamp; no need to buy a hooked chain, this clamp will securely grip regular links.

The hardware on the jack is all zinc-plated that has been powder-coated. Even if you’re high lift jack is mounted on your truck, it should remain resistant to the worst weather conditions. The 3.5-ton load limit cannot be exceeded; there is a safety shear bolt to prevent it from happening.


  • Only all-cast high lift jack in the world
  • 2-piece handle and socket provides ultimate strength
  • The brand has 100-years of expertise150% test and proven safety
  • Rust and moisture resistant
  • Safety shear bolt
  • Versatile for many automotive and agricultural uses


  • No mounting kit supplied
  • Not ideally suited to small passenger cars, design means bumpers or bodywork may get damaged.

4. Smittybilt 2722 Universal Trail Jack – 54″

If you are seriously into off-roading or have lifted your ride from stock levels, then this is a jack worthy of your consideration.

Smittybilt has been involved in the off-road industry for more than 50-years and as such, provides strong and durable products that have stood up to the most rigorous and extreme testing conditions. This is a substantial jack constructed from cast steel; the bar is from carbon steel for extra strength. It has been tested to withstand 80,000-lbs of tensile strength.


Weight Capacity4660-lbs rated  7000-lbs tested
Lift Height54-inches
Dimensions56 x 6 8 -inches

All of the hardware on the jack has been zinc-plated to protect it from outdoor elements. Rust and water resistance is an important detail for the serious off-roader, particularly if you like your jack mounted.

It feels very substantial, weighing in at 30-lbs, you can tell it’s a heavy-duty, long-lasting piece of equipment. The 30-inch long, steel handle is removable and can be stored in the handle holder that is supplied.

Best feature

The base is a large, 28-inch squared which feels very safe and secure even in the most precarious conditions. It doesn’t fear snow, sand, or mud.

Although it is advertised as the universal trail jack and would look good mounted on a jeep, it is strong and versatile enough to be used on any large SUV or truck in almost any situation.


  • Smittybilt’s advanced warranty
  • Ideal for modified and vehicle with high lifts
  • Carbon steel for supreme strength
  • Zinc-coating for rust resistance
  • Substantial, strong and very durable


  • No mounting hardware supplied
  • Needs to be cleaned and oiled regularly

5. Torin Big Red 48″ Ratcheting Off Road / Utility Farm Jack

If you’re looking for the best farm jack for all of your agricultural needs, then you may just have found it. Torin has designed a jack that is capable of winching, hoisting, pulling, spreading, and clamping. It also lifts too!

So whether you’re a farmer with trucks and tractors, an off-roader with a modified 4 x 4, or have heavy construction vehicles, take a look at this.


TypeMechanical ratcheting
Weight Capacity6000-lbs
Lift Height5.12-40-inches
Dimensions49 x 10 x 6 -inches

Made from high-grade, powder-coated steel, this jack looks and feels durable. The long, strong handle offers superb leverage, making any task simpler. Add the rubberized handle and it becomes easier and more comfortable to get a good grip.

The jack itself is relatively lightweight, making it easy to transport around a large farm or even to mount on the hood of a jeep.

Best feature

We love that this ratchet works just as well horizontally as it does vertically which makes it perfect to pull trees and established bushes out. Even fence posts and poles that have been concreted into the ground become a breeze to remove.

Just by attaching a chain to the jack, you have a winch tool that can help recover stranded vehicles, making it a great product to have around in times of emergencies.


  • Suited to farming and off-roading situations, all-terrain
  • Ideal for modified trucks with over-sized tires
  • Reliable and safe thick, ribbed base
  • Ratcheting mechanism works fast and safely
  • Toothed chuck for more effective clamping
  • Versatile for so many applications, lift deck, remove trees, etc.


  • No chain included for winching and pulling

6. Hi-Lift Jack XT485 48″ Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack

This jack is another offering from Hi-Lift called the X-TREME for a reason. It is the best version of all of their jacks as it is made from the solid cast with hardware coated in gold, zinc-coat to make it virtually impenetrable to rust.

The design is different from some of the standard models; there is no longer a clamp-clevis and in its place, a unique clamp and winch attachment. This small fitment will allow you to winch to the full weight capacity of the jack, making pulling out fence posts and rescuing stuck vehicles, an easy task.


Weight Capacity4660-lbs – 7000-lbs
Lift Height4.5 – 38.5 inches
Dimensions61 x 10.5 x 7 -inches

Best feature

The design of the new component has a special hook that 3/8 chain links can clip to. No need to buy an adapted chain with hooks, the jack will do the job.

The superior strength and durability of this jack make it versatile in the most demanding situations. By using multiple jacks and rigging them correctly, large sheds can be lifted inches from the ground to replace supports beneath. Clamping panels and posts together can save you calling for an extra pair of hands.

All of these plus excellent capabilities to lift trucks, 4 x 4’s and agricultural vehicles make it one of the toughest and most reliable jacks available.


