10 Best Car Alarm System With Remote Start

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Best Car Alarm System With Remote Start

Cars do come with some security features, but these are usually not sufficient to deter carjackers. With a sound car alarm system, you can significantly improve the security of your vehicle. 

More than that, several features come with alarm systems these days that are guaranteed to improve your car usage experience. As a result of the technical implication of buying a car alarm system, it can be an overwhelming process. We will discuss some of these “technical” details, so you can have a better understanding of what to look out for in a car alarm.

We selected some of the best car alarm systems with remote start and reviewed them critically. Here are our best car alarm systems with remote start.

10 Best Car Alarm System With Remote Start

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1. Viper 350 PLUS 3105V 1-Way Car Alarm

The Viper 350 PLUS 3105V 1-Way Car Alarm comes with an essential 4-button remote control that includes a remote starter and GPS tracking. With the remote starter, you can always turn on your heating/cooling system before you get to the car.

The FailSafe starter kill works to disable the ignition so that your engine cannot be turned on until you disable it with the remote control. The intelligent system, through the shock sensor, gives out warning chirps when a slight impact is identified, giving way to the louder alarm when the intrusion becomes more serious. 

Best Feature

The anti-carjacking feature, in combination with the panic alarm feature, considerably improves car security. 

Although this is a one-way car alarm system, it does come with some exciting features, and that is why we’ve included it on our list.

Additionally, it is a 3-Channel security system with keyless entry; although basic, this feature allows you to unlock and lock your doors without necessarily using a key. It is a reasonably priced system, with features that rightly justify the cost. A bright blue LED light is included to warn off potential intruders. 


  • It features GPS tracking
  • FailSafe starter kill for improved security
  • It is a reasonably priced alarm system
  • LED warning light
  • Anti-carjacking feature


  • It is a one-way security system

2. Avital 3100LX 3-Channel Keyless Entry Car Alarm

The Avital 3100LX is another one-way remote car alarm that comes with essential features we believe are worth your consideration. As a keyless entry-enabled system, it is more convenient and faster to control, especially when you are in haste. With this system, it will be tough to hotwire your engine because it features a fault-proof starter interrupt that has to be disabled by the remote control.

The dome-light supervision enables it to switch on interior lights, so you can assess your car interior before you enter.

Best Feature

The dual-stage shock sensor is sensitive, combined with the 120-dB siren, you can rest assured that potential thieves will be scared off.

If you ever park your car in a large park and find it hard to find thereafter, the panic button finder will help you find your vehicle. In addition to activating/deactivating the alarm remotely, you can unlock your doors and trunk remotely, if you have this feature configured. The only thing we don’t like about this system is the one-way remote transmission.

Signals are sent to the system from the remote, but messages are not sent back. In addition to all these, an LED light is included to dissuade intruders. With all these features, it remains a reasonably-priced system.


  • It is quite easy to install
  • Dome-light interior supervision
  • Fault-proof starter interrupt
  • Alarm is loud and can be connected with car siren
  • It is not expensive
  • Shock sensor is very sensitive


  • The range could be better

3. Viper 5706V 2-Way Car Security

Viper 5706V 2-Way

The Viper 5706V security is a two-way alarm that not only allows signal transmission from the remote to the system but also from the system to the remote. It comes with a 5-button LCD transmitter with which you can remotely select a variety of commands from distances up to one mile.

The D2D serial data port allows a plug-and-play connection to all XPRESSKIT interfaces. In addition to door triggers, it comes with trunk triggers that prevent unauthorized access through the rear of your car.

Best Feature

The Responder LC3 two-way pager remote is an impressive feature. It keeps you updated about whatever happens to your vehicle in real-time, by displaying alerts on the slim and bright display screen.

Furthermore, the remote start feature that allows you to start your heating and cooling systems from a distance is not left out. The Virtual Tach tech eliminates the need for a tachometer wire connection.

The LC3 remote is charged through a USB port, and the onboard lithium-ion rechargeable battery will last for months before you have to charge it. Some of the additional features include Runtime Reset, Timer Start, SmartStart, and TempCheck. If what you need is a two-way alarm with a flexible LCD remote system, you should take a look at this Viper system.


