Top 20 Auto Mechanic Tools & Equipment List

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Auto Mechanic Tools and Equipment List

Today I am going to discuss two types of person- an auto mechanic and a car owner. Both of them have to take care of their vehicles and even some other household maintenance all by themselves. A mechanic is a skilled one who can take care of any kind of vehicle if it requires some kind of repairing, And the person would be doing the kind of work professionally owning a garage providing necessary services to the client’s car. On the other hand, a car owner is mostly a common man who maybe not skilled enough but could have some basic ideas that help him or her to take care of own car. Especially, he or she is the person who is very reluctant to take his or her car to a mechanic for minor problems. 

Auto Mechanic Tools and Equipment ListAuto Mechanic Tools and Equipment List

In both cases, they are good at their work only if they have the right tools and equipment that are necessary for servicing their cars and other vehicles. If you see you may find that there are a huge number of tools and equipment that help you to perform your job, but among them, there are some essential things that you should not forget to keep always.

At the beginning of this article, I am going to discuss 10 most vital tools that are necessary for not only the mechanics but also a car owner as well. Let’s find out what they are.

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10 Most Vital Tools That Are Necessary for Every Car Owner

Wrench Set

This is one of the most essential things without what you cannot think to go for the servicing of your car. Having a set means you are equipped with wrenches of all sizes and types that are necessary for you. For a regular auto mechanic purpose, you need from 6mm to 24mm sizes of wrenches. These chromium-vanadium alloy made tools are very strong and durable for longer use. Apart from the sizes, there are sets of different types of wrenches available to meet your purpose. Some of them are a box-end wrench, open-end wrench, flex-head wrench, flare-nut wrench; combination wrench tube wrench, line wrench and the adjustable wrench are most common and useful.


This is a kind of basic tool without which no mechanical work could be possible. If you need to open any kind of system of your car or if you want to fix it, a screwdriver is a compulsory tool for the purpose. There are many varieties of screwdrivers that can be used, among them flat and Phillip’s head are the two kinds that are commonly used for auto mechanical jobs. You can find it generally in different lengths and gauges for different jobs. Besides, long and skinny, small and stubbed, torque, these three types of screwdrivers are also seen in use. If you’re looking for something advanced then you have the powered screwdrivers that run by the rechargeable batteries. 

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Hammer is a kind of tool without what your toolbox cannot be looked completed. It is hard to define the job of a hammer as it can be used in almost any kind of mechanical job. If you need anything hitting and mending a strong hammer always come for your help. Whether you want to knock out a nail head or remove any stuck components that are jammed with dirt or rust without using a hammer nothing is possible. Besides, it helps the ball joint to come off in no time. To ensure a good grip which is necessary while working you should always go for a hammer with a rubber handlebar. You may find many kinds of hammer out there for different use. Among them, the ball-peen hammer is good for the mechanical purpose and the club hammer comes handy for heavy, industrial vehicles.


Pliers are another kind of tool that necessarily needed to do multiple types of auto mechanical jobs. Even some of them cannot be done without getting the help from it. When you require changing the hoses, repairing brakes, and also need to work on other connectors, you cannot make them possible without using pliers. Apart from that, if you have to hold a hot component or if you need to compress or bend any materials that require your car pliers always come handy for that purpose. Pliers come in different shapes and sizes. Having a long-nosed, pliers with a cutter in your toolbox can make your job easy when you’re dealing with tough nuts and bolts. Besides, there are different types of pliers like bent nose pliers, slip joint pliers diagonal pliers, lineman’s pliers also ready to meet your purpose. If you have to fix clamps and coolant hoses then vise-grip pliers would be the best choice for sure.

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A ratchet is a kind of tool that helps to tighten and loosen the bolts of your car. As it has a skinny body and thin head it could reach the remotest bolts and fasteners. There are small (1/4”), medium (3/8”), and large (1/2”) all three types of ratchets are extensively required for different purposes. Besides, there are ratchets of different shapes too. Among them, flex head ratchet is mostly used in auto mechanical uses.


There are some tools that not only work for maintaining your car but also come to rescue work in a time of crisis. Scissor is undoubtedly one of them that can help you in the time of emergency. If you need to cut wires, zip ties, electric tape or many other things, scissor is ready for your service. This is an integral part of the kit which is used to repair tire puncture. Therefore, you cannot ignore to keep this thing in your toolbox.

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Suppose you have an experience of tire puncture while driving your car especially at night when you could not find any garage or mechanic nearby. Now you have to change the leaking tire with the reserve one all by yourself. Then you have to uplift your car to do the replacement and some other necessary jobs where you need to go beneath the car, this tool is the only thing that may help you to make the work done quickly. Apart from changing tire, if you have to do some kind of repairing job a hydraulic jack is always preferred by you as it helps you to speed up the repairing process.

LED Headlamp

Your car doesn’t need to alwayS in trouble during daylight. What if your car gets stuck in the middle of the road at night and you have no way left but putting your car back in order. But how it is possible without having A light? Don’t worry; the solution is in your hand. The LED Flashlight or headlamp can put you out of the trouble. This helps you to look out every corner of your car clearly so that you can find out the problem and sort it out with the help of other tools. If you’re asked to choose between flashlight and headlamp the later one is better as it enables you to apply both hands in work without bothering too much as the light is fixed with your forehead. Especially, if you need to go beneath the car for necessary repairing. 

