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Best Floor Mats for F150

Buying a Ford F150 is a hefty investment; when you have spent so much money it is only right that you would want to keep it in perfect condition for as long as possible.

Whether you live in an area that suffers harsh winters or where there is lots of salty water around you will soon notice the carpets become damaged and dirty.

If you have an outdoor-loving family that spends the weekend running through mud tracks or foraging in woodland you will no doubt grimace every time they step in your beautiful truck.

That is when you realize that buying the best floor mats for F150 should be your next investment. They are a cost-effective way of keeping your carpets in pristine condition.

10 Best Floor Mats for F150

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Take a look through the 10 best floor mats for F-150 that are available at the moment, hopefully, we can help you reach a more informed buying decision.

1. F-150-Weathertech Floor Liners (Includes 1st and 2nd Row

The first set of floor mats in our review is from Weather Tech, a trusted brand that supplies high-quality after-market vehicle components. The issue of correct fit is immediately alleviated as each piece is precision laser cut to provide an absolutely perfect fit that will protect the inside of your truck.

Set Comprises of One full set of mats, 2 x pieces for the front and 1 x rear piece (1st-row bucket seats).

The set is very simple to install, taking only a few minutes from unpackaging until completion. Each mat feels exceptionally strong and durable and gives you the sense that it will easily last for the life of your truck.

Each mat has a spiked bottom layer that ensures it grips into the perfect position and won’t move. The upper layer feels softer and features clever grooves that collect any fluids and debris and channel them straight into a lower reservoir.

It is very simple to empty anything collected straight out of the door sill. This maintains that footwear and clothing remain clean, dry, and protected at all times. We love how these floor mats are tough and durable, functional, whilst still giving your F150 a smart appearance.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to clean and empty
  • Tough, durable construction
  • Compatible with SuperCrew models
  • Protect from the hardest wear and tear


  • May require a day or 2 in the sun to soften and lay flat
  • Higher-end of the price range

2. MAXLINER Floor Mats 2 Row Liner Set Black

Take a look at these floor mats if your Ford f150 has front bucket seats and not a bench, you will be pleased you did.

This full set of car mats for your F150 is made from recycled materials that carry no odor whatsoever. They are designed to fit perfectly into the footwell and to stay in place. For added security, there are 2-pegs on the driver’s side that snap into place to ensure it stays put.

All of your carpets will remain protected as the mats have a curved edge design that traps all moisture and spillages, not allowing them to seep down the edges and ruin the carpet. To clean them is a breeze; they lift out every bit as easily as they went in. You can hose them down or wipe them over; they are tough and durable and so will withstand whichever method you choose.

Set comprises of 2 x individual front mats and 1 rear mat. 

We love that, depending on the configuration of your vehicle, you can buy matching 3rd-row mats and also trunk mats.

Your vehicle will have a really smart appearance and the carpets will be protected from anything that could leak or spill on it, including mum, snow, sand, and even harmful saltwater.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Matching additions available
  • Durable, reinforced, and flexible
  • Raised lip protects all carpets
  • Contoured shape molds to the vehicle’s body
  • Stain-resistant, easy-clean, odor-free design
  • Made from recycled material


  • Not compatible with vinyl flooring
  • Only suited to f150 models with front bucket seats

3. Husky Liners 2015-2017 Ford F-150 Floor Liners Full Set

Husky liners have designed a full set of carpet protecting mats that are incredibly easy to fit.

This set has been thoughtfully made with a containment wall. This is where all of the everyday muck, fluid, and grime get trapped. The debris that would otherwise be embedded in the carpet and ruin shoes and clothing.

By installing these mats the vehicle will achieve a customized look while remaining functional. There is a choice of colors so you can complement the interior of your truck. The fit is excellent; each liner molds to every detail of the cab, the edges sit neatly in the door trim ensuring no one catches them on their way in or out of the vehicle.

You needn’t worry about them moving about either; Husky Liners has patented a ‘nib’ design that hooks each mat in place. The 2nd-row liner is generous in proportion and covers all the way from the rear of the front seat to the back of the 2nd-row seats.

Set comprises of 2 x front row liners and 1 full back row liner.

We love the rubbery feel to the liners, no hard plastic to be seen here. When you step in and out, it feels as though the heel of your boot is being gripped sturdily, and won’t slip.

Overall, these are great mats at a great price that offer superb protection for your vehicle, its carpets, and everyone’s footwear.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in black, gray, and tan
  • Compatible with vinyl floor covering
  • Tough and durable
  • Custom-fit
  • Looks impressive


  • Some users found the 2nd-row liner awkward to install
  • Arrives folded so will benefit from laying flat in the sun to reshape
  • Less expensive sets available

4. Husky Liners 53341 Black X-act Contour Front Floor Liners

If you always try to buy products designed and made in the USA then Husky Liners do exactly that. This is a set of 2 front row liners to protect your floor coverings and make your cab look sharp.

