[Top 10] Best Exhaust Tip for Deep Sound

Putting exhaust tips over your vehicle’s existing tailpipe is a relatively inexpensive way to improve the look of your car, to make it look like a souped-up muscle car or sporty little number.

Not only can they look impressive, like, very impressive, but a good tip can also alter the sound of your exhaust system.

If you’re looking for an aggressive growl when you reach higher RPMs, or if the idea of a loud roar is too much for you and you’d prefer more muted, deeper notes then take a look through our definitive Best Exhaust for Deep Sound article.

Comparison Table of 10 Best Exhaust Tip for Deep Sound

We have reviewed 10 of the best, most pleasing on the eye, exhaust tips, to help you make the most informed choice.

1. GM # 22799815 Exhaust Tip - Best Muffler for Deep Sound

This highly polished stainless steel exhaust tip is a must-have to compliment your Original Equipment exhaust system. It is corrosion resistant to give your exhaust tip a long life.

It simply clamps to the existing tailpipe within just minutes, no need to cut down or change anything about the exhaust system. All necessary hardware is supplied.

The angled tip is stamped with the GMC logo making it look like a very impressive piece of kit.

Just taking it out of the packaging makes you realize what a high-quality and well-manufactured product it is. It feels weighty and durable, it looks very stylish.


OEM, dual-wall, angled,
Fits 4.8L 5.3L 01-18 Sierra 1500

  • For use with all GM OE exhaust systems
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Full GMC logo looks impressive
  • Highly-polished stainless steel, extremely durable
  • Buyers may prefer a black finish, not chrome
  • Won’t affect sound quality, just looks amazing

If you drive a diesel truck and are looking for a large exhaust tip, this could be the product for you.

This is a beast of an exhaust tip, it looks and feels like it will be indestructible.

It fits all OD exhaust systems up to 4” diameter. It is made from stainless steel that has been powder coated to give it a matt black finish.

When running your truck in the lower RPMs, you will notice minimal sound difference. As soon as you hit those higher revs, BOOM!

Heads will turn and people will jump out of the way when they hear that aggressive roar.

This is a monster piece of kit, built to last.


Fits all 4” Diesel exhaust systems. Angle-cut, roll edge.
4” inlet, 8” outlet, 15” long

  • High-temperature tolerant for diesel trucks
  • Aggressive tone in higher RPMs
  • Durable powder-coated stainless steel
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Mounting hardware not supplied
  • Existing tailpipe may need to be cut down

3. Borla 20248 Exhaust Tip - Best Muffler Tips for Deep Sound

This exhaust tip is highly polished stainless steel, it looks the business with its mirror-shine finish. It is rust resistant and durable.

Borla tips look stylish and have straight-through designs. There are no baffles to obstruct the air-flow. The Borla logo is embossed on the tip.

This rolled edge tip is resonated; many users love the way it mellows out the aggressive rage of the exhaust and instead gives it a more subdued tone. Your vehicle will still have that desired performance sound.

If you’re buying this for a twin exhaust, you will need to order 2. They are universal fit so you needn’t worry about left or right-sided.

This exhaust tip will need to be welded onto your existing tailpipe for a secure fit and great look.


Fits all exhausts up to 2 ¼”
Single round, rolled edge cut, resonated
2 ¼” inlet 4” outlet 12” length

  • Stainless steel construction for rust resistance
  • Stylish mirror-like good looks
  • Universal left and right fitting for twin exhausts
  • Quietens aggressive roar, leaves quality performance sound
  • Has to be welded on
  • Only 1 supplied, order 2 for twin exhausts

MBRP has manufactured this exhaust tip from high-quality stainless steel to prevent rust. The high-shine finish gives it a classy look that is complemented by the embossed logo that runs either side of the tip.

Its unique feature is its clampless installation system. It just slides on and grips, it won’t move or slide. Installation couldn’t be easier, no welding involved.

It has a 4” inlet enabling it to fit any exhaust up to that size.

It is suitable for all pick-up models, it just needs 3 inches of exposed tailpipe to slide on to.

This mirror-finished exhaust tip will truly let you show off your own unique style and gain you many admiring glances.


Fits up to 4” exhaust systems
Dual wall, angled 4” inlet 5” outlet 12” length

  • Stainless steel for long lasting rust protection
  • High shine, embossed for stylish looks
  • Clampless, zero-weld install
  • Well made, looks and feels quality
  • Won’t affect exhaust noise, just for aesthetic purposes
  • May need a spray of high-temperature lubricating oil to slide it into place

Colt Exhaust has designed a pair of exhaust tips for those of you with twin exhaust systems. Competitively priced and yet still an impressive looking piece of kit.

They’re made from stainless steel which has been powder coated matt black. They will resist rust while looking good.