  • Durable remote battery
  • High signal strength for distances up to a mile
  • LCD display
  • Reliable security system
  • Comes with door and trunk triggers


  • It is quite hard to install
  • Price is on the high side

4. Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST 2-Way Security

Another 2-way alarm system, the Python 5706P comes with a Responder LC3 pager with a remote start that has an impressive 1-mile range. It features a sensitive Stinger double guard shock sensor that will detect even the slightest interference.

Configured for use with additional accessories, it comes with four auxiliary outputs. The 6 stage alarm system is included to call attention to potential intrusion. At the same time, you can monitor your vehicle’s vitals on the LCD SST remote that alerts through tones, vibration, or text display.

Best Feature

It comes with a smart alarm system that is designed to differentiate between slight and hard interference. This reduces the risk of setting the alarm off accidentally. 

Smartphone compatibility is a big thing in car alarm systems nowadays, and this Python alarm is compatible with Viper’s SmartStart app. Furthermore, it comes with an ignition kill switch feature that prevents the engine from starting without your car key in the ignition.

Combined with the double guard shock sensor, the 120dB siren is loud enough to call attention to any intrusion attempt. In addition to all these features like the trunk release, car finder, panic mode, and keyless entry make it quite easy to use.


  • It comes with a 1-way remote and a 2-way pager
  • Double guard shock sensor is very sensitive
  • Ignition kill switch feature for improved security
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Reliable 1 mile range remote start


  • It requires professional installation
  • Key fob buttons are too sensitive

5. Pyle PWD701 Car Alarm Security System

At times, less can be more. The Pyle PWD701 Alarm System is a testament to that fact. The system comes with two remote transmitters that both feature four basic buttons. The system comes with a 120dB two-tone siren to scare off burglars. However, the dual-stage impact detector helps the system differentiate between minor bumps and intentional intrusion attempts.

The remote transmitters come with two operating modes – standard and level-shifted. The standard mode controls the basic arming and disarming of the alarm, while the level shift is for controlling the more advanced features of the system.

Best Feature

The ignition-controlled locks feature automatically locks all doors whenever the brake is pressed, and it unlocks the doors when the ignition key is turned off.

It also comes with an additional anti-carjack feature that must be enabled during installation. Furthermore, with this alarm system, you can add a remote start option to turn on/off the heating and cooling elements, way before you get to your car. The remote panic mode and chirp mute will help you find your vehicle quicker in a big car park.

Some optional features like illuminated entry, remote trunk release, power window roll-up, and more can be activated through the two auxiliary outputs. It also comes with a valet/override switch, in case the transmitter gets misplaced. With all these interesting features, we would certainly love this system more if it came with a two-way remote.


  • Sensitive dual-stage shock sensor
  • Can function actively and passively
  • Anti-carjack feature
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Two auxiliary outputs with several programmable features


  • No LED display
  • It is has a one-way remote system

6. AVITAL 5303L Remote Start System

avital 5303l

The is another car alarm system from Avital that comes with a remote start option. The remote start feature of the Avital 5303L makes it possible to start the car engine remotely from a distance. It comes with a 4-button remote and a two-way LCD remote on which you can access video and audio alerts.

Control of features like the remote start, trunk release, and more are also down through the LCD remote. Like most of the car alarms on the market today, it can function as a passive or active alarm.  

Best Feature

It comes with sensitive and intelligent shock sensors that activate minor chirps for minor disturbances and activates the major alarm when severe disruptions are detected.

Furthermore, the system is keyless access enabled. You can lock/unlock your doors remotely with the button remote. As it is a smartphone-compatible system, it connects easily with the Directed SmartStart mobile app, on which you can track the exact location of your car at all times. If you ever forget the parking position of your car, the panic mode will sound the alarm and flash your lights.

Another great thing about it is that its transmission is encrypted so that tech-savvy thieves will not be able to intercept your transmission signals.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Multi-level security arming
  • Two-way remote system
  • LCD screen


  • It does not have the most extended range
  • It requires professional installation

7. Viper 5305V 2 Way Car Alarm Remorte Start System

The Viper 5305V Car Alarm comes with all the essential features you need in a two-way alarm system. With a two-way LCD remote, you are not only able to send signals to the alarm system, but you can also receive feedback signals. This is critical for features like the remote start and trunk release to function properly.