If you’re just looking for a set of 1st-row car liners then consider these. They are tough and durable, easy to clean and look great.

Once you have installed them in your cab, a process that takes a matter of minutes will look like an OEM set. Sometimes aftermarket sets can tend to look a little cheap and nasty, these definitely don’t. They feel high-quality and look like they were installed on the production line. The rubberized texture is soft yet strong. It protects footwear and gives a good grip to the passengers.

Talking of grip, the perfectly molded liners have dozens of rubber teeth to grip the carpet and ensure it remains in place. The driver’s side features 2 snap-in pegs that utilize the existing clips. The passenger’s side requires 1-screw which is supplied in the kit.

Set comprises of 2 x 1st-row floor liners to fit both SuperCrew and SuperCab models.

The FormFit design fits every single detail and contour of your vehicle. The High edge lips mold to the door jams to prevent anything leaking through and harming the floor covering beneath.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Compatible with both carpet and vinyl flooring
  • Provides total floor protection courtesy of Xact design
  • Wipe clean with a damp sponge or cloth
  • Rubberized durable material protects footwear and clothing
  • Compatible with Super
  • Crew and SuperCab models
  • Fast easy installation


  • Only front mats supplied
  • Passenger side mat occasionally doesn’t lie flat immediately

5. WeatherTech 441791 Custom Fit Front FloorLiner for Ford F-150

If you live near salt water or experience particularly harsh winters, then you will have seen first-hand the state that the floor in your cab gets into.

Not only does this ruin clothing and footwear, but the lack of grip can also affect driving, and the leaked fluids can cause electrical shorts in your vehicle. This is where a set of WeatherTech car liners come into their own.

These liners are digitally designed to fit the front row of your cab whichever configuration you might have. Some styles cater to heater vent humps and sound system blocks., simply order from the drop-down application menu and choose your exact model.

Not only do they look smart but they function well; the grooves drain any fluids away into a lower reservoir that can be easily emptied over the door sill.

Grommets line up perfectly with the factory carpet holes to ensure a tight, slip-free, grip. The underside of the mats offers plenty of friction to assist this whilst the top remains soft to the touch. This set is tough and durable, looks great, and is easy to clean.

Set consists of 2 x front row WeatherTech door liners.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Superior strength 3-ply construction
  • Remains flexible in extreme temperatures
  • Liquid chamber keeps fluids off the mats
  • Perfect fit, total protection
  • All set-ups catered for via application chart


  • Not compatible with vinyl flooring
  • Other Brands offer lifetime warranties
  • Some users felt they might be thicker

6. Husky Liners Fits Weatherbeater Floor Mats

If you’re looking for sporty and rugged floor liners that will protect your truck from anything the weather can throw at them, then take a look at these.

These liners are so simple to install, they fit straight onto the existing carpet and take a gentle push to lock into place. The rubber cleats on the underside ensure that they grip firmly and don’t allow movement as you drive along.

We love the styling, they are deep enough to keep any liquids or debris contained and won’t allow anything to leak through and harm the carpets. The FormFit design molds perfectly around every contour in your vehicle, making the mats look like they were always there from new.

Set comprises of 2 x front row liners, 1 full 2nd-row liner.

After the heaviest, muddiest day, jump in the truck and drive home. Once you’re there it takes a second or two to remove the mats allowing you to hose them down. Simply clip them back into a place where they will look brand new, and so will the carpet beneath them.


  • No hassle lifetime guarantee
  • Rear liner fits the back of the rear seats
  • Made in the USA
  • Total carpet protection with a containment chamber
  • Fast installation
  • A quick hose down and they look like new
  • Sturdy grip for zero shifting


  • Only suited to SuperCrew models
  • Not compatible with manual case shifter models

7. Motor Trend MT-923-GR Flextough Contour Liners

If you’re hoping to buy a more budget-friendly set of floor mats for your F-150, this could be ideal.

This is the first trim-to-fit set included in our review and is available at an incredibly low price. We thought that it would be for just the front set but we were wrong, both 1st and 2nd-row mats are supplied.

Each mat is oversized as you would expect, but once you have worked out your exact requirements, cutting is simple, just use a standard pair of scissors.

The many grooves and ridges in the rubber are there to follow when cutting and make it a relatively simple task. Thoughtfully, the rear mats are individual to make measuring and cutting them much easier.