  • Solid cast construction for supreme strength and durability
  • Gold, zinc powder-coat for rust resistance
  • Unique clamp and winch attachment capable of amazing strength
  • Heavy-duty enough for the most demanding jobs
  • Fully mountable


  • Powder-coat may cheap when banged against metal (keep oiled)
  • No mounting brackets supplied

7. Powerbuilt 620470 4000lb, Unijack 4000lb, Unijack

This is another offering from Powerbuilt, the Unijack that replaces 2 pieces of equipment with one. No longer will you need to buy a separate bottle jack and a set of stands, this tool does the job of both. It is more economical and saves storage space.


TypeHydraulic and manual
Weight Capacity4000lbs
Lift Height8.5 – 18.5 –inches
Dimensions  8  x 7.5 x 6.5 inches

If you’re the owner of a sedan-type, unibody vehicle, you might be aware that there are specified points underneath the car where it’s safe to place lifting equipment. When using a conventional scissor jack, this leaves you with a problem. The jack is using the point and there is nowhere safe to place the stands. Using the Unijack removes this problem as the stands are already inbuilt.

Best feature

The strong detachable handle is almost 4-feet in length, this makes for superb leverage. It has a bolt with a lock so it stays firmly in place; there is no chance of it slipping out.

The handle pumps easily and with each lift, a strong steel safety latch ratchets into place for added security. This is a well-priced unique lifting tool that is less hassle, easier to store, and more cost-effective than a floor jack.


  • Unique jack plus stand design
  • Extremely strong, safe and durable
  • Perfect for both regular and unibody cars and trucks
  • Wide base for better grip and reduced sinking
  • Small enough to store behind or beneath front seats
  • Concave and flat saddle for various lift points


  • Not low enough for small passenger cars
  • Only 1 supplied, not a pair

8. Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack

Some jobs just need a traditional floor jack. This one from Blackhawk is heavy-duty, tough, and oozes quality. Strong enough to lift the end of a large truck as you slide stands into place, this jack is well suited to a busy workshop where tires are regularly changed.


TypeFloor, hydraulic jack
Weight Capacity7000-pounds
Lift Height5.5 – 22-inches
Dimensions30.1 x 15.8 x 16.9 inches

The saddle swivels to make it easy to sit on any surface, this is just one safety aspect. Another is the internal safety valve and vents. Thirdly, there is a bypass device that makes over-pumping impossible.

Best feature

This trolley jack has been constructed with ‘fast lift technology’. The user needs to apply a minimal amount of pressure and a small number of pumps until the vehicle is lifted smoothly to its desired height. The heavy-gauge steel fabrication means this easy-to-operate floor jack has superb durability to last a very long time.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Arm safely detaches for storage
  • Operating and safety instructions on the jack
  • Rugged and durable
  • Many added safety aspects
  • Compatible with small passenger vehicles
  • Competitively priced


  • Remember – it lifts, not supports, always use jack stands
  • It is heavy – 85-pounds!

9. Arcan ALJ3T 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this floor jack lacks strength when you notice that it is of aluminum construction. It is made to the same grade as aircraft, so it is supremely strong and durable while being lighter and more maneuverable than a traditional steel model.


TypeFloor, hydraulic jack
Weight Capacity6000-pounds
Lift Height3.75 – 18-inches
Dimensions30 x 13.5 x 8 inches

Dual-pump piston shields make light work of lifting, they also allow for a smooth, precise lowering operation. The long handle is reinforced for added strength; it clips into place quickly and easily where it stays locked with no fear of slipping out.

The handle is foam, not only is it easier to grip, it prevents accidental dings against customer’s vehicles. The same applies to the lift saddle; it has a rubber pad so no damage to the vehicle is done.

Best feature

This is the ideal trolley jack for small cars or those with very low clearance. The low profile makes light work of lifting a family car whilst remaining powerful enough to lift a heavy truck.

Weighing only 56-pounds allows this floor jack to be carried easily around a workshop. Its strength and durability are amazing and it doesn’t skimp on safety precautions either. Overload valves are in place to prevent accidentally exceeding weight capacities.


  • Remarkably lightweight
  • Dust-shields protect harmful contamination
  • Dual-pistons for fast, smooth lift
  • Low profile for lower vehicles
  • Reinforced lift arm, 2 parts for easy storage
  • Seconds to assemble


  • Rubber saddle pads wear out
  • Only usable to lift, unlike multipurpose high lift jacks
  • Lifts only will need jack stands to support

10. Sunex 6603ASJPK Aluminum 3 Ton Jack Pack

This floor jack is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum which guarantees that you will have no concerns over its durability. It is considerably lighter than steel jacks and therefore, much easier to move into position beneath a vehicle.

Sunex knows that safety is paramount and advises to always use a floor jack to lift the vehicle to the above-required height and then lower it onto jack stands. To hammer the point home, they have included a pair of stands constructed from the same high-quality, durable aluminum.


TypeFloor, hydraulic
Weight Capacity6000-pounds
Lift Height3.8 – 19.3 inches
Dimensions37.7 x 15 x 7.9 inches

The sturdy stands have 6 settings for different height positions; a steel pin holds them securely in place. Their stands are reinforced for added stability.

