[Top 10] Best Automotive Touch Up Spray Paint

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Best Automotive Touch Up Spray Paint

Left vulnerable by time and harsh weather elements – rain, hail, and sun – your vehicle is always going to get those scrapes and nicks in no time. It doesn’t matter if you are a careful, defensive driver, have a garage, or not. No automobile owner escapes it!

However, to cut costs, it’s actually possible to make an automobile touch-up by yourself. But, for this, you need the best automotive touch-up paint. Follow on as we walk you around to see the list of the best automotive touch-up spray paints while giving you guidelines on how to best use the products.

10 Best Automotive Touch Up Spray Paint

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1. Dupli-Color Universal Gloss Black Automotive Paint

What is the best touch-up paint for cars? The Dupli-Color line of car spray paints is huge and can be found at most accessory stores. It offers a wide range of colors and updates its line regularly to match the new paint colors from car manufacturers. The spray tip on this can have a wide pattern that attempts to mimic the pattern of a professional paint gun.

Cans are easy to use and affordable. But they don’t always exactly match certain colors. However, Dupil-Color usually has dozens, if not hundreds, of colors to choose from with virtually all their models. This 8-ounce model specifically has 166 colors to choose from. It has a base of acrylic lacquer aerosol. If you can find a can of Dupli-Color to match your car’s paint, this spray paint is arguably the best choice.


  • 166 colors to pick from
  • Very affordable price
  • Sprays evenly
  • Dries very fast
  • Comes with EZ Touch 360° nozzle


  • The tip of the can easily clog up

2. Dupli-Color ATY1626 Touch-Up Paint

Here’s a high-end but high-quality 0.5-ounce touch-up paint. It comes with an applicator that preps the tip to only produce exactly the needed paint your car paint needs in the retouching of unwanted scratches or spots. With the tip, you’ll get a maximum application with little or no spillage. Meanwhile, when you need to paint areas with larger scratches or chips, then the brush is there handy. The foam application offers the possibility of sealing the paint’s tip when it is no longer in use.


  • Offers matching touch-up
  • Comes with chiseled brush for the painting of a large area
  • Needle tip offers precision
  • A great formulation for loose scratches
  • Added brush for larger chips


  • Takes more time to dry

3. Carfidant Scratch & Swirl Remover

It’s almost certain your reason for visiting this page is because you need to make a DIY fix on your car. And this CarfidantCare model is just for you. With the Scratch & Swirl Remover, you will be able to make professional-rated touch up even while you’re just a novice automotive painter.

Consisting of high-quality chemicals, this removing product also ensures high user performance and safety. It doesn’t contain low-quality scents or coloring dyes. While providing the right amount of chemical formulation to use, this chemical solution is entirely pure. It is harmless but is also an effective liquid for cleaning. Finally, it features a buffer pad. Paint chemicals are added to the pad and rubbed gently to come up with the right mix that makes up the best automotive scratch remover.


  • Provides nearly instantaneous result
  • Doesn’t contain poisonous ingredients
  • Buffer pad ensures gentle rub
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Color and paint sustainability


  • Not for touching-up deep scratches

4. Genuine Toyota White Touch-Up Paint Pen

Genuine touch-up paints can be found in the automotive DIY market as direct competitors to Dupli-Color. They offer similar levels of spray quality and color selection but exhibit better paint quality and adhesion. This paint is also available at most auto parts stores but is slightly more expensive than the Dupli-Color model we first introduced.

The Gentle Touch Up is a product with top quality and real OEM. Suitable for the fixing of little scratches, the paint own has one ballpoint tip meant for very small chips. Also, it has a bigger brush, just like a fingernail brush. This is used for the touch-up of larger chips. When used on affected surfaces, especially on a white car body, you’ll find it hard to find a difference between the touched part and the rest of the body, except you come real closer. Finally, touch-up with this feels like cosmetics makeup. You could be done in a minute!


  • Really versatile
  • Fast and effective touch-up
  • No spillage, no wastage
  • Certifiable OEM parts
  • For amateurs and skilled professionals


  • Not for any other purpose, just for Automotive

5. Genuine Honda (08703-YR612PAH-PN) Touch-Up Paint

Genuine Honda (08703-YR612PAH-PN) Touch-Up Paint is made to be used for all situations. Ordinarily, you’ll say a reputable automotive company such as Honda ought to have high-quality paint for a touch-up. And you’re right. This paint works well with both stains and scratches.

It will also come to your rescue for body surfaces with large scratches. The biggest upsides of using the touch-up pen are its high level of precision. You need no extra effort to apply the paints over the marks. You’ll have more paints in the pen as it ensures there are no spillages.


  • Appealing silver metallic design
  • For any vehicle
  • Touched-up areas become hidden and unnoticeable
  • For highly accurate treatment
  • No further reapplication needed


  • Takes a bit longer to dry out

6. Genuine Subaru J361SFJ030 Touch-Up Paint

This is a touch-up paint product for Subaru quartz blue pearl and j8u paint code. Available in just 42 colors, you can still keep your Subaru new for longer with this pen. It includes an applicator brush as well as one agitator ball.