It comes with a keyless entry feature that locks/unlocks car doors remotely without key insertion. The range may, however, not be as far as the manufacturers claim.

Best Feature

Even if you are too far away to hear your alarm when there is an intrusion, you will get alerts on your LCD transmitter.

The remote start will get the engine running before you get to your car. This is an essential feature for extreme weather conditions so that you can get your heating/cooling systems going and ready ahead of your entry into the car.

Furthermore, the Viper 5305V can be controlled by the Viper SmartStart smartphone app. This gives you access to GPS tracking, so you know where your car is at all times.


  • Two-way remote system
  • It connects to the Viper SmartStart mobile app
  • It is not an expensive system
  • Remote start feature


  • The range is not as long as advertised

8. Viper 5906V Color Remote Start & Security

Some people are not just concerned by the functionality of their alarm system, but also by the aesthetics of the remote system. The Viper 5906V Color Remote Start & Security comes with a sleek 2-way remote that has a color OLED screen with impressive graphics and a 5-button one-way control.

In noise-restricted zones, you can easily silence the alarm and still get alerts on the LED transmitter. The remote start feature is not excluded in the design of the Viper 5906V.

Best Feature

The Responder LC3 also displays the exact temperature of your car interior, so when you turn on the heating/cooling system through the remote start, the temperature of your car interior is revealed to you before you get to the car.

If you have more than one car, the remote can be paired with two vehicles, distinctly displaying the vitals of the particular vehicle it pairs with. The key lock feature prevents accidental commands from sitting on the remote or mistakingly pressing the control.

The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that power the remote are charged through USB. The aesthetics of the remote, combined with the functionality of the system, makes it one of the best on the market.


  • Sleek looking two-way remote
  • It can be programmed to connect to two cars
  • Alarm can be switched to silent mode
  • Comes with durable lithium-ion batteries


  • It is not easy to install

9. Crimestopper SP-502 2-Way LCD Paging Combo Alarm

Some alarm systems require a separate configuration of the remote start feature, but the Crimestopper SP-502 comes with the remote start built-in. It comes with a 2-way LCD transmitter with a range of 3000ft and a 5-button 1-way transmitter with a 2000ft range.

The dual-stage shock detector that comes with the system is adjustable so it can detect various intensities of intrusion. You can control up to two vehicles with the same remote.

Best Feature

There is a starter kill relay that can be connected to your car’s starter wire to keep your car more secure by preventing hot wiring.

The LCD transmitter sends to and receives signals from the system to alert you about the status of all triggers in real-time while giving you control over features like trunk pop and remote start. Through the auxiliary channels, additional features like the power sliding door control and window roll-up can be easily configured.

All these basic controls can be accessed if you connect your smartphone to the system. Also, GPS tracking allows you to know your car location at all times.


  • Adjustable dual-stage shock sensor
  • Both remotes can be used with two cars
  • The system is smartphone compatible
  • GPS tracking


  • Tracking feature requires a yearly subscription

10. Prestige APS997Z Two-Way LCD Security System

The Prestige APS997Z Security System comes with a 5-button two-way LCD transmitter and a 5-button one-way transmitter. The remote start is one of the best features of this system as it gives you more control over your vehicle’s system than a typical alarm system.

It is FlashLogic FLCART compatible, meaning it can be connected to the FLCART CAN-BUS module for easy configuration and control. Additionally, it comes with a glass-mount antenna with a built-in LED light and valet switch.

Best Feature

The system is compatible with CarLink, a car tracking system that reveals the location of your vehicle in real-time. However, the tracker does require a subscription fee.

Like most of the other alarms we’ve reviewed, it comes with a dual-stage shock sensor that is programmed to differentiate between minor and intense interference. Furthermore, it can be programmed for one or two users with separate control outputs. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose to activate the cold temperature start mode, the two/four-hour automatic start mode, or the 24-hour start mode.

The meter countdown timer feature helps to monitor parking meter time on the LCD transmitter. The Prestige APS99 7Z boasts of additional features like the multi-tone mini siren starter, flashing parking lights, and remote trunk release. 


