A Complete Guide On 2013 Ford Fusion Oil Change

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A Complete Guide on 2013 Ford Fusion Oil Change

It could be you’ve been searching for a Mid-sized Sedan, and finally, you have purchased a 2013 Ford Fusion. Besides enjoying the comfortable ride, you have a responsibility for proper maintenance that includes regular oil changes. But again, why bother changing the oil regularly?

Note that oil lubricates the engine, thus minimizing the friction. As a result, chances of wear and tear reduce; hence engine life increases. Furthermore, as the oil flows, it carries away all the debris, dust particles, and other small metals.

If these particles were left to accumulate in your engine, they would reduce its performance. So, apart from increasing the engine efficiency, oil gives your vehicle a better mileage and a Worry-free Emissions Test.

2013 Ford Fusion Oil Type

Note that oil comes with different grades, and you choose the correct one based on the temperature, altitude, car millage, among other factors. For example, do you have a new Ford that comes with a millage of fewer than 100,000 miles? Go for oils with a viscosity of 5w-30 API SN and API SP classification.

Remember wrong engine oil won’t lubricate your car properly, thus leading to a reduction of engine life. So, if you’re not sure of the correct 2013 ford fusion oil type to use, then consult your mechanic or check with the local dealer.

How Often Does A 2013 Ford Fusion Need An Oil Change?

Note that the frequency depends on the type of oil that you’re using. For example, if Ford uses conventional oil, you need to change it every 3000-5000 miles. But if you’re using the synthetic, then you require changing it after 7,500-10,000 miles.

Are you afraid that you will forget to change the oil once your car achieves these miles? Relax. Ford comes with an intelligent oil-life monitor that alerts you whenever the vehicle requires an oil change. So you will get a message notifying you to change the oil, and you should not ignore it; change the oil before the end of that week. Also, your car maintenance light will go on when the time to change the oil comes.

What Type of Oil Does A 2013 Ford Fusion Use?

Other than the viscosity grade, you must use a suitable capacity. The capacity will depend on the engine size. The model may come either with a 1.6-L or 2.0L EcoBoost engine.

If your 2013 Ford Fusion car engine is 2.5-L, go for SAE 5W-20 synthetic oil whose viscosity standard is certified by API during the normal climate. During winter, use OW-20 to help your engine to perform efficiently. If it’s 1.6-L or 2.5-L, go for SAE 5W-30.

What Happens If You Don’t Change The Oil In Your 2013 Ford Fusion?

There is a risk of corrosion due to oxidation. Overused oil will eventually attract dust particles and debris and fail to lubricate the engine. So, engine parts will rub each other, thus causing excess friction. Since the engine has to work harder, then it will limit fuel efficiency.

Excessive friction will also cause wear and tear of the engine parts and eventually engine overheating. You will hear some nagging sounds produced by the engine knock, and its life expectancy will significantly reduce. Your wallet will take a severe hit since you have to incur expensive repair costs of engine parts or even the whole engine.

How Much Oil Does A 2013 Ford Fusion Take?

Note that engine size still matters when deciding on the 2013 ford fusion oil capacity. The capacity will depend on if the engine type is 1.6-L, 2.0-L, and 2.5-l. You should put 4.1 liters of oil in a 1.6-L engine and 5.4 liters in a 2.0-L and 2.5-L engine.

How Much Does An Oil Change Cost For A 2013 Ford Fusion?

Many factors affect the cost of an oil change. They depend on the oil viscosity, capacity, and type of oil, engine type, frequency of change, and the oil filter. You can save on labor if you decide to do it yourself. But if you choose professional service, then expect to pay mode depending on their location.

The average cost of changing the 2013 Ford Fusion 2.5 L is 144.49 dollars. If you’re changing the same model 2.0-L turbo, then expect to pay around 136.9 dollars, including labor cost.

Required Tools To Change Oil

Maybe you’ve decided to reduce labor costs and opted to change the oil on your own. Ensure that you have all the tools listed and explained below before attempting to start the process. These tools include;

1. Oil Drain Pan

You can’t afford to mess your garage with oil when changing the oil in the Ford Fusion. So, avoid using a tray/pan to drain the oil instead use the right drain pan. If you get a good drain pan with a capacity of 15quarts of oil, you can easily transport the used oil to the recycling center.

Among the best oil drain pans include TD tools back drains pan, Capri Tools Portable drain pan, and ARKSEN Portable waste oil drain tank.

2. Socket Set

These versatile hand-held apparatus helps you tackle tight nuts and bolts and loosen or tighten them with ease. The set uses a lever mechanism and moves sideways when loosening the bolts/nuts.

Purchase a neatly packed case and ensure that it has a wide range of sizes to allow it to operate effectively. In addition, ensure that the set contains ratchets and a screwdriver for efficiency. Among the best socket sets include Sunex 80-Piece Master Impact Socket Set. The set has a lifetime warranty and comes with a heavy-duty storage case.

3. Oil Filters Pliers

Among the best available oil filter removal tools includes oil filter pliers. You can’t start the process of changing the oil without this universal tool. As a result, you don’t have to worry when dealing with stubborn filters. The rubber-coated grips help it to remove them easily courtesy of its diameter of 64mm-16mm. One of the most used oil filter pliers includes the Motorcraft FL2016 oil filter and is best suited for the 2013 Ford Fusion.