They are a universal fit up to 2 ½” diameter tailpipe.

They are 18” long so you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Your exhaust notes will sound deeper and richer, less aggressive. Your vehicle will still be loud but sound more chilled out.


Universal fit for all exhaust systems
Angle cut 2 ½” inlet 4” outlet 18” length

  • Pair supplied for twin-exhausts
  • Universal fit
  • Great value
  • Available in matt black or highly polished stainless steel
  • Will need to be welded or clamped (not supplied)
  • No embossed logo, just flat finish

This turndown exhaust tip is ideal for the big diesel exhaust systems that like to dump out soot and fumes all over fenders.

Its made from polished stainless steel and has a large 4” inlet, it looks a serious piece of equipment. The downturn of the tip allows more of the chrome finish to be on view, whilst it also enhances the sound quality too.

Sound waves bounce down through the exhaust tip to the road surface and then back up again, making for increased and more aggressive volume tones.

It slides on and sits comfortably on 4” tailpipes, though the tip has a 4” inlet, it is very slightly flared to allow it to sit snugly.


Fits all large diesel exhausts
Turndown Exit (dump-out) 4” inlet 4” outlet 12” length

  • Turndown design ideal for large diesel exhaust systems
  • Increases sound performance
  • Looks impressive, more of the chrome on show
  • Simple to install
  • Tailpipe may need to be shortened
  • Users suggest tack welding it or drilling a tapping a hole for added security. It is big and impressive, it may attract thieves!

This exhaust tip from Flowmaster is universal and fits all 3” exhaust tubes easily. It has been fabricated with a built-in clamp. Simply slide the tip over the tailpipe to your desired length and tighten up the bolt. Job is done!

The Flowmaster logo is embossed on the highly-polished stainless steel. It really looks eye-catching. Some users describe the sound it emitted as deeper and richer than with the stock exhaust system alone. This tip isn’t about sound difference, its all about making you feel good with how amazing it looks.

It comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, the high-quality stainless steel will prevent it from rusting for a very long time.


Universal fit for all 3” exhaust pipes
Rolled edge, angle cut 3” inlet 3 ½” outlet 12” length

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Universal fit
  • In-built clamp for easy installation
  • Mirror-like stainless steel with embossed logo looks stylish and eye-catching
  • Nut and bolt are quite lightweight, needs a more heavy-duty one
  • Only 1 supplied, twin exhaust? Order 2

If you drive a Chevy 5.3L V8 or 4.3L V6 and are just looking for something to add a personalized touch to it, to add the cherry on the cake, then you should seriously consider this exhaust tip.

It is made from highly-polished stainless steel and features the Chevy ‘Bowtie’ logo, emblazoned for all to see.

It looks and feels heavy duty but doesn’t lose that classy, stylish look too. It is definitely built to last, just as we have come to expect from GM accessories.

Don’t expect this tip to alter the sound of your exhaust, it won’t, it is just there to look great, and it certainly will. Your truck will have a ‘sporty’ appearance and get many admiring looks.

Simple to fit, slide it over the existing tailpipe and using the clamp supplied, tighten the bolt.


Fits GM 5.3L V8 AND 4.3L V6
Angle-cut Dual-wall 2 ¾” inlet 11” length

  • ​GM brand means high-quality and performance
  • Polished stainless steel for long lasting durability and rust resistance
  • Fits in minutes with supplied clamp
  • Gives vehicle a sporty appearance

  • More expensive than some other brands
  • Only 1 supplied

This is a beast of an exhaust tip from MBRP, it will slide onto your existing 4” tailpipe and add the perfect finishing touch to your truck.

It has been fabricated from top-quality stainless still and finished to a polished mirror-like state. The company logo flashed down the side adds to the impressive effect.

Installation could not be easier. Slide the exhaust tip onto your pipe and tighten the Allen bolt. The whole job takes a few minutes and the end result is amazing.

Many users love the new sound their exhaust makes, firstly while idling, there’s a nice, noticeable echo. Others love the slightly louder, richer and deeper tone.

This tip will fit over a 4” tailpipe comfortably as it has an expansion inlet, this will become a very snug fit once the mounting clamp is tightened.


Fits 4” exhaust pips
Angle-cut Rolled-edge 4” inlet 6” outlet 12” length

  • Stainless steel, will not rust
  • Mirror-polished, logo embossed finish
  • No welding required
  • Built-in strong clamp for simple, fast installation
  • Deeper, richer tones noticed
  • Some users suggest a quick tack weld, although it is secure, thieves may be attracted to it

10. DC Sports EX-1012B Black Muffler Tip - Best Resonated Exhaust Tips

All you need is a 10mm wrench or socket and a few minutes of free time and you can secure this exhaust tip onto your car, SUV or truck.