  • Installation is not so complicated
  • Parking meter countdown
  • Easy programming
  • CarLink compatible


  • It does not have a silent alarm mode

Passive or Active Car Alarm

When you decide to protect your care further by installing a car alarm, you will have to choose between two types – passive or active. You should, however, take time to understand the peculiarities of both types before you eventually make your choice. 

Passive Car Alarm

Just as the name implies, this car alarm functions passively, requiring little or no action on the part of the car owner. As soon as the car ignition is turned off, and all the doors are closed, a passive car alarm will turn itself on. 

Active Car Alarm

This type of car alarm requires particular action from the car owner to turn on. While it requires a car to be parked, the ignition turned off, and the doors closed, the alarm will simply not turn on with these conditions satisfied. The driver is required to turn on the alarm actively, usually by pressing a button on the remote control.

Passive car alarms are more convenient to use, as they turn on automatically as soon as you turn off the car ignition and doors are shut. This feature also makes them a safer car alarm system because it doesn’t require constant awareness on the part of the driver. An active car alarm, on the other hand, requires constant awareness, as you will have to press a button to turn it on after exiting. Furthermore, a passive alarm is directly related to lower car insurance premiums. You should know that most car alarm systems can be switched from active to passive and vice versa.

Who Should Buy a Car Alarm System?

There are several purposes that a car alarm system serves. Security is the primary purpose of a car alarm, but there are some other reasons why you may want to get one for your vehicle. You should buy a car alarm system if:

  • You want to protect your car against theft 
  • You want to improve the security system of your car
  • You want lower insurance costs 
  • You park in a large car park where it can be easy to forget your exact car position 
  • You need some additional security features, like GPS location and immobilization technology, that comes with some car alarm systems. 
  • You want to increase the resale value of your car

How Car Alarm Sensors Work

The most basic type of car alarm will incorporate at least one sensor connected to a siren/flashing light. The sensor is what alerts the control unit of the system whenever there is an intrusion. Although they perform the same primary function, they are of different types and work in different ways. 

Car Alarm Door Sensors

These are the simplest types of sensors. They are installed in the doors and hood of a car to alert the control unit whenever someone tries to gain access through these points. They are easily connected to wire connections that are already present in car doors. The disadvantage of a sensor like this is that it can sometimes be bypassed by carefully smashing the window and climbing into the car. 

Car Alarm Shock Sensors

These sensors function by sending an alert to the control unit whenever the car is touched or moves in the slightest. While some shock sensors function based on the intensity of the interference against the vehicle, they usually set the alarm off with the most minor of bumps against the car. This makes them more likely to be set off accidentally.

Car Alarm Motion Sensors

A car alarm motion sensor works much like the shock sensor but is more efficient in protecting the theft of car parts. A shock sensor may or may not go off when a car part is being removed, but a motion sensor is more likely to register a tilt or motion, even if it is slight, in the removal of a car part.   

Microphone and Pressure Sensors

There is only a slight difference between these two types of sensors. However, they are both very effective in preventing car theft. A microphone sensor works on the principle of detecting sound and alerting the control unit, while a pressure sensor detects any change in pressure. They are both efficient as it is highly unlikely that car theft is carried out in absolute silence or without any change in pressure.

Car Alarm Sirens and Lights

A car alarm system cannot be complete without a siren/light. Whenever the sensor registers a potential breach in the security of the car, depending on the sensor type, it alerts the control unit that, in turn, signals the breach by activating a sound alarm through a vehicle-mounted siren/car horn and flashing headlights.

While the siren and flashing headlights are not enough to stop theft, they draw attention to the car- something a potential thief would like to avoid. Furthermore, car alarm systems come with LED lights that can be fixed on the dashboard. A light like this serves to warn potential intruders that a car has an active security system. The LED “warning” light is essential as it is the only visible deterrent that warns a potential intruder. 

Car Alarm with Remote Start 

Not all car alarm systems come with a remote start feature. Nevertheless, it is quite easy to get a car alarm and remote start combo on the market these days. The mechanical principle behind the remote start is quite complex, but what it does is simple enough. 

At a push of a button on the remote control, you are able to control some of the essential features of your car from a distance. A signal is sent to start the engine, and systems like heating and cooling are essentially turned on. The car won’t move until you insert the key into the ignition. 

