Best Exhaust for C6 Corvette Review

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Best Exhaust for C6 Corvette Review

Corvettes are somewhat of an acquired taste that true automobile enthusiasts especially appreciate. While these cars come with the best sounding exhaust system, it’s always an excellent idea to put a spin on some of the car’s components and make a personal statement. One way to do this is by customizing the exhausts such that they improve overall engine performance and sound. It is important to choose an exhaust system that matches the vehicle model. Today, we have selected and reviewed some of the best exhaust systems compatible with C6 corvettes.

7 Best Exhaust for C6 Corvette

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1. Borla 140017 Corvette S-Type Exhaust

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Material
  • 40.5 Pounds
  • Patented Multi-Core Technology

The Borla 140017 is made from a corrosion-resistant aircraft-grade stainless steel material with a high durability level. The high-quality steel material can survive high engine performance, and it is reasonably resistant to corrosion and rust. As it is a cat-back engine, it is characterized by a high torque level. Thanks to a patented straight-through and multi-core technology, it helps attain a higher horsepower and torque level.

Furthermore, the stainless steel material gives the system a shiny and pleasing look. Additionally, the exhaust has a split rear exit single round rolled phantom tip. Borla is a recognizable brand among automobile enthusiasts, and when it comes to C6 corvettes, they make some of the best compatible components. You may not essentially buy it for its sound effect, but it does achieve a high sound output with minimal warping.


  • It is very durable
  • High-performance system
  • The sound quality is good
  • Installation is relatively straightforward


  • Not the loudest

2. Borla 140039 Cat-Back S-Type Exhaust

Key Features

  • 44 Pounds
  • Premium Stainless Steel
  • Impeccable Craftsmanship

The excellence of the Borla exhaust system is yet noticeable on the Borla140039 cat back exhaust system. Quite similar to the Borla 140017, the most noticeable difference is in the rear exit design. It comes with a split rear exit dual oval rolled angle-cut tip, while the 140017 features a single round rolled angle-cut phantom tip. Through a unique multi-core technology, the system can increase torque and horsepower.

The system is precision made with premium aircraft-grade stainless steel material that is strengthened for high-performance use. As the material is also resistant to corrosion and rust, it can maintain its shiny nature for longer. If you hate loud exhaust sounds and prefer a mellow-like sound effect, it is the perfect option to use with your C6 corvette. While the installation is relatively straightforward, we advise that you have a qualified professional install it for you.


  • Quiet, mellow sound
  • It improves vehicle’s performance
  • Installation is not so difficult


  • It does not have a loud sound effect

3. SLP 31077 Loud Mouth Exhaust

Key Features

  • Bolt-On Installation
  • Double-Split Round Tips
  • Modular Design

As the name implies, the SLP 31077 Loud Mouth is one of the best sounding exhausts for Corvette C6. If you don’t like loud exhausts, you may want to skip this one, but if what you need is that noticeable rich roar from your engine, this is one way to go. However, it not only optimizes sound, but it also improves engine performance. Although its effect on horsepower is quite minimal, it still manages to achieve minimal power increase from increased air inflow.

Like many of the most durable systems, it is made from high-quality stainless steel material for a high durability effect. Furthermore, the exhaust has a modular design that makes it easy to customize with mufflers if you prefer to change its effect on the sound. Much more than the functionality, it has the perfect 3.5″ double split round tips design to complement your corvette’s look.


  • Very loud exhaust system
  • It makes for increased horsepower
  • The modular design makes it easy to customize
  • Sturdy and durable construction


  • No sound-dampening features

4. Borla 11815 S-Type Exhaust

Key Features

  • 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • Compatible With 2005 – 2008 C6 Corvette
  • 42 Pounds

If you need an exhaust system for any C6 corvette that falls between the 2005 – 2008 models, this Borla 11815 system is designed for that model range. One of the things you can expect from this system is increased engine airflow, leading to better engine performance. Also, it’s made from stainless steel material – the most durable exhaust material you can get.

Another striking effect is the sound it produces. It produces drone less, but audible sounds at low RPMs, and at higher RPMs, it produces commensurately loud sounds. One would think the high combustion rate would imply higher fuel consumption. However, Borla’s unique technology ensures economical fuel consumption. With its efficiency in improving sound and engine performance, the Borla 111815 is one of the best exhausts for C6 corvettes.


