10 Best Jeep Lift Kit for Highway Driving

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We can’t imagine anyone would buy a Jeep and not want to lift it!

Whether you’re just an everyday driver who rides the highway daily or you love the thrill and excitement of an off-road adventure, you should still want great big tires on your lifted Jeep. Not only does it make it look aggressive and as if it means real business, but your Jeep will also be safer and more durable should you ever decide to hit some rough terrain.

Lifting your Jeep will give you that ground clearance you need to fit larger tires on your stock wheels. Many manufacturers supply entire kits that include every component that you could need to achieve a successful and durable height increase.

10 Best Jeep Lift Kit for Highway Driving

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We have researched, checked, and investigated to find which the best Jeep lift kit for highway driving is. See our definitive guide to help you make the best-informed choice.

1. Rough Country 2.5″ Suspension Lift Kit – Best Jeep Lift Kit for Daily Driver

This Rough Country lift kit comes complete with everything you will need to give your Jeep a 2.5” lift enabling it to take up to 35” tires.

All you will need are the tools, air tools will obviously reduce your work time but hand tools are suited to the job. It is a 100% bolt-on installation. Talking of work time, 2-3 hours is all it should take to complete the job. Contents: – Front and rear coil spring spacers, front and rear brake line brackets, front shock relocation brackets, rear track bar brackets, rear sway bar links, and all necessary hardware.

You won’t need to run to the further expense of replacing shocks and springs, this kit is designed for use with the stock ones. During periods of extreme articulation, the unique spring retention will prevent the coil spring from moving.


  • Best value for money
  • Everything supplied for the complete job
  • Evens out any rake
  • Ride not affected, nothing is altered, just extended
  • Unique spring retention system


  • If using 35” tires on factory wheels, beware of rubbing, consider fitting wheels spacers
  • Some users felt instructions were a little vague

2. TeraFlex 1251000 2.5″ Lift Kit

If your budget allows it then this could be the best lift kit for your Jeep Wrangler. The aggressive looks you will achieve will certainly be very eye-catching. These are of superior quality to the stock dampers, with the off-road stress that your Jeep will go through, in mind. Teraflex thoroughly researched the development of this kit to ensure that all components are of the correct size, no additions or extensions will be necessary. Your ride will be higher and wider yet the handling and your safety won’t be sacrificed. The kit comes with a free steering stabilizer, when suspensions are modified and larger tires have been fitted, your Jeep may be prone to front-end wobble and bump-steer. The stabilizer will greatly reduce that. Installation is relatively easy, many users state that the YouTube guide videos are a fantastic help.


  • ​Free over-sized steering stabilizer
  • Simple to fit, Teraflex have step-by-step YouTube videos to watch
  • Superior shock absorbers supplied
  • Quality, well-made components with durability in mind


  • An exhaust spacer is recommended for auto-transmission
  • Only suits 4-door vehicles. 2-door kit available

3. Skyjacker (TJ401BPH) 4″ Lift Pallet Kit

Skyjacker takes pride in the fact that every component is packed in 1 place, in 1 box, and therefore, everything needed to complete the entire job arrives together. The red finish on each part looks great, as does the price. A very professional and durable job is achievable within a few short hours for a reasonable investment. Contents: – front and rear links, rear track bar bracket, Drop Pitman arm, transfer case, Lowering kit, front, and rear extended end links. The kit also comes complete with a set of Hydro 7000 twin-tube shock absorbers. These excellent dampers automatically adjust to on/off-road driving conditions. If your Jeep has 8 cylinders and/or a soft top, then it will ride a little higher, due to the weight difference. Just be assured that this easy-to-install kit will make your Jeep sit level and look great.


  • Full kit for entire job supplied
  • Quality Hydro 7000 shocks included
  • Excellent value for money
  • Lift looks perfect and quality components maintain it stays that way


  • Time-consuming job, air tools advisable
  • No steering stabilizer supplied, consider if off-roading

4. Rough Country 4″ Lift Kit Fits

Rough Country supplies everything to give you a 4” lift in one handy kit. That is a great amount of added height to allow for some large tires. Included are their premium silver N3 shock absorbers that adapt brilliantly to off-roading, yet are equally as good on smooth highway journeys. The overall ride of your Jeep is improved for off-road experiences and the daily driver will have perfect handling of the car while enjoying the admiring glances! The supplied coil springs and correction plates not only add height but also reduce vibration on the roughest of surfaces. Home installation is simple with easy-to-follow instructions; your Jeep will have unrivaled ground clearance. The kit ensures you have no rake on your Jeep, as it will sit level.