The clamping system has 3 bolts that mount simply onto any existing tailpipe that is 1.5”-2” in diameter. Should you prefer, it can be welded in place too.

Not only will the matt black powder coated finish look amazing but your vehicle will sound amazing too. The tip has been resonated to enhance the sound. Now your car won’t sound like a pussy cat when you hit that high RPM, it will growl like a lion!

It has been fabricated from T304 stainless steel which means it will be corrosion resistant.

The exhaust tip has a straight design with a slant-cut tip. This allows the air to flow through without being restricted. Back-pressure will decrease, horsepower and torque will increase, resulting in that deeper, enhanced sound you crave.

It not only looks rugged, but it also sounds it.


Suitable for all makes of cars, trucks, and SUVs with 1.5”-2” tailpipe.
9” long, straight-cut with slant tip, 2 ¼” inlet 3 ¾” outlet. Resonated

  • Resonated for altered, deeper sound quality
  • Powder-coated, matt black, stainless steel, for corrosion resistance
  • Simple and fast to install
  • Great value for money
  • You may prefer a chrome finish

Why Buy an Exhaust Tip?

There is one main reason why you should invest in an exhaust tip – it will make your ride look amazing!

Whether you’ve had a new car, just finished a renovation job or feel that your existing car is lacking that finish touch, an exhaust tip could just be the icing on the cake.

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If your preference is cool matt black or a shiny chrome finish, either can turn the look of your stock exhaust system into something that rivals any of the best performance cars or muscle trucks.

Exhausts emit unclean, polluted air from your vehicle’s engine, obviously leaving the tailpipe dirty and possibly rusty. This simple to install, after-market upgrade, will improve your vehicle’s style and possibly it's sound.

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Resonated Exhaust Tips

If you want to achieve dramatic good looks and improved and louder sound quality, then a resonated tip is the best exhaust tip for deep sound.

The tip acts as an echo chamber to allow air to vibrate in a certain way, this creates the impressive growl.

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They cancel out harsh, obnoxious engine noise, leaving behind a loud, beefy growl.

They definitely give your engine a louder and more aggressive tone that will make heads turn wherever you go.

They are not adjustable, it’s a loud tone or nothing, fortunately, they have a simple design that allows you to take them off just as easily as you install them.

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Do All Exhaust Tips Improve My Car’s Sound?

Unless you have bought a resonated tip, then expect no sound difference, just amazing good looks.

However, just by the nature of the beast, some difference will probably be noticed. If your stock exhaust is only 2” and you put a tip on with an outlet of 4” then the engine sound will surely be affected. Many users note a much deeper, more rich tone particularly when idling.

Others love the aggressive roar once the higher RPMs are reached.

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Types of Exhaust Tips

Single wall: Just as it sounds, 1 single layer of metal, usually stainless steel, most are. Commonly found at the lower end of the price scale.

Dual wall: Two layers of stainless steel make the tip look much more heavy-duty. The eye is led to believe that it is solid when actually it isn’t. There is a lot of chrome on view from behind, particularly when it has been straight cut.

Rolled edge: The smooth, rounded-off edges make this exhaust tip look particularly hefty. Adding this to your stock exhaust system will serve to make the whole thing look entirely more substantial and impressive.

Turndown exit: Commonly known as ‘dumpouts’ because they do exactly that. They dump out all of the soot and fumes that would have gone all over the fender, now reach past it and dump it to the ground. They are favored by big, diesel truck owners.

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The design also makes a difference to the sound. Sound waves will go down the tip, hit the ground and bounce straight back up. This resonating will give the truck that growling, beefier sound.

Straight cut: This exhaust tip looks like a traditional piece of tubing. Once it has been polished or chromed it has the ability to turn your OE exhaust system into one that looks like it belongs on a performance car.

Angle cut: This style suits SUVs and big, hefty 4x4s. It has a sharp, angular cut at its tip that looks aggressive and therefore suits that style of vehicle, a muscle car.

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Difference Between Muffler and Exhaust

As a car owner, you don't necessarily have to be familiar with all the technical appellations related to your vehicle's system. Nevertheless, it wouldn't hurt to get familiar with some of the basic functional systems, like the exhaust system. The exhaust system of a car consists of much more than the pipe you see sticking out at the end of your car, but many people confuse it for the exhaust. So, what really is a muffler, and how does it differ from the exhaust. If you have ever wondered about these two, we hope to put an end to your confusion.

What Is a Muffler?

A muffler is a soundproofing element that serves the function of reducing the sound produced by the engine through acoustic muffling. It is also commonly referred to as a silencer. The muffler system is made up of pipes/chambers with perforations that swallow some frequencies of sound produced by the engine. 

The first chamber is also known as the resonator chamber. The exhaust gas comes from the engine with sound waves, enters through a center tube, bounces back off the muffler's wall, and is reflected into the muffler's main body through a hole. The gas and sound waves pass into a second chamber through a set of holes. They are then released out of the muffler through the last pipe. 