  • Better fuel economy
  • Impressive sound at all RPMs
  • It has a sturdy build


  • Not the most affordable C6 corvette exhaust

5. CORSA 14169 Axle-Back Exhaust

Key Features

  • Dual Walled Design
  • Reflective Sound Cancellation Technology
  • Clamp-On Design

The CORSA 14169 comes with many incentives. The dual-walled design prevents the effects of heat distortion, and with the premium stainless steel construction, it is one of the most durable options available for 2005 – 2008 C6 corvettes. With a 35 percent airflow increase and 12 horsepower increase, it positively affects overall engine performance. To further convince you of the system’s durability, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

With the CORSA 14169, your exhaust system’s customization is made easy through the clamp-on tip design. Describing the sound effect of this system is quite tricky. It produces a loud but not so aggressive exhaust tone. It maintains relatively low sound at lower speeds, but at higher speeds, it can produce deep sound. To add a bit of aesthetics and authenticity to the mix, it features a high-definition laser engraved CORSA logo.


  • Easy to change exhaust tips
  • No droning sound
  • Durable construction
  • It is protected against heat distortion


  • It does not rumble loudly

6. Borla 11822 Rear-Section Exhaust

Key Features

  • ATAK Technology
  • Four 4.25 Inch Rounds Tips
  • 301 Series Stainless Steel

The Borla 11822 Rear-Section Exhaust is the best system for those looking for the loudest sound effect. The c6 z06 exhaust boasts a novel Acoustically-Tuned Applied Kinetics technology that helps it produce some of the loudest sounds possible. Interestingly, the loud sounds retain wholeness and don’t distort as many loud exhausts do. If what you need is a loud booming sound effect when your engine revs, this is the perfect system for you.

Like most Borla exhausts, it improves overall engine performance and economical fuel consumption. The only downside we can pinpoint is that it is not the most straightforward exhaust system to install. We recommend getting a professional to install it, but if you are handy enough for a DIY installation, you can give it a go. You should note that installation requires a lift.


  • One of the loudest aftermarket exhausts
  • Strong stainless steel construction
  • The sound stays clear at high decibels


  • Installation is not so easy


key Features

  • Compatible with 2009 – 2013 C6 Corvette
  • High-Grade Stainless Steel
  • Tungsten Inert Gas Welded

The NXTSTEP PERFORMANCE Axle Back Exhaust is another model to consider if you need the best corvette exhaust system C6 option. The highlight of this NXTSTEP PERFORMANCE system is the loud sound it produces. Loud exhausts can be insanely expensive, but this is still reasonably priced. Although it is not the loudest exhaust option, and it makes slight droning sounds, it is still a decent option to consider if sound effect is why you need an aftermarket exhaust system.

Made from high-grade stainless steel material, you don’t have much to worry about regarding the unit’s durability. Furthermore, it TIG (tungsten inert gas) welded for improved strength. While there’s not much effect on overall engine performance, it does make for a slight increase in horsepower. The T304 mirror-polished tips complement the system well and add a bit of shiny aesthetics.


  • Aesthetically pleasing T304 mirror-polished tips
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Strong and reliable welding


  • It tends to make little droning sounds

How to Choose The Right Exhaust System for a C6 Corvette?

Picking the right exhaust system for your C6 corvette is dependent on your personal preference and the options available. In addition to collecting and removing exhaust gases from the engine, exhaust systems help automobile engines to operate with minimal noise. 

As the quality of exhaust influences engine performance and sound, you should be aware of a few factors that can help you choose the perfect exhaust system for your automobile.

The Material

This is arguably the most critical factor to consider. Material directly influences the durability of an exhaust system. If you hope to buy a long-lasting model, selecting a relatively strong material is critical. The strongest exhaust systems are made out of aluminized steel or pure stainless steel. There are medium stainless steel options available, but you should know that they are not as strong and are more likely to rust and corrode faster.


Sound is a principal reason why people buy aftermarket exhaust systems. While they perform the primary function of controlling the engine’s noise, the sound produced by each exhaust type varies. For example, if you want a more aggressive exhaust tone from your C6 corvette, you can opt for an axle-back exhaust system or a cat-back exhaust system.