  • Good value for money
  • Ideal for highway and off-road driving
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Lifetime Replacement
  • Warranty, 3 Years on shocks and struts


  • Buying control arm extension brackets may make installation easier
  • Not suitable for the 2-door model

5. TrueTwo Jeep Wrangler JK 2.5 Inch Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit

If you’re new to lifting the height of your Jeep and the whole kit installation seems a very daunting task then this product could be a great first step for you. The coil spacer suspension lift will give you a full 2.5 inches of lift when installed with the Jeep’s stock isolators. If you need to level out the vehicle, the Jeep naturally slopes by half an inch, simply remove the rear factory-fitted isolators and see a noticeable improvement. Fabricated from lifetime-grade polyurethane, the spacers are simple to install, and should you change your mind, they are just as simple to remove. This is such an inexpensive way to achieve a great look to your Jeep; it will be fine on dirt roads and rough tracks. If you are considering serious off-roading then we advise you to invest in longer shock absorbers.


  • Inexpensive and effective
  • Durable components
  • Simple to install, or to return to stock condition
  • No noticeable difference in handling


  • Basic instructions supplied (YouTube videos compensate)
  • Coil compression tool makes installation much quicker

6. Rough Country 3.5″ Lift Kit Fits for JW Unlimited JK 4WD 4dr

This kit comes complete with everything needed for a 3.5-inch lift. You will achieve fantastic ground clearance and by putting 37-inch tires on, your Jeep will achieve the aggressive look that you desire. Premium quality N3 shock absorbers are supplied in the kit, they provide a great balanced ride on any surface. The control arm drop kit maintains optimum geometry, the coil correction plates allow more efficiency from the rear coil springs. This kit has been finely tuned and designed to get the best from your stock components. The kit has an easy bolt-on system that the home mechanic can fit within hours; the step-by-step instructions are easy to follow.


  • Maintains factory ride quality
  • Great value for money
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Smooth ride on the highway, smooth ride off-road


  • Only suitable for 4 door models
  • You will need to replace the front drive-shaft if you drive an automatic

7. Teraflex 1155200 JK 2IN FRONT 1IN REAR LEVELING KIT

Whether you’re looking to level out the factory front-end rake of your Jeep or to add a little height to give your 33s some added clearance, this is a great kit to consider.Sit these hardwearing spacers on top of your stock springs, 2 inches at the front and 1 inch at the rear and your Jeep will sit level and look great. Everything is supplied in the kit to do a total job, including extended front sway bar links and all of the necessary hardware. If you have a couple of hours free and just a few basic tools then you could improve the look of your Jeep without affecting its handling, all for a bargain price.


  • Very quick and easy to fit
  • Lifts and levels
  • Extended front sway bar links supplied
  • Great value


  • Can only use a maximum of 33-inch tires

8. Rubicon Express RE6160 2″ for Jeep XJ – Best Jeep XJ Lift Kit for Highway Driving

If you have an older Jeep and are looking for a great way to revitalize it, this budget kit could be the one for you. Give your Jeep that aggressive look that all Jeep-owners crave. Contents: – Twin-tube shocks, coil spring spacers, Add-a-Leaf, center pin, and rear brake lines. This Jeep XJ lift kit from Rubicon Express has everything included to give your vehicle great ground clearance at an attractive price. The kit comes with simple-to-follow instructions making it an easy home install. Each component looks and feels of high quality. If your stock shocks have seen better days, the premium twin-tube shock absorbers will give you a much improved, smoother ride whether you’re on the highway or off-roading.


  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Easy installation, sits alongside vehicles stock parts
  • Bargain price for great results
  • Good quality, durable components


  • 30-inch tires are the largest recommended

9. Jeep 4″ JK Wrangler Unlimited Full Suspension Lift kit

On your search for the best Jeep lift kit for highway driving, you would be hard-pushed not to consider a kit with a good number of reviews. We need to investigate what is so good about this kit. Absolutely everything you need to achieve a solid, 4-inch lift on your Jeep is delivered in 2 boxes. Even vehicles with heavy bumpers and winches fitted achieved the same ground clearance. Every component feels substantial and durable. All of the hardware is separated into individually labeled bags for ease of recognition. Everything is designed to ensure that your factory ride quality is maintained; all parts align correctly and are straightforward to install. A full set of NewZone twin-tube shocks are supplied. They are valved specifically with your Jeep in mind, for great performance and a smooth ride.


  • Heavy-duty, high-quality components
  • Suits Jeeps with heavy bumpers and winches installed
  • Full set of shock absorbers supplied
  • Full 4-inch ground clearance


  • Minimal drilling required
  • Users suggest getting a friend along to help to decrease work time

10. JKS 9904 1-1/4″ for Jeep TJ – Best Jeep TJ Lift Kit

This JKS body lift system is great if you are looking for just a little lift, maybe to see how your Jeep looks and how the ride feels. It is simple to fit, easy to follow instructions guarantee an ultra-secure installation. Everything included in the kit is all that you will need. Nothing will need modification; brakes, air-conditioning, radiator, and fuel tank can all remain intact. The supports fit between the vehicle body and the OE body mounts; the urethane formulation prevents them from weakening under duress. The required ground clearance is achievable within a couple of short hours of opening this reasonably priced kit.