The resonator chamber is right before the main muffler chamber. It is of a specific length and already contains a certain volume of air. As soon as the valve opens, high-pressure gas rushes in and collides with the low-pressure air that already exists in the pipe, stacking one upon the other. As a result, the sound wave rushes down the pipe with a high velocity. On getting to the center pipe, the gas and sound waves are further bounced around. Eventually, they escape through holes into the muffler's main body, from where they go through holes into another chamber, and escape through the last pipe. 

What is The Difference Between a Muffler and an Exhaust System?

To keep it simple, the exhaust system is a controlled system responsible for a safe ejection of exhaust gases from a car engine. The exhaust system takes these gases through various processes before eventually passing them out. This process of gas exhaustion comes with a lot of noise. This noise would be otherwise unbearable by the occupants of the vehicle and people around, but for the muffler that is incorporated to reduce the sound that accompanies the exhaustion significantly. 

Technically, the muffler is a part of the encompassing exhaust system. It is just one of the numerous components that make up the whole system. While the exhaust system deals with the control and removal of gases, the muffler is only concerned with a reduction of the noise that comes with the gas exhaustion.

The muffler works hand in hand with the resonator, which is another exhaust component, to achieve significant noise reduction. If there is ever a problem with your exhaust system, you should be notified by the check engine light, or you may notice a louder than normal noise from your car as you drive. Whenever you notice such signs, get your vehicle to a qualified professional as soon as you can.  

What is The Difference Between a Muffler and a Resonator?

Ultimately, these two exhaust components work together to achieve a common purpose. While the muffler and resonator both perform the basic function of reducing exhaust noise, they do so in different ways and at different stages.

Resonators are designed to remove sound waves at a given frequency. In the resonator chamber, the peak of a sound wave collides with the trough of another similarly sized wave, thereby canceling each other out. This cancelation results in an elimination of high pitch and irritating noises. The resonator does not reduce the volume of the exhaust gases. It only gets rid of some of the high pitch noises.

On the other hand, a muffler is designed to outrightly reduce the sound level to the exhaust gas to a less irritating level. Mufflers feature tubes that have holes through which the gases pass and expand. An expansion of the gas reduces exhaust pressure, which implies a corresponding reduction in the sound level.  Some mufflers have baffles, through which the volume is further reduced by forcing the gas through a different route before it is let out. Furthermore, there are mufflers that are packed with soundproofing materials, in a bid to reduce the sound level further. 

The exhaust system is complicated, and you are not required to have a working knowledge of the whole system. Nonetheless, if you have ever wondered what the system entails, or in particular, if you have always confused the muffler and the exhaust, we hope we have been able to explain what they are and their respective differences in a comprehensive manner. 


Will this exhaust tip fit my car?

Probably the most asked question! Each tip has its own specifications and is designed to fit different tailpipes.

It is always best to use the guide on the Amazon page or check the Brand parts department online to make sure.

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If I put dual engine tips on my car will it increase noise and power?

That depends. If you put dual tips on a single exhaust system, it will look great but have no effect on the engine. If you have a twin exhaust system, using dual tips will let the engine breathe better and therefore achieve greater performance.

Why has my exhaust tip ‘yellowed’ within a few months?

Most chromed auto components are despatched with the sheerest film of oil on them for protection. Once this oil gets heated in any way, ie, by being attached to a vehicle’s exhaust, it will begin to turn yellow, or blueish color.

To avoid this you should rinse any parts in warm, soapy water, and thoroughly dry them, before installation.

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How should I clean my exhaust tips?

If your tips have got a heavy build-up of black carbon on m, don’t worry, you won’t need to replace them, they can be cleaned.
Carbon is just the residue of the unburnt fuel that turns into exhaust soot.

Soak your exhaust tips well in a solution of wheel cleaner and then apply medium pressure with steel wool until they come clean. Repeat the process until they do.

Dry them and buff them up to return the shine.

If you give them a couple of coatings of wheel sealant, it will make the next clean-up operation much easier.

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The Bottom Line

Having a good exhaust system on the pride and joy that is your car, can improve performance and fuel efficiency. Adding an exhaust tip on top of that is mostly just for decoration, but decoration with a huge wow factor. They can be the finishing touch, making your ride look and sound incredible for a relatively small outlay and a few minutes of your time to install.

Whether you opt for a longer, resonated tip that will give your engine that projected, aggressive roar, or just a regular one that mellows out harsh sounds leaving you with gorgeous deep notes, is totally your choice.

It’s all about showing your personality through the after-market finish of your car.

Purchasing the best muffler tip for deep sound is your opportunity to get heads turning and to get compliments every time you drive by.

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