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There would always be a chance of running out of oil while you’re on a long drive. Besides, sometimes you need to drain out the old engine oil and pour the fresh oil inside the engine or want to add some other liquid into your car. In all cases, you need a funnel to manage the situations. This also helps you from spilling out of oils and liquids while changing oils unless you could have to face bad odors of gases inside the car and the engine also may get affected with dirt. You should keep funnels for different needs as you cannot use A funnel for pouring water which is already in use for pouring oil.


This is an important tool for your car to find out if there is anything wrong happening IN your car. Multimeter helps you to measure the amperage, voltage, and resistance. Having a multimeter enables you to know the condition of the battery and fuses of your car. Without having a multimeter you can’t know what wrong is there to the core parts of the car. Therefore, you have to keep in mind the quality not the cost while buying a multimeter which can read the amperage properly, unless you’ll be stuck on the road without knowing the real reason. 

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Apart from all these tools now I am going to tell you about 10 most essential equipment required by you if you’re a mechanic or a garage owner who provides necessary repairing jobs to almost every kind of vehicle. Check it out.

10 Most Essential Equipment for A Car Owner

Air Compressor

If you want to perform some heavy-duty jobs while doing necessary servicing on a car and that also by providing minimum efforts then your service center must be equipped with an air compressor of standard capacity. Having an air compressor means you are enabled to handle some heavy kinds of tools even some auto lifts. If you’re serious to own an air compressor, choose the portable one as it will be easy to carry so that you can perform your job conveniently. A compressor with the capacity of anything between 60-120 gallons fit for your jobs Besides, while buying an air compressor you have to look at the horsepower, pistons, PSI, and cubic feet per minute.

Battery Charger and Jumper

There are many occasions where cars are brought to an auto service center with low or dead batteries. You can handle this kind of job if you have a good jumper and a battery charger in your center. If you have some problem to know its functioning then the operational manual that comes with the battery charger helps you to understand the process.

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Jacks with Stands

There are some kinds of maintenance and repair jobs where you need to lift the car and you have to go beneath that. Especially, when you’re repairing the wheels. A jack stand is an equipment that is meant for this purpose. There come pole jacks that are useful for supporting axles and other parts of a car. You should not go for the cost but the quality while buying a jack as the cheap one tends to be broken and may cause an accident.

Engine Crane

If you have any work on the car engine then engine crane is a must-have equipment that cannot be denied. With the help of this, you can remove any kind of car engine without putting too much effort. This can take the maximum load of the car so that you can do the servicing jobs quite easily.

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Grease Gun

It is not possible to find any garage or an auto repair shop without having a grease gun. This one of the simplest equipment used for applying lubricants to the parts and components of a car. There are different types of grease guns-hand-powered, electric-powered, and air-powered. To get the job done in a short time you have to go for the next two ahead of the first one.

Wheel Aligner

To keep your vehicle rolling means the wheels are in a better status. If they occur any fault may put the motion of the vehicle on hold. Therefore, according to the recommendation of the manufacturer you need to check the wheel alignment which means checking the balance of the wheels after every 10,000 miles. Here comes the wheel alignment for your service. This equipment helps you in measuring wheels orientation by checking the caster, chamber, and also helps you to find out the tire trends if there is any poor alignment there.

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Wheel Balancer

When your vehicle in motion no matter in what speed it needs to travel evenly. To make it possible you need to maintain balance the weight of a wheel and tire assembly that’s what a wheel balancer works for your car. Whenever you need to fix a wheel for the first time in a car, you need to balance it which means the weight of a vehicle is evenly distributed on each tire and wheel. In this way, you can enjoy a smooth ride while you’re on the driving seat or at the back seat.

Portable Welding Machine

If you’re an auto mechanic then it is obvious that you have to perform a regular welding job on the body of your car or inside the engine if requires. This welding job can repair most of the cracks that occur anywhere in your car. And if you have a portable welding machine then it will make your work easier with high-quality weld. A portable machine is light enough to control the welding job and also you can carry this machine anywhere out the garage to meet your purpose. Besides, it can reduce the wastage of gas and wire by using a limited amount of weld bead for a certain purpose.

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Paint Sprayer

Some people want to change the color of their vehicles after a certain period of use to give it a new look. Besides, some of them try to restore the old look of their car after an accident. In both cases, you need a paint sprayer of good quality to make your job as a mechanic comfortable and easier. There are many types of sprayers that are used for a different purposes. Such as HVLP paint sprayer, LVLP paint sprayer, compressed air paint sprayer, and airless paint sprayer, etc. Each of them has its own good or bad things but the HVLP and the airless paint sprayer are commonly used.

Vacuum Cleaner

To keep your car in a better condition you have to make it clean which means keeping the car seat and the carpet free from dirt, dust, and other particles. Having a vacuum cleaner enables you to make your car looking fresh and clean always. There are two types of this equipment available- corded and cordless. The first ones have the power cord that can be connected to AC and DC. The second ones do not have any cords but provide you the best services ahead of the first ones.

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The Final Words

It is not an easy task to select the most important tools and equipment for the auto mechanical services as the list seems a never-ending. Therefore, you’ll be confused at the beginning to select which ones should be taken. Especially, if you’re a professional auto mechanic and own a garage, you need to keep almost every kind of these things as you don’t know which problem may come to you seeking your service. But here the kind of tools and equipment you have been discussed so far are the things that you cannot ignore. So, don’t think too much, just try to follow the advice if you’re serious enough to maintain your car and other’s car as well. Go ahead.

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