Erasing scratches on a car body becomes a child’s play if you use the Genuine Subaru body touch-up kit. It is a very easy-to-use pen for fixing a few small chips. The pen has plenty of color inside in as much as the chips are not very much. Just ensure you mix the pen well by shaking it before use. Do not forget to check if the color of your car does not require varnish.


  • Made for Subaru
  • It’s very quick to use
  • Requires just little prep
  • You can get exact color code


  • No wide choice of color

7. Randalfy Car Scratch Remover

For this car scratch remover, the manufacturer, Randalfy offers three promises –to repair, to protect, and shine. The package of this product comes with a pair of disposable gloves, a scratch remover, a foam pad, a towel, and sandpaper. Randalfy really packed things up for no-hassle touching up!

The product is an excellent way to repairing many automotive surface scratches including scuffs, oxidations, swirl marks, scratches from car wash, water spots, might stains, surface contaminants, or scuffs. Without resorting to wax filling, this magic remover returns a good polish finish to your car body, after the initial scratch removal.


  • Wouldn’t touch the first paint underneath
  • No wax fillings
  • Usable on all metal surfaces
  • A patented product for safe removal
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Poor presentation
  • Not easy to remove

8. Dupli-Color ATY1556 Touch Up Paint

Here’s another Dupil-Color model. But this time around here’s a touch-up pen. The touch-up pen can be used very easily to erase scratches or fill in paint chips. This 0.5-ounce paint comes in 174 colors, giving you as many options as you need. The Scratch Fix All-in-1 package features one prep tip that is made of abrasive fiberglass, a clear coat, and exact color paint. The major differential of this paint kit is that it combines a clear protective topcoat and the paint in just one single package.


  • Abrasive fiberglass tip for rust and lose paint removal
  • Clear coat and paint combination
  • Eliminates fine scratches
  • Seals ensure fine finish
  • Recommended for DIY enthusiasts


  • Clear coat wouldn’t perfectly blend with vehicle’s paint

9. Dupli-Color BTY1556 Automotive Paint

Here’s another 8-ounce aerosol paint from Dupil-Color. With 166 color choices, the Scratch Fix All-in-1 tool includes a clear coat, a prep tip, and matching paint. The manufacturer’s colors are tested as well as approved by the vehicle manufacturers. This means that you’ll find it easy to get a color that perfectly matches your car body’s factory finish paint.

However, to derive satisfying results, you have to shake the spray paint before use for about one or two minutes. Finally, you have to direct around 6-inch of spray on the object or scratch being repainted.


  • Well-packed kit
  • Tested and approved by vehicles’ manufacturers
  • 166 colors to pick fromIdeal color match
  • Matches various vehicle types and models


  • Not easy to use for newbies

10. Honda Genuine Touch-Up Paint Pen

Finally, we round off the list of the best automotive touch-up spray paint with this touch-up paint pen specifically designed for Honda models. Shaped like a rocket, the spray paint is of high quality and makes the retouching of small vehicle scratches a pretty easy and basic task.

It is a pretty good item if you really don’t want to spend multiplied value at the body shop. The touch-up spray may seem to be a little bit rough on the applied surfaces. However, the pen still does the job.


  • High-quality paint
  • Attractive appearance
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t match with the color codes
  • There isn’t enough paint

Buyer’s Guide

This section includes a few guidelines on using a touch-up spray, the various types to choose from, and the FAQs:

Types of touch-up paint for the car

  • First, we have the special auto aerosol primer, which is a spray paint that the bodybuilder or dealer uses to get rid of fine scratches and to repair surfaces. It helps you get a smooth and uniform surface. Sanding is done more efficiently, allowing an effective application of the finish on plastics or bodywork. The spray is suitable for metals, glass, paper, clay, etc. It offers good adhesion to surfaces like aluminum with quick-drying! It is available in all colors: from gray to white, including silver!
  • Car plastic spray paint is intended for the repair and renovation of plastics on a bodywork. It is suitable for the bumper or even the exterior mirrors.
  • The rim paint spray is a spray to protect the aluminum rims of your car. Resistant to washing, rustproof par excellence, and resistance against the projection of gravel, the ash color gives a shiny and metallic appearance on automobiles in the long term. However, a primer must be applied beforehand.

You should know that a spray can of automotive touch-up spray paint is similar to conventional spray paint. It is especially ideal for quick touch-ups. The specificity of the aerosol can is that there are multiple bombs for specific use on cars. You will, therefore, find black, silver, and gold paint. All you have to do is find the color code of the car to know its original paint.

Be aware that there are aerosol cans for specific use. There are therefore bombs for the brake caliper, the high-temperature paint spray (resistant to high heat emitted by an exhaust pipe or an engine) as well as the primary anti-rust spray. All you have to do is make a choice depending on your needs. All colors are permitted for touch-up paint, provided that it matches the basic shade.