Dual-pistons enable the lift to operate ultra-fast with a nice smooth action. Just 7 quick strokes will see the saddle at maximum height. Talking of the saddle, it has a contoured rubberized pad, this not only protects the vehicle but also helps it to mold to any surface.

Best feature

The release pedal that lowers the arm can be activated by foot. This is a great safety feature and makes for a jerk-free lowering.

If you have an exhaust system or shock absorbers that need to be replaced, this kit is the ideal setting to get the job done. It is strong, sturdy, with a lifetime of service available.


  • Almost half the weight of a steel jack
  • Supplied with 2, high-quality, height-adjustable jack stands
  • Rapid-rise technology2-piece reinforced handle for easy storage
  • Foot activated pedal for controlled lowering
  • Foam handle for added grip and vehicle protection
  • Compatible with lifted vehicles


  • Jack lifts only –use stands for support
  • Some users suggested stronger packaging should be used

What is a high lift jack used for?

Farmers, off-road enthusiasts, and generally anyone who owns a larger than average vehicle Capable of bearing extremely heavy loads, can lift a vehicle with relative ease, to allow repair work to be undertaken. The high lift jacks are constructed from the toughest and most durable metals that ensure strength and safety.

They will distribute the load evenly and remain stable, even when the terrain is treacherous or soft. The user should exert as little physical effort as possible when using a jack. Lifting several thousand pounds of weight so need little more than a few pumps of a lever.

Other uses for a high lift jack

High lift jacks are a must-have on any farm, their versatility goes way beyond the maintenance and repair of vehicles.

Here are a few other uses:

Winching: By using the jack in a horizontal position and attaching straps and chains, the most stubborn, stuck vehicle can be towed. With each yank of the handle, up to 7000-pounds of strength can pull the vehicle up to 3-feet. Ideal for an off-road stuck on a rock or tree stump.

Spreading: It may be a scary thought, but in the event of an accident, your jack can become an emergency aid. It can be used to prise apart the metal panels of a vehicle to free anyone trapped.

Pulling: A horizontal jack and a length of chain could be all that 1 man needs to remove fence posts, poles, and young trees.

Clamping: Heavy loads such as timber that need clamping together for safety can benefit from the ratcheting function of a jack.

Lifting: Almost anything large and heavy can be lifted and supported with the correct use of 1 or a set of jacks. For example, backyard sheds that need new supports or piers that need to be held in place to allow rotting planks to be replaced.

Safety is paramount: Never take unnecessary risks when dealing with such heavyweights. Always ensure you know how to complete the task and that you have the proper equipment. Take no chances. Wear sturdy gloves to prevent the possibility of fingers getting trapped.


Which is best, a high lift jack or a bottle jack?

That is not a simple question to answer; both are brilliant tools when used safely, in the right circumstances. For a simple tire change, a basic bottle jack is enough. They’re quick, easy, and safe.

If I was to go out on the trail regularly and have issues getting stuck and need to be winched, then a high lift jack is the best tool for the job. The best farm jack is an absolute necessity for farmers with lots of heavy machinery and vehicles.

Can I use a floor jack to support my truck for a quick tire change?

No! Floor jack’s sole purpose is to lift. By pumping it a little higher than needed you can slide jack stands to the required point and lower the vehicle slowly. Then remove the jack as it is not suited to long periods of support.

Can I use a high lift jack to work on my ride-on mower?

Sure you can, providing there is a sturdy lifting point available. The lifting ledge of a high lift jack is not as big as the saddle on any other type of jack, so please, proceed with caution.

Are high lift jacks easy to use?

If you have never used one before, we advise you to get a friend around and practice together at home.

Handled incorrectly, jacks can be exceptionally dangerous, particularly when they are supporting a ton of heavy vehicles. Once you have got the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.

Does my high lift jack take much maintenance?

Not really, just try and store it out of the worst weather conditions and maybe lube it up every few months. If you do mount it on your hood or roof rack, remember to care for it even if you don’t use it often.

Safety First

  • You must always be aware of the power of your jack and treat it with respect.
  • Never, ever attempt a job that you’re unsure of, ask for help.
  • Wear safety clothing, gloves, and eye goggles are better than nothing. Slipping chain or loose hardware can cause serious injury in seconds.
  • Never lean your head in the arc of the handle, you never know if it might malfunction and slip.
  • Don’t take chances. Ensure everything is 100% secure and stable before you begin any work. Always use high-quality, strong jack stands.
  • Always read the instructions and never exceed load capacity. Fortunately, most jacks have a cut-out device to prevent this from happening.

And finally

Hopefully, by reading our high lift jack reviews you will have reached the most informed buying decision. A high lift jack may not be the one for you and you may find your needs more suited to one of the floor jacks or bottle jacks featured in our review.

Whichever you decide upon, know that lifting, winching, and pulling heavy objects, safely, will be easy. Investing in the high lift jack can ultimately save you time, energy, and money.

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