4. Car Ramps

Your garage should never lack a car ramp if you regularly do the maintenance work. Note that they are safer due to their high stability and large surface area. They are convenient, offering you good clearance when changing the oil and doing other repairs. They are affordable and easy to use. You don’t have to worry about them collapsing since that is next to impossible. Go for high-quality RhinoGears vehicle ramps since it has durable steel materials and lifts the car to the right height easily.

5. Jack Stands

How would you lift a car and attain the right height without a jack? The mechanically lifting device is convenient and speedy, thus vital when working under the car. One of the best available jack stands in the market is the Omega Lift 32038 3 Ton Jack Stands Pair. It has durable material, is easy to use, and is reliable.

6. Oil Funnel

When changing the oil without a funnel, the chances are high that you will mess the floor. But with a funnel, there is a reduction of potential overflow. In addition, you can use it with different liquids but avoid using it with food. Among the commonly used funnel include the Majic 4-pieces funnel set.

How To Change Oil by Yourself? – Step by Step

It’s long since you checked on the 2013 ford fusion oil change interval on the manual. However, after reading this article, you’ve realized that your 2013 Ford Fusion requires an oil change.

Note that professional mechanics may demand high labor charges for oil service. Luckily you can do it on your own and save the cost. Here are the steps you require to undertake. They include;

1. Get Prepared

Gather the required tools as discussed above and get the right oil. You may have to consult the manual if you have doubts about the right amount of oil to use. A call to the dealer could save you the hassle of locating the manual if you had misplaced it. Other than the oil, you require the right filter. Wear the right gear and get to work.

2. Get The Car Ready

Park the car on a flat surface to minimize the chances of sliding when you are working under it. Put a hard brake and leave it for a few minutes to allow the oil to cool. Jack the car and ensure that you have an excellent ground clearance level of 18 inches to offer you enough space when working under the vehicle.

Maybe the jack is not available, but the car cramps are available; check the manual on how to use them if you’ve never used them.

3. Remove The Cover

Among the advanced features in the Ford Fusion include aerodynamic covers that help to improve its fuel efficiency. But you can’t access the oil filter and the drain plug when the cover is intact. So a socket and a torque are appropriate when removing the cover.

4. Drain The Oil

Get a large drain pan enough to hold twice the amount of oil in your engine. You aim to ensure that no oil spills over and messes your garage. Locate the engine drain plug, slide the drain pan, and position it with an angle under the drain plug.

5. Remove The Filter Cup

The filter cup plays no major role when draining oil since you can still drain when it’s still on. But you can’t afford to turn on the engine before adding the new oil. So, place the filter cup in a place you can easily access to remind you to add some oil. It’s easy to remove it once you turn it counterclockwise.

6. Remove The Drain Plug

Grab a wretch and three-inch drive ratchet to help you remove the drain plug. Ensure that you have gloves since you can easily mess your hands with oil. Remember, when opening the drain plug; be careful since the oil can easily spill on your hands. Avoid putting your hand where the oil will pass. The oil takes a while to drain completely. So, meanwhile, inspect the condition of the drain plug and if it’s damaged, replace it. Reinstall the washer and the spark plug back and tighten it by turning it clockwise

7. Replace The Filter

Locate the filter by reading the manual or checking for a component that looks like the filter you want to replace. Next, you can turn the filter counterclockwise either using your hands or with the help of a tool if it’s hard to remove it. Finally, lubricate the gasket before screwing the new filter in its right place and put back the cover.

8. Add Oil

Checks the amount you are supposed to add from the manual. If you are supposed to add 5.4 liters remove one quart and instead put 4.45l. Check oil cap condition and replace it. Ensure there is proper oil circulation by starting the engine for a while and check if there is an oil leak underneath once you power it off. Wait for a few minutes before checking the level of the oil using a dipstick. Once you verify that you have put enough amounts, take the used one to the recycling facility.

How To Reset The Oil Change Light?

As indicated above, Ford Fusion comes with an oil change light that informs you when to change the oil based on the mileage. Once you change the oil, the light won’t turn off automatically. Instead, it will keep on nagging you, and if you fail to turn it off, you won’t get the next change oil notification. Note that different cars have different steps of resetting the oil change light. Here is the process you have to follow when turning off the oil change light.

Start by turning on the ignition without turning on the engine. Then locate the gas and brake pedals and press them at once for less than five seconds. You will get a notification informing you that the reset is in progress. While still pressing both break and pedal, be patient until the message shows you that the process is complete.” Now you can release them and turn off the ignition. The light will disappear. You can verify that you have reset the light by starting the car.


Proper car maintenance is vital if you want your engine to last longer and the car to operate efficiently. Every model has the specific oil grade that you need to buy. So, confirm with the manual or consult the professional mechanic. Consider the engine type to determine the capacity of oil you require to put. Change the oil immediately your car gives you a notification to change the oil. DIY or look for professionals to service the car. DIY is cost-effective so long as you have all the required materials and tools. Once you’re through changing the oil, reset the change oil light to go off.

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