  • Safe and secure installation
  • Durable urethane construction
  • All-inclusive kit
  • No specialist tools required


  • Firstly, ensure disconnection of gas filler tube (4 screws) to prevent cracking
  • Removing headlights makes for easier installation

New Addition: MotoFab Lifts 3″ Front & Rear Lift Kit – Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK

This kit was designed and built by Motofab, the makers of the popular 3″ lift kits for the Jeep Wrangler. The MotoFab front and rear suspension systems are designed to clear off-road, dirt, sand, or rock obstacles without sacrificing ride quality or ground clearance.

It also comes with all the necessary hardware to install it in minutes. The parts included in this kit are Front and Rear Shock Extenders, Front and Rear Coil Spacer, 2.5″ Front and Rear Brake line brackets, and all the necessary hardware to get started. These parts are available in black powder coat finish for added durability and ease of maintenance.

Why do you need to lift a Jeep?

Sometimes you don’t need to lift your Jeep, you just want to. The ability to fit larger tires not only makes your vehicle look more aggressive, but it also looks impressive too. Doing this is an ideal way to improve the looks of your Jeep and has no detrimental effect on the handling or drive of your car. In fact, your performance could actually be improved if you fit new premium shock absorbers as part of your upgrade.

Also Read: Best Low Profile Floor JackThis would suit the Jeep owner that mostly drives the vehicle daily, does the school run or work commute, and wants to hit the highway in an amazing looking beast. Lifting your Jeep becomes a necessity if you often go off-road and want to get the best from your vehicle by fitting larger tires. The added height and ground clearance will help your Jeep make light work of the roughest terrain but still maintain your smooth drive on normal surfaces. The added height allows for greater articulation and approach angles.

Types of Jeep Lift Kits

Body lift: Typically giving the Jeep 1-3” of lift, it is mainly cosmetic as this allows for larger tires. Normally costs a few hundred dollars and they don’t come supplied with shock absorbers.

Economy/budget boost: Typically give the vehicle .75 – 2.5” of lift. These are thick polyurethane spacers that sit on the stock coil springs. Some kits supply shocks. Sometimes the spacers are of different heights to balance out any natural front-end rake your Jeep has.

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Coil spring Lift Kit: Usually, 1.5 – 3.5” height is added. These kits typically come with several components to do a complete factory standard job. They are ideally suited for a more experienced home mechanic. Longer shocks, brake line extensions, bump stops, track bars, and their brackets and sway bar links are just some of the parts supplied. This type of Jeep lift kit offers increased articulation, resulting in improved tire contact to the ground, this results in better handling on all terrains. Expect to pay several hundred dollars for a high-quality coil spring lift kit.

Buyers Guide

Decide a budget before you choose your best lift kit for Jeep. When buying a less costly kit be prepared to have to buy additional components to get the best results.Also factor in the cost of the new tires, and maybe wheels if you are going to replace those. Ensure the tension on every single nut and bolt is correct. Check and tighten after 500 miles and then every further 1000 miles. Take no risks.

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What is articulation?

When you are off-roading and 1 or more of your wheels loses contact with the ground, this is articulation. A great lift kit will maximize your suspension’s flexibility, axle articulation, and wheel travel.

Do I need a steering stabilizer with my lift kit?

It is not a necessity; your Jeep will drive perfectly well without one, particularly if you’re just using your vehicle day-to-day. If you put your Jeep lift kit on specifically to off-road, then yes, we suggest that you install a steering stabilizer. It acts in much the same way as a shock absorber except it dampens any harshness and wandering in your steering system. This gives your Jeep much better handling. Installing one can also be a solution to a front-end shimmy or death wobble.

What exactly is a ‘Death Wobble’ and what causes it?

It’s a term mainly used by Jeep owners referring to a sudden and violent steering wheel oscillation, usually caused by hitting a pothole or obstruction at high speed. Unbalanced tires can also be to blame. It signifies that something may have worked loose within the front steering of the suspension system. It is not the result of a worn-out stabilizer, quite the opposite. The death wobble will cause it to fail.

Do I really need no specialized tools to fit the best Jeep lift kit?

If you are already a home mechanic that is proficient enough to fit a whole body kit then we are guessing that you already own quite a wide range of tools. Check what the kit says you need before you start, and if you are lucky enough to own air tools then you already have a head start. A coil compression tool is valuable to save you struggling and make sure you have a torch handy, some of the areas you will need to reach into can be pretty dark.

Instructions or videos, which help installation most?

Both! Follow the instructions, firstly to make sure everything is included that should be. Watching a YouTube instructional video can be such a help, seeing someone do the exact same job you’re struggling to do. Also, you can pause and rewind as many times as you need!

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The Bottom Line

Fitting a lift kit is not for the first time mechanic, ensure you are competent and confident enough before you begin. A lift kit wrongly installed could leave you broken down with a ruined suspension. Choosing the top Jeep lift kit for highway driving could have you the envy of all of your neighbors for years to come.

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