Set comprises of 2 x front mats and 2 x rear mats.

They have been manufactured from rubber and have a deep dish design. Added side channels collect rainwater and melted snow until you reach somewhere to empty them.

Cleaning is simple, lift them out, shake, wipe, or hose them down and return them to looking as new. These are a heavy-duty set of floor mats for F-150 SuperCrew and virtually any other vehicle too. They are odorless and the rubber will not crack or split even in adverse weather conditions.


  • Cheap!Full set for 1st and 2nd row
  • Fits most trucks, SUV’s and passenger vehicles
  • Available in many colors
  • Just need scissors
  • Underside rubber nibs grip for non-slip
  • Easy to clean


  • Don’t provide 100% carpet coverage
  • No secure fasteners
  • User has to cut to shape before use

8. MAXLINER Floor Mats 2015-2018 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Cab

If your truck has 4-full doors and a front-row bench then these are the ideal floor mats for F-150 SuperCrew.

MaxLiner has designed this set to fit perfectly into your F-150 with minimal fuss. Once you have it in the position it will line up with all existing fasteners and use the same method of attaching, whether that is clips, clasps, or nibs.

The low-density material is strong yet flexible enough to mold itself perfectly around every contour, even along the door sills.

The raised edges and spill-saver lip are designed to catch any dirt, mud, or liquid that might be dropped into it, therefore keeping all of your carpets protected, all of the time. Once you are home, quick detach, hose down or wipe over before you replace it.

Set comprises of 1 x full 1st-row liner, 1 x full 2nd-row liner

The textured surfaces give added grip to make jumping in or out of the truck safer, particularly for kids or the elderly. If you’re concerned about the console cup holder, don’t be. Lift it out, fit your liners and drop it back into place.

Everything has been thought about within this set to give your vehicle a sharp look and the owner peace of mind that it will remain in new condition.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Affordable
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Clips into place for security
  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials
  • Raised edges trap moisture and debris for total carpet protection
  • Matching 3rd row and cargo liners available


  • Not compatible with vinyl floors
  • 2nd row might not lay flat initially
  • Only suitable with SuperCrew with front bench seat

9. MAXLINER Floor Mats for 2011-2014 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Cab

Floor mats that hug the vehicle’s sidewalls offer the best in carpet protection. That is exactly what this set from MaxLiner does.

Precision designed to fit every contour of your F-150, this set of liners will cover every inch of floor space to keep your carpets clean and protected. It is stain resistant, can handle all weathers and temperatures, and has absolutely no odor.

Installation couldn’t be any easier, simply line the front mats up over the OE retention posts and press down on the retention discs until you hear it click into place. That is it, job done.

Each mat will not only stay in place but also mold to every detail of your cab. The high rims keep all spillages locked inside giving them no opportunity to seep onto the carpets.

Set comprises of 2 x 1st-row liners, 1 x 2nd-row full liner.

A quick wipe-over with a soapy sponge is enough for minor spillages and marks. If you have collected and, mud or cement powder then clean up is just a matter of minutes. Lift the liners out, blast a jet of water at them, replace them. What could be simpler?


  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • All-weather resistant
  • Easy, fast installation
  • Custom-fit for 100% coverage
  • Odorless
  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials
  • Can be trimmed to accommodate subwoofers


  • Only compatible with SuperCrew models
  • May involve a little trimming

10. Husky Liners Fits 2015-19 Ford F-150 Seat Floor Mats

If you travel a lot with a young family and know just how messy kids can be, this is a great set of Ford f-150 rubber floor mats for you to consider.

We love that this set is available in other colors to complement the interior of your vehicle.

Fitting these mats just utilizes the truck’s retention posts; just clip them into place in a matter of seconds. Taking them out to clean is every bit as quick and easy. Once they’re out, depending on the filth level, they can either be rinsed off with soapy water or blasted with a hose.

As they have been designed to the exact conforms of the cab, they will achieve perfect fit and 100% coverage. The second-row liner covers all the way back to the end of the rear carpet, so even those mucky kids won’t be able to ruin the floor!

Set comprises of 2 x 1st-row liners, 1 x 2nd-row longliner.

This set looks heavy-duty, as though it will last a very long time. Husky obviously believes it will as they offer a Lifetime Guarantee.

It has rubber cleats that grip the carpet to prevent any slippage whilst also having a non-slip layer for added security to the driver and passengers. Tough and durable, it is a perfect add-on to make your truck look even more rugged and sporty.