Car Alarm Communication

There is a communication system that enables the transmission of commands from the remote control to the car in every car alarm system. Most car alarm systems feature a portable keychain transmitter that transfers signals through radio-wave pulse modulation. This is what makes it easy to turn your car alarm on/off remotely. You also have control over more car functions, as you can turn on/off lights, heating systems, cooling systems, and more from a distance. 

Furthermore, some advanced alarm systems feature a central unit that lets you know the particular sensor that is being disturbed when there is a break-in attempt. More advanced alarms systems feature the option to shut down the car engine remotely. Compared to the old delay mechanism that used to be predominant, this new system of communication is much better. With the delay mechanism, there is always a time frame during which you have to get out of the car and lock the doors, somewhat akin to a home security system. 

When considering car alarm systems to buy, this is one of the features you should examine carefully. The more advanced the communication system is, the more secure your vehicle is, and the more flexible the alarm system control is.

Which Car Alarm System Should You Choose?

Choosing a good alarm system can be quite overwhelming, more so if you are not familiar with the technical aspect of choosing and installing a system like this. There are many car alarm systems on the market, so much that you need to know the exact features you want. Here are some of the things you should consider if you will make a good choice.

Customer Reviews

It is especially important to consider customer reviews if you don’t know much about the technical implication of buying a car alarm. There are several car owners like you out there that have had to buy these systems, so it is usually a good idea to hear what they have had to say and learn from their experience. 

Remote System

A car alarm system will either have a one-way remote system or a two-way remote system. A two-way remote system is capable of sending and receiving signals, thereby offering control over more features than the one-way system that can only send signals

Range and Signal Strength

A lot of car alarm manufacturers are not honest about the range of their systems. Nonetheless, the range is not the most important thing. Consider the maximum distance at which the signal remains very strong, instead of the “range” claimed by the manufacturer.

Encrypted Transmission

Intruders with tech experience can intercept remote signals between you and your car, with the aid of some equipment. The encrypted transmission feature ensures that only the system can decode signals sent from the remote. All strange signals are locked out.

Smartphone Compatibility

This is another feature you should consider before you purchase a car alarm system. Car alarm manufacturers are continually looking for ways to improve their products, and smartphone compatibility is one of the new features being incorporated nowadays. Through integration with a smartphone app, you will access to control the alarm system from your smartphone. A feature like this usually means an increase in price, however.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a car alarm system and how does it work?

Simply put, a car alarm system is designed to discourage unwanted intrusion that may or may lead to a theft of a vehicle or its contents. A typical car alarm will not stop car theft, but alert people around and the car owner about the intrusion attempt. However, some modern alarm systems have been able to incorporate features that help to prevent theft by stopping the car engine from starting without authorized access.

A typical car alarm works through sensors that detect impact and alerts the central unit, causing the siren to sound out and the parking lights to flash, in some cases. Some car alarms are capable of transmitting signals remotely to the car owner through a remote system when there is an intrusion attempt.

What can trigger a car alarm?

Several things can trigger a car alarm, depending on the sensors of the alarm system. The most common sensor is the shock sensor that is triggered by vibration that results from impact or voltage input. Some sensors will trigger the alarm when the door is opened, loud noises trigger some, and some are triggered by proximity. The type of sensor will determine what will trigger the alarm, but the underlying principle is that anything that signifies an intrusion attempt triggers the alarm.

Can a low battery cause a car alarm to go off?

Yes, it can. When you try to start a car engine with a low battery level, the alarm is most likely to go off. This is one of the secondary purposes of a car alarm.

How much is a good car alarm?

There are expensive car alarms, and there are affordable ones. The most important thing is to get a good return value for whatever amount you spend. Typically, the more features an alarm system has, the more expensive it becomes. You will get a good alarm system you can afford, but make sure to consider the essential features. 

Can a car alarm drain the battery?

If installed properly, a car alarm should only draw small power from the car battery. On the other hand, it can drain out a car battery if not installed correctly. Also, a car alarm going off for a long duration can significantly affect the battery.


Remote start is one of the essential features you should consider before you buy any car security system. The control it offers over some auto systems like the heating system and cooling system makes for practicality and comfort, especially in harsh climates. 

These systems should be installed by professionals, to get the best of all the features they come with. Whatever your preference is in car alarm systems, we are confident that one of these products will satisfy you.

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