How to prepare your car for a touch-up

First of all, it is essential to opt for spray paint whose color is similar to that of your vehicle. Then, with meticulousness and patience, it is necessary to prepare the damaged surface before bending it. Spray paint products are very volatile and often form a mist of paint. So make sure to protect the parts that are not to be repainted – you must cover each slot, each seal, each door handle, etc. In short, leaving visible only a small area all around the place to touch up.

Then park your vehicle in a sufficiently isolated and clear place. There should be no objects near your work area. The room must also be sufficiently ventilated. It does not exclude you from wearing a protective mask as well as an outfit for the occasion when painting in particular.

Step 1: Sandpaper

To bend, it is essential to have the smoothest surface possible. So you have to start by removing all traces of rust. To do this, scrape, sand by hand or with an orbital sander, the surface to expose the metal. Be careful not to scratch it while avoiding reaching the sheet. The trick also consists of overflowing a few centimeters all around the chip to break any edges that may have formed. Of course, you must dust before continuing.

Step 2: Degrease and prepare

With the sheet perfectly exposed, the paint frosted, it is then time to go to the second step. First, degrease the sanded surface with a soft cloth, dry and silicone-free degreaser. Then, using another dry and soft cloth, pass the anti-rust. Be careful that there is no surplus of products. As far as there is a dent, consider applying putty – using a small spatula going from the center to the edges until forming a slight over-thickness – then sanding once the surface is dry following the curves of the body. In all situations, so that the rendering is impeccable, consider applying a coat of primer. This will allow you to standardize the small imperfections that the putty presents. It will give you additional protection, and above all, will allow your paint to fix well on the body. The primer layer is always done parallel to the bodywork, in thin regular layers.

Step 3: Spraying

Make sure that all surfaces of the vehicle are well protected and that only the surface to be touched up and its surroundings are uncovered. Then hold the spray can vertically. Always make thin layers to avoid drips. Also, spray from a distance of 20 to 30 centimeters by making back and forth movements, laterally and up and down. Better to let dry between each layer. In the case of burrs, remember to sand the drips with fine sandpaper before applying the second coat. In order to blend the touch-up with the old paint, it is quite possible to apply a coat of varnish or to polish the area with polish.


What can I use touch-up paint for?

The car spray can is one of the tools used to repair a body. Generally, the car spray can is used for touching up body paint. Indeed, it constitutes an effective solution against alteration, scratches, chips, and rust.

Why should I choose the touch-up paint spray?

With excellent covering power, the spray paint can be easily integrated to match the initial color of your car. It offers many advantages such as a lasting shade and shine; increased resistance to light, atmospheric conditions, and UV rays; fast-drying and anti-corrosion properties.

How to find the color code of the vehicle?

In the interior part of the car door, there is usually an adhesive. It is on this same sticker that you can find the exact code with the color used for painting your vehicle. This sticker is not necessarily positioned in this location; it depends on the different brands:

  • CHEVROLET: Motor side, below the windshield or driver’s door level
  • CITROËN: At the hood opening, engine side; engine compartment, top right side; or driver’s door hinge
  • FIAT: At the hood opening, engine side; engine compartment, top right side; trunk door; motor side, below the windshield
  • FORD: At the hood opening, engine side; at the driver’s sun visor
  • HONDA: Motor side, below the windshield; at the hood opening, engine side; at the driver’s sun visor; driver’s door hinge
  • HYUNDAI: Motor side, below the windshield; at the hood opening, engine side
  • NISSAN: At the hood opening, engine side
  • TOYOTA: Motor side, below the windshield: at the front right headlight; at the engine compartment, left side

What is the best way to find a color that matches?

In this case, custom spray paint is your answer. Although Dupli-Color and DuPont offer a wide range of pre-mixed colors, designed to match most vehicles, the vehicle may have slightly discolored paint or a strange color that does not match anything on the market. In these cases, or if you want higher quality paint, go to an automotive paint supply store and order an aerosol spray can with a custom mix to match your vehicle. These cans generally have very high-quality spray performance, match the paint on your vehicle exactly, and can be loaded with higher quality than the paints on the market. The downside to higher quality, of course, is the higher price. Customer-requested mixed spray cans can cost double the price of the ones at an automotive paint store.

How do you use the spray paint for car?

Take care to touch up the body of your car with spray paint of the same color. Follow these steps to use the touch-up spray:

  1. Spray it at a distance of 20 cm to 30 cm following a horizontal and vertical back and forth movement. This is to hide the connections between the successive layers.
  2. Wait for about fifteen minutes;
  3. Spray again and dry the body of your car for 24 hours.
  4. Do not forget to polish (with a special liquid) to make the surface smooth and shiny.


Cars and trucks are scratched, and services at body shops are expensive. Although not recommended for large repairs, high-quality automotive spray paints can be used to repair minor dents and scratches with good results. The quality of the paint, the performance of the spray can, and the similarity of colors are factors that will affect the results of your touch-up work. Choosing a good supply of paint can make the difference between a good job and one you wish you hadn’t done, as we have seen in the best automotive touch-up paint reviewSo, do have a successful buying and painting!

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