Vehicle Compatibility

It is important that you choose a compatible exhaust system for your C6 corvette. Attaching a misfit system can affect your engine. You want to make sure that your exhaust choice meets your vehicle’s model’s requirement and the engine type and size.


Exhaust systems can be double or single systems. Typically, single exhausts can give high torque and power compared to double exhausts, but they produce more noise. Double exhaust systems are sometimes preferred for the visual effect they have. Nonetheless, they come with double mufflers that make them more effective in reducing engine noise.


Like with all other car components, exhaust price varies from model to model. This is why you should set a budget before shopping for an exhaust system. The most important thing is to get the best quality model you can at a reasonable price. You should know that quality and features will vary with the price. A cheaper model will come with fewer features and have less quality than a high-end model.

Corvette Exhaust Systems: What Do I Need?

Most corvette lovers are well informed about these automobiles and their components. However, if you are new to the corvette world and don’t know much about compatible exhaust systems, here are some things to look out for. Please read this article carefully before going to select a new exhaust system.

Typically, corvette exhaust systems are either Cat-Back or Axle-Back. While they both can produce the sound effects many corvette enthusiasts love, there are significant differences in prices and performance.

When the sound effect is the most critical factor for shopping for an aftermarket exhaust system, axle-back systems are the best. They may not have the most significant effect on horsepower and torque. Still, they can offer a wide range of exhaust volume, tone, and rumble, depending on the manufacturer and model selected.

On the other hand, if you’re concerned with the effect on engine performance as much as you are about the sound, cat-back exhaust systems have a more inclusive set of features to deliver both. However, they are usually more expensive, as they come with more parts.

Why Change a C6 Corvette Exhaust System?

There are two primary reasons people opt to change C6 corvette exhaust systems, and they are customizing the vehicle sound and maximizing the vehicle’s performance. Factory-fitted corvette exhausts work just fine, but the beauty of owning a corvette is in being able to make tweaks to the sound, engine, and body. This reveals the style and personality of the car owner.

Aftermarket exhausts do offer more power and sound effects compared to stock exhaust systems. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to have a valid basis for buying an aftermarket model. Depending on the manufacturer and type of exhaust, they can also perform the added functions of ensuring efficient energy consumption and torque maximization.

How to Remove a C6 Corvette Exhaust?

While it is pretty straightforward to remove a C6 corvette exhaust, we don’t recommend a DIY approach if you don’t have experience in related automobile work; nevertheless, if you feel confident in your ability to carry on, here’s how to remove the exhaust.

Locate the bolts connecting H-pipe to Cat. Remove them. Next, disconnect H-pipe and the over-axle pipe by removing the pipe connection and pushing the H-pipe forward. Release the hangers by shoving the mufflers forward.  Now, you can separate the axle pipes and axles.

Will a C6 Corvette Exhaust Fit a C5 Corvette?

Ordinarily, a C5 corvette is not a match with C6 corvette exhausts. The ports on the exhausts are not designed to fit those on the block. However, certain modifications can be made to the exhaust to make it fit. All in all, buying and attaching a mismatched exhaust system should be avoided.

Will a C6 Corvette exhaust fit a C5 Corvette?

The two Corvettes have a similar shape, so they’ll likely fit one another. However, the C6 has different mounting holes than the C5, and therefore the exhaust system may need to be modified slightly. To make things even trickier, the C6 Corvette was made available only in a coupe and convertible form, while the C5 came in coupe and roadster variants.

What is the downside of owning a Corvette?

The most obvious downside of owning a Corvette is the cost. Even though it’s more affordable than some sports cars, you’re still looking at sticker prices in the mid-twenties for a new car. Another drawback to consider is that these are high-performance vehicles, so they aren’t the best choice for long-distance driving. If you’re looking to commute to work every day, a less expensive car might be more practical.

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If what you need is the best exhaust system for C6 corvette cars, these are some of the best models available on the market today. Whether you’re going for improved engine performance or better sound performance, you’ll find the right amongst these options. Also, we have discussed some of the things you need to know about changing C6 corvette exhausts, as well as factors to consider before buying.

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