  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Other configurations available, SuperCrew, etc
  • Available in other colors
  • StayPut cleats ensure zero movement
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • Total carpet protection
  • Heavy-duty with rugged good looks
  • Conforms to every detail of the cab as if it was built there


  • Only suited to SuperCab models
  • Not vinyl floor compatible
  • Not as cushioned as other brands

Why do I need to buy the floor mats for F150?

There are several reasons why you should consider buying floor liners for your F-150.

  • Aesthetics. Your vehicle can achieve a more sporty and rugged look.
  • Floor protection. If you want to maintain the high resale value and keep the carpets looking clean and new, covering them is an easy way to achieve this.
  • Footwear protection. If your vehicle is regularly used for dirty work and has mud, sand, water, or debris collected, this can ruin clothing and shoes. A quick easy clean can ensure the most glamorous footwear always remains spotless.
  • Safety. Leaked fluids can seep through carpets and get into the electrical system causing shorts. Preventing this from happening can save time and money.
  • Grip. The manufacturing process maintains that the driver will receive optimum grip when driving, even if spillages have occurred. Most designs recess the fluids away until they can be emptied and cleaned. This ensures the driver is in total control of the foot pedals at all times.

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Buyer’s Guide

  • Lifestyle

How often and for what purpose do you use your F-150? Do you have a large family who will abuse the interior, do you do lots of outdoor activities, and are there frail people who might need a better grip who might use your vehicle? All of these are good reasons to invest in some easy-clean liners.

  • Parking

Is your vehicle constantly being left on muddy driveways or clay paths? If so, rubber mats are the way to go to avoid filthy carpets constantly.

  • Precision fit

Cheaper brands and copies just won’t offer the perfect fit that the sets featured in our reviews will. It seems pointless investing in mats that don’t give 100% coverage and let liquids through to stain and damage the carpet.

  • Brand

Search for brands that have lots of positive reviews from verified buyers. Also, use a brand that you have heard of and is trusted. These larger brands tend to use expert engineers to design and manufacture products of the highest quality.

  • Design

Although you will probably want a set of floor mats for total protection, you will also want them to look good. Each mat will have contoured designs and channels that will make your vehicle look very rugged and sporty. Lots of after-market products look very much like that, as though they were an after-thought. Most sets in our review have been designed to look like part of the vehicle.

  • Trim to fit

Some styles are designed in a way to allows the user to trim off sections to achieve the perfect fit. This isn’t done randomly; there are guidelines and grooves to follow to make the job easier. If this isn’t for you then ensure you buy a precision cut set.

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Types of F-150 floor mats


Although these cost very little and just lay over the existing floor covering, they really aren’t very practical. They tend to absorb fluids instead of resisting them. Keeping them clean is difficult and they only cover a minimal amount of the carpet. They are universal and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle.


These are usually a cheaper option but aren’t that hard-wearing. General wear and tear will give them a short service life. They don’t cover the entire footwell.  As they can’t absorb moisture, it just runs off and soaks into the carpet.

On the plus side, they are very easy to wipe clean.


Ford F-150 rubber floor mats feature heavily in our reviews as they are tough and durable.

They give a truck a sporty and rugged look whilst protecting the entire carpeted area.  Easy to fit and simple to clean, rubber mats can improve the aesthetics of any truck whilst remain very functional.

Most rubber mats have a Lifetime Warranty as they are virtually indestructible and very reliable.


Don’t be put off by plastic mats, most have been designed with technology that always has the flexibility not to crack or break. Often plastic is just 1-layer in a 2 or 3-ply system. This enables it to be cleaned easily and has a very long service life. Some brands have such confidence in their product that they offer a Lifetime Guarantee.

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Which is best, a floor liner or a floor mat for an F-150?

They are usually 2 different names for the same product. Occasionally, companies will market their product like a floor liner if it forms itself higher up the sides of the vehicle to form a recess in which to contain the debris.

Don’t basic carpet floor mats do the same job?

Not really. They don’t cover the entire area nor entrap the water. They just soak it up to let your footwear get wet.

They have to be replaced very regularly as they suffer wear and tear damage and they can’t be cleaned to look like new.

They are not fastened down in any way and can move around in the footwell. Although they are a quick fix, they are also a false economy.

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Do all of the floor mats for F-150 SuperCrew fit all set-ups?

As long as you have checked that it is designed for the year of manufacture, then yes, usually. If there are issues with gear shift boxes, heater vents, etc, we have tried to include this in our review.

In conclusion

Whilst you might think picking up a set of car mats is an easy task, you must research many factors.

All of the brands included in our review will offer a chart to ensure that your choice will match the exact specifications and configurations of your truck.

Hopefully, your purchase of the best car floor mats will give you many happy journeys and preserve the resale